Bruins 2009 First Rounder Hospitalized After Hit

Jordan Caron, the Bruins 2009 first round draft pick and arguably the second ranked forward prospect in the organization, was taken to a hospital following an open ice hit from Colten Teubert. The hit came during Team Canada’s junior development camp while the team was scrimmaging. Teubert is a prospect in the L.A. Kings organization who was selected 13th overall in the 2008 draft.  Here is a clip of the scrimmage, the hit occurred 14 seconds in.

UPDATE: Caron suffered a broken collar bone and will not be ready for training camp in September, according to James Murphy of


4 Responses to Bruins 2009 First Rounder Hospitalized After Hit

  1. bigkniht37 says:

    that was such a dirty hit for a scrimmage…that kid should be suspended for that…left his feet and everything…kinda like the steve downie hit in preseason couple years ago

  2. Jefe77 says:

    I expect Caron to get him back. That was a Scott Stevens special,…in training camp??

    Dirty, dirty, dirty.

  3. bigkniht37 says:

    i dont think caron will get him back…maybe just school him next time theyre one on one but i dont see a retaliation hit coming his way

  4. Michael says:

    I agree, very dirty hit for a practice. I’m sure Teubert will certainly get a talking to about this from the coaching staff. I thought it was an illegal hit – too high and he left his feet.

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