Your Defensive Pairings

The Bruins now have three offensive defensemen (Wideman, Morris and Hunwick), two hybrids (Chara and Ference) and one stay at home guy (Mark Stuart).  What would your pairs be?  Obviously Boychuk is the 7th defenseman.






5 Responses to Your Defensive Pairings

  1. MC Puck says:

    Chara – Stuart
    Wideman – Morris
    Ferrence – Hunwick

  2. Jeff says:

    I like these pairings. Ference is overrated and injury prone. He should be on the 3rd pairing.

  3. willisss says:

    call me crazy…but not signing morris all together to free up cap room and having boychuk a full timer, along with keeping a provi guy as a 7th man would be somthing i would have been into. but i also dont manage an nhl team.

  4. psands says:

    i say dump ference to who ever will take him, even if you have to package in a 4th round pick and prospect, or maybe a forward we have to dump to clear space for kessel.

    i like ference, but he is always injured, he is a good player tho, and we can dump him on someone. pc said boychuk will get a good chance with the bruins, so trade for a big, cheap, physical veteran stay at home d-man to platoon with boychuk. this defense is to small for my liking.

  5. dave says:


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