Luongo Signing a Hossa-esque Deal

Rumors are afloat that goaltending sensation Roberto Luongo is about to sign a Marian Hossa-esque deal, that is a front loaded 12 year, 64 million dollar deal.

I am starting to have a huge problem with these font loaded deals, as it is just a way to avoid carrying a high cap hit while the player in his prime.  There is a % rule that prevents a salary from being 50% less than the previous year, but it does little to prevent these long term deals.  There has to be a rule that prevents teams from paying a player 10 million in the first season of his deal, and 500k in the last.


4 Responses to Luongo Signing a Hossa-esque Deal

  1. Mook says:

    LIVE blog concerning phoenix and balsille (this may interest people in southern ontario more)

  2. katodog says:

    What is the problem?

    The player is free to refuse the deal.

    Anyone who appreciates the “time-value” of money will be quick to point out that $1 today is worth more than $1 tomorrow.

    Furthermore, inflation will depreciate the value of $1 tomorrow so if a player were to buy anything lilke a car or house it would be better for them to have the money today as inflation will drive up the value of the house tomorrow and the player will be able to afford less.

    Finally, why on Earth would anyone “have a problem” with a millionaire’s compensation structure?

    A front-loaded deal is in the best interest of the team and the player.

  3. bigkniht37 says:

    makes no difference to me…this is just going to strap them down the future should luongo lose his skills because if they choose to buy him out it will still be for his avg. salary cap hit over the life of the deal and i think they would have learned about signing goalies to ridiculous deals ala rick dipietro

  4. thespokedb says:

    The reason is stated in the article…it’s a cheap way to get out of the cap hit down the road and keeps the player happy now because he gets tons of money now. Personally, I am willing to say that Luongo won’t last 12 MORE years. He plays far too many games each season to last that long.

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