Examining the Powerplay

After finishing fourth in the league in powerplay percentage, expect the Bruins to have a top unit which will be equal, if not more dominant than last season.  The first unit usually consisted of Marc Savard on the half boards with Michael Ryder on the opposite side. Back on the point for the majority of the season was Zdeno Chara and either Patrice Bergeron (when healthy) or Dennis Wideman.  The rotating door was the net/behind the net presence, which was often occupied by P.J. Axelsson. Axelsson skated on the top unit for approximately 40 games, replacing Marco Sturm who manned the top spot for a total of 19 games. With the obvious struggles Axelsson had, the Bruins acquired Mark Recchi at the deadline to add a net presence for deflections and screens. Recchi thrived in the role and collected 4 goals and 4 assists on the powerplay in only 18 games.  Now the question arises, who should receive first line powerplay minutes? With the addition of Derek Morris, who will most likely man the second powerplay unit, Patrice Bergeron will be taken off the point and moved up front.  So which forwards will Claude Julien elect to play next to Savard? Remember now, Julien’s powerplay design uses two lefthanded shooting forwards and one right handed shooting forward, which was why Axelsson was slotted there in the first place.  Additionally, since Julien likes to have two balanced powerplay units, David Krejci will most likely be used on the second unit. Here are the choices:  


One Response to Examining the Powerplay

  1. Mark says:

    Why isn’t Morris a choice for PP defense? Why is he automatically second defense unit? That’s foolish.

    Ryder – Savard – Recchi

    Morris – Chara

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