Sharks to Make a Push for Kessel?

The San Jose Sharks made a move today shedding $4.667 million off their cap total.  This leaves their roster with two openings for forwards. Joe Haggerty of WEEI suspects the Sharks may make a push for Kessel and sign him an offer sheet.  Additionally, a report out of the New York Post shows that both the Rangers and Devils have had interest in Kessel this offseason.

The way I see this affecting the Bruins is that now both teams involved in today’s deals may be options for Kessel. While the Canucks added salary and are currently about $1 million over the salary cap, they now have 8 defensemen on their roster, some who may be attractive to Peter Chiarelli.  Chiarelli may look at the Canucks as a possible destination for Kessel if he could receive one of their defenseman (Bieksa, Edler), a prospect, and/or a roster player with a cap friendly salary.  However, a deal with the Canucks would most likely mean the Bruins would need a third team to be involved, since they would still need to shed an additional salary.  As for the Sharks, this may  mean they sign Kessel to an offer sheet, but if it were for in the $4.5 million dollar range, I would assume the Bruins would match. There has been speculation all summer that Dany Heatley was headed to San Jose, but that would require the Sharks shed even more salary.


3 Responses to Sharks to Make a Push for Kessel?

  1. gikerboy13 says:

    hope bruins trade kessel for setagouchi and pick to SJ

  2. Habhater says:

    Setagouchi & a pick may be the desired trade if PC cannot sign Kessel as both teams get a quality player and the cap #’s work; however I don’t think that sj is willing to part ways with Setogouchi.

    All summer long I’ve heard mention of Cheechoo being available. I think he would be a good fit in Boston but it would require the B’s to shed more salary cap to accomodate him. I personally like the B’s line-up as it is and I say make Kessel wait unless a deal like Setogouchi can be had.

  3. Gcole says:

    need to keep kessel. i would say trade ryder to san jose for a good draft pick and/or some prospects, and use ryders 4M extra to sign kessel.

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