Teams interested in Kessel

According to Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe, the Bruins have been speaking to other teams about a possible trade involving Phil Kessel:

The Bruins, up against the salary-cap ceiling and faced with an uphill challenge to re-sign Phil Kessel, are speaking with several teams about trading the 21-year-old restricted free agent, according to a league source.

“More than one team is very interested,’’ said the source.

General manager Peter Chiarelli didn’t offer any insight on a possible trade


7 Responses to Teams interested in Kessel

  1. psands says:

    first round pick, good prospect and good roster player and i am happy with a trade. make them take ference to.
    looking ahead there are players we need to leave money for so we can re-sign them that are better all around players than kessel.

    kessel is a pure goal scorer, but that is all, he is not a leader, he does not kill penalties, god knows he does not take the body. i like him a lot dont get me wrong, but we have goal scoring now, his value is high right now, trade him to help for the future. we can win it all without him i am confident in that.

  2. Mook says:

    kessel is not going anywhere until november/december.

    i wouldn’t worry about this for a while…

  3. Paul from SFL says:

    Kessel was not just a 1st round pick; he was a top 5 who has shown he is special because he lived up to the pick. He is everything that Hossa is but 21 with many more years to give. So if you are going to trade him no crying about we need some one like Hossa. The bruins have had 1st round picks that were not up to the to the ranking. Remember No.7 Lars Johnsson, Aiken, and quite a few others. So in any dealings it should be with someone who is likely to be down near the bottom in 2010 and better yet if they don’t finish there, their no .2 pick as well for 2010 or 2011. Then a good prospect ready to come up and a roster player. There are plenty of 3rd and 4th line player around, Phil is a top 3 or top 6 depending on what other talent they have to fit.

  4. psands says:

    if he is going to get traded, i think it will happen before November, i understand your point mook because it wont benefit the other team until November when kessel returns form injury, but there is a demand for kessel because he is a young goal scorer, and if a team can get a deal done, they probably will want to pull the trigger as soon as possible for fear of someone else getting him.

    that is if he ever does get traded.

  5. Habhater says:

    Rumour – Kessel to the Blues. Who’s coming back? My educated guess is Backes. However with a cap hit of $2.5M the B’s would still be over the cap. Isn’t their #1 d-man Brewer on the shelf. Perhaps PC trades Ferrence, Kobasew & the rights to Kessel for a pick plus Backes & Perron or for Boyes and 2 picks. Food for thought.

  6. Kurt says:

    I feel the position the Bruins are in is a negative indictment of Peter Chiarelli. I do think he has done a fair job and a great one compared to his predecessors, however tying up 8 mil in goaltending between Thomas and Raask is slightly ridiculous. That coupled with 7.5 million for Charra and few others over payed and you find that you can’t sign one of your legitimate goal scorers. Now Kessel is no Cam Neeley and certainly needs to work on his physical play. He does add speed which this team hasn’t had and abundence of. I don’t mind if they trade him but don’t give him away. Chiarelli already let Chris Versteeg go for nothing.

  7. Kurt says:

    Morris for 3.3mil??????when you haven’t signed a guy that has actually done something for you(Kessel) is plain dumb!

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