Morris vs. Schneider

Reports out of Canada are that Matthew Schneider is close to inking a one year, $1.5 million dollar contract with the Vancouver Canucks. Would the Bruins have been smarter to simply sign Schneider at $1.5 instead of Morris at $3.3 and keep the rest of the money to resign Kessel or possibly keep Aaron Ward? Since the lockout, Schneider has averaged 70 games played per season, and even played in 67 games last season despite being injured for the majority of it. Schneider turned 40 years old this summer and is obviously on the back nine, but does provide the puckmoving abilities the Bruins were seeking. Morris, who is expected to be on one of the two powerplay units, is more of a gritty defenseman and more reliable in his own end.  Here is a breakdown of their numbers for the past three seasons:

Matthew Schneider                                      

2006-2007: 11 goals, 41 assists, +22 in 68 games played, 2007-2008: 12 goals, 27 assists, +22 in 65 games played, 2008-2009: 9 goals, 23 assists, -12 in 67 games played

Derek Morris                                                                 

2006-2007: 6 goals, 21 assists, -18, in 82 games played 2007-2008: 8 goals, 17 assists, +8 in 82 games played   2008-2009: 5 goals, 15 assists, -10 in 75 games played

Since both played are on one year deals which player would be more valuable? With Morris, the Bruins still need to shed salary to resign Phil Kessel in addition to already having traded away Aaron Ward.  With Schneider, the Bruins could have possibly kept Ward and had Schneider slot in on a third pairing with Stuart and then man the top powerplay unit. The Bruins would still have needed to shed salary to resign Kessel. Or the Bruins could still have traded Ward and used that $1.8 million plus the $1,304,167 they currently have in cap space and tried to get Kessel to sign for around $3 million.


5 Responses to Morris vs. Schneider

  1. Jefe77 says:

    Derek Morris is underrated. All summer long I was hoping they would sign him, and PC did not disappoint. Obviously, the 3.3 was a bit high. But we did all notice it was a one year deal, no?

    Morris lamented how PC told him to wait, and they would clear the cap space to acquire his services, and give him a payday year that simply brought him to Boston on good faith and reward that other teams were afraid to show. 2.5 would have landed him on 29 other teams, so if 800K is what it took to show him we’re a team that wants to build a winner. I’ll take it.

    PC has made moves that some find questionable. And I am not talking about Wideman and Boyes. I’m sure he would still do that. He might even still trade Kalus for Fernandez again, but the point is he has a plan.

    PC won’t force-move players with NTC’s, he won’t ditch a freshly signed UFA, and he doesn’t pre-maturely ejaculate at first offerings inevitably undermining all the scouting work done for the last so many years.

    PC is a GM I trust. Finally one in Boston…a true team developer. What more can you ask for than a GM who has shown loyalty, wisdom, foresight and patience. Ask the players in the league what he has done for Boston.

    Restored respect is what he did.

  2. Jefe77 says:

    Maybe I didnt completely address all the points that Pekese offered for us to consider.

    Ward is getting more and more brittle and was not much cheaper than Morris.

    Schneider won the Cup with Montreal. Fuck that.

    If Phil is not a Bruin next season, it will be by virtue of him not respecting the contract offered to Krejci. That would be clear sign of him not buying into the “equal value” team building methodology offered by many teams in this new cap era.

    In other words, are your 36 goals worth more than Krejci’s 73 points? What about Lucic, Phil? Are you saying you want his due money next year, or watch him get signed to an offer sheet? Would you care Phil? I want Phil to be a Bruin, but not if a 1.5 million makes a difference to him when the Bruins are building a winner.

  3. Mook says:

    would i rather have a mobile two-way defenseman over a guy who only plays the pp and has only one shoulder? yes i would. don’t be stupid.

  4. Matt says:

    I’d take Morris over Schneider, but if we are talking Morris and (FIB) or Schneider and Kessel, then that is an entirely different discussion.

  5. Mook says:

    let kessel walk. now that wheeler has an extra 15lbs on him (6’5″ 225lbs) he will be a monster goal scorer.

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