Leafs Preparing to Sign Kessel?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded a 2nd and a 3rd round pick in 2011 for the rights to their own 2010 2nd round pick, which was owned by the Chicago Blackhawks.  Why is this important? According to league rules, if a team is to sign a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, they must have their own first, second, and third round draft picks available in the upcoming draft. If a team did not possess their own draft picks, an offer sheet could not be signed.  Kessel is the top restricted free agent who has yet to sign a contract. Toronto tried to acquire Kessel during the offseason, but confusion over which team was going to receive a draft pick eliminated a Kessel for Kaberle trade at the Entry Draft. According to nhlnumbers.com, the Toronto Maple Leafs have 20 skaters and 2 goaltenders under contract and still have $6.012 million in cap space available.


11 Responses to Leafs Preparing to Sign Kessel?

  1. P.J. Mookelsson says:

    The good thing about Kessel going to the leafs is that the bruins are fully aware of his toe-drag snapshot move…as is every other team in the east.

  2. psands says:

    haha pj,

    i would not be surprised to see pc jump on a trade that would move kessel to the west tomorrow.

    i am fine with moving kessel, but not within our division, it would make me sick to see him score against us wearing a leafs uni.

    just move him out west pc, please!

  3. pekese says:

    Haha Mook I love the name.

  4. maninblack says:

    Kessel is much too young to give up upon by the Bruins & PC. He has improved every year and although not your typical Bruin he does contribute, adds value and a dimension to our game that is much needed, i.e., a speedy sniper who can score that clutch goal when we need it the most. If I were PC I would retain Kessel and jetison Ferrence & Kobasew.

    The only way I would give up on Kessel is if it makes more sense to do so right now, i.e., much needed $’s are required next year to retain Lucic & Savard. If that is a concern to PC then he must under all circumstances cut Phil loose. Otherwise he has to be retained.

  5. dave says:

    The easy thing is for all of us to say “Kessel is too young to give up on.” #1. Just because a team trades a player or lets him walk does not mean they “gave up on him”. Sometimes it simply means they cannot afford him.
    #2 Which young player would you rather trade or cut loose? Lucic-no way. Wheeler-has the size/skill combo PC loves. Krejci-has the chops to be a #1 centre for a long time. Kessel-speed to burn. I would trade either Kessel or Wheeler, and Kessel has better return value then Wheeler, and Wheeler should be a more affordable option next summer for a long term contract, assuming he doesn’t have a HUGE year.

    I like Kessel as a player, and I hate to see top 5 picks depart a 21, but I see no other options.

    This is not the Bruins being cheap. It is a cap desicion.

  6. Kurt says:

    I still don’t know why we gave morris 3.3 million this off season when that money and the money we gave 40 yr old Recci could have gone to signing Kessel. Why you give guys who have done nothing for your organization the world and you want to short change guys like Kessel who have scored lots of goals for you. Doesn’t make much sense to me. While Chiarelli has done some good things this will go down as one of the bad moves like giving Tim Thomas,Charra too much money and letting Kris Versteeg go for nothing.

  7. dave says:

    Give me a break Kurt. I am sure when Chiarelli traded Versteeg you went to every chat board and said ” he traded Versteeg!! That guy is gonna be a superstar!!” I don’t think so. Like the rest of us you thought the Bruins got a 20 goal scorer for a minor leaguer.

    Chara is worth every penny he gets.

    The Bruins needed a D-man like Morris. The series against the Canes proved that.

  8. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    The Bruins have done an analysis on Kessels performance and a breakdown was put in the BG a few weeks ago showing when Kessels goals came. Majority of the goals were scored against lower tier NHL teams and many were scored when the games were already decided. There arguement was that compared to many of the other top scorers in the league Kessels performance wasnt up to par. To say that he deserves 5 million after a 36 goal season is ridiculous. If he were looking for Krecji numbers the deal would have been done long ago. PC has shown the ability to get deals done. Of the three Kessel, wheeler or Krecji, i would keep the latter two.I just hope it gets done quickly.

  9. Kurt says:

    As a matter fact I did complain about the trade then on Boston.com. The biggest difference with the Bruins the last few years has been their scouting department. Bart Bradley and Scott Fitzgerald have done a great job in picking the groceries. Especially the young guys. So I would expect the upper management to have the same continuity. I am suprised about them bringing Bitz up. Not a very complete player and for his size his puck possession is rather suspect. The guy they should have brought up last year was Zach Hammil, this kid can flat out play much the same way Versteeg does. As far as defense, I agree with you they do need another “puck mover” I’m not sure how much Morris will help. the scouting report is he is very skilled but he is a defensive liabillity in his own zone precisely how Carolina was making us cough it up. I hope it works out especially for the money they gave him in the salary cap era. It will be interseting to see if they get Kaberle from Toronto.

  10. dave says:

    Bitz was great when he was called up.

    Hammil is having a very difficult time adjusting to pro.

    Morris will sign a multi-year deal worth $4million+ after this season. Chara brings out the best in players.

    I have never had any faith in the Bruins front office, until Chiarelli. He has a formula for a team, and truly believes in it, rather than past management teams, who seemed to play it year by year, same as past Maple Leaf managers. PC has made a few mistakes (Versteeg/Bochenski, Lewis, Jurcina/5th rounder) and some good moves (Krejci contract, Wideman contract, Recchi 2nd rounder/Lashoff and Karsums). A young GM is bound to make mistakes, and he has rectified his nicely. Replaced Lewis with Julien, signed Wheeler (whom I would rather have over Versteeg).

  11. dave says:

    *the Morris contract I speak of above will be with another team

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