Krejci Skating

David Krejci, Marco Sturm, Kevin Regan, Tuuka Rask, and Zdeno Chara were present at the Ristucci Center this morning. According to Matt Kalman’s Twitter account, David Krejci was the first skater on the ice and was taking shots on Rask. Krejci’s recovery time originally had him missing 4-6 months of action, which would have kept him off the ice until mid November. Being able to skate approximately two months after surgery means Krejci must be ahead of schedule. More updates to come later in the day.

UPDATE: Krejci expects to be back mid-October but has not ruled out being ready for the season opener on October first.


9 Responses to Krejci Skating

  1. Mook says:

    safe to assume the bouillon rumours are fake now?

    what do your lines look like now?



    does anyone have a better combination? mine isn’t very creative, i’m basically substituting sturm for kessel.

  2. psands says:

    yea i think now its safe to say those rumors of bouillon signing were fake.



    but i still think there are going to be changes, and if kessel is gone, one way or another im sure we will get a talented roster player and more in return.

  3. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    kessels name is being named more frequently in the last couple of days, ie espn, spectors, eklunds etc. I think something will happen real soon. If i am a GM i would want my roster ready to go before training camp starts.

  4. Mook says:

    Kessel isn’t going anywhere until november

  5. Bruins says:




    – i think savard could turn kobasew into a 30 goal guy.

    – the krejci line has to be put back together. it was dynamite.

    – sturm and bergie have awesome chemistry together; they have to be on the same line. recchi showed good chemistry with bergie too.

    – if the bruins do bring kessel back obviously just insert him on the top line instead of kobasew. however, even if the bruins trade him, we’d be getting something back.

    – if nothing is working on the top line, there’s always the option of bringing hunwick up to the top line. i remember his only game that he played on the wing, he played on the top line and had a goal and an assist.

  6. Mook says:

    i like it

  7. psands says:

    at this point i dont even care if we trade kessel, we have enough scoring, i think sturm will come back 100% healthy because he had a long time to recover, and i think wheeler is going to play with a chip on his shoulder, and an extra 15 pounds, with his size and maybe playing in kessels spot on the top line (which he said he would be more comfortable on the right wing) i think he could be a high 20 or even 30 goal scorer.

    i like the idea of trading kessel to the sharks, put him out west to a team that always chokes first round, get back ryane clowe who can play both wings, a prospect and a first. and make them take ference in the deal like we had to take eaves in the hurricanes deal.

    then trade kobasew (maybe to toronto for a defense man) and we would be under the cap and would get fair value imo for kessel

  8. Kurt says:

    What is the facisnation with Bitz????? I’ts hard to believe that they benched a thirty goal scorer(Wheeler) for a guy that doesn’t look like he could stick handle between cones at a squirts practice. He is big but that’s about it. He does not hit that well for his size and his puck possession is marginal at best. Providence at far more talent to offer than that goof. Someone please tell me what I’m missing because i just don’t see it.

  9. Kurt says:

    Regarding Krejci, it’s great to see the Bruins best player back on the ice. No disrepect to Savard…

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