Bruins Close to Signing Boullion

According to CKAC 730 AM in Montreal, the Bruins are close to signing Francis Boullion to a contract.  Boullion,  formerly of the Montreal Canadiens, is a 5’8” 196 pound defenseman who has had trouble staying in the lineup due to multiple injuries over his NHL career.


8 Responses to Bruins Close to Signing Boullion

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    not really sure what to think of this signing. This seems to suggest that someone is about to be sent packing or its a depth move. either way this move doesnt look good for kessel.

  2. Latrappe says:

    Doesn’t look good for Ference either…

  3. psands says:

    wow…..that’s just so disappointing im going to go cry, we need to get bigger on defense, now we just got a lot smaller, what does he see in this guy he sucks.

  4. Habhater says:

    What’s with PC and the ex-habs? Forget Boullion – focus on Kessel or his replacement whether it be a forward (Setogouchi or Cheechoo) or a d-man (anyone but another ex-hab). I dunno if I can stomach another Hab on the B’s. As it stands right now I will have to throw up before every game in order to cheer for Begin.

  5. mattg says:

    A small, oft-injured, no scoring, minus playing defenseman. Lovely.

  6. Mook says:

    i have noticed that absolutely noone other than some source in montreal is talking about this.

    i’m gonna call bullshit

  7. Gcole says:

    enough with more defensemen.. theres plenty of depth there for the bruins, we need to sign kessel!!! or atleast sign someone to take his place.. as much as bitz, hunwick, begin, and those guys are good for a team its no comparison to a goal scorer!

  8. psands says:

    one rumor out there is that the rangers are interested in kessel, and that maybe dubinsky and something else would come back to us. i like dubinsky and his style of play, but he is a center which we already have plenty of, that got me thinking though can maybe bergeron move to the wing?

    it is just a thought so dont freak out on me. im just throwing around ideas since the most exciting bruins news this month has been that we might sign bouillon. which im not as mad about today as i was when i first heard.

    im with mook and think that this might be a BS rumor coming out of montreal, but i still think that we are going to have to move ference and kobasew regardless to free up some cap space, so we might need another d-man either through free agency or via trade.

    dubinsky and girardi and a high pick for kessel?

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