Savard Wants to Retire a Bruin


Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara were the two building blocks for Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli when the hockey executive first came onto the scene in Boston, and the 32-year-old center — entering the final year of a four-year deal he signed in 2006-07 —  said that he’s hoping to sign another deal allowing him to finish his hockey career in Boston. Savard was the B’s leading scorer with 25 goals and 63 assists last season, and has blossomed into an All-Star player under coach Claude Julien. Entering the final year of his $5 million per year deal with a great deal of financial uncertainty in the NHL’s future, Savard isn’t bothered by the unknown and is simply focused on driving the B’s toward a Stanley Cup.

Savard said he’s fully recovered from the left knee injury suffered in the playoffs against the Carolina Hurricanes, and he skated “10 or 15 times” before hitting the practice ice with his teammates at Ristuccia Arena for the first time on Tuesday morning.

“It’s a great city and I’ve enjoyed my time here so far,” said Savard, from the Bruins Foundation’s annual golf tournament at The International in Bolton, MA. “It’s a place that I’d like to finish if the chance comes and I’m excited to get the season going. Things keep getting better and our team keeps getting better, so that only helps everybody when that happens. I want to stay here. This is a place I love. I love the people. I love the fans. This is where I want to be.

“I’m not worried about the contract at all. (Peter and I) have a good relationship. Ever since I came to Boston I’ve given everything I had and if things work out well — and I think they will — then I’m going to be here for a long, long time.”

Hopefully a contract can be worked out, and with the recent stream of these long term deals (Hossa, Zetterberg, Franzen, and Luongo), maybe Savard falls into that category.  Many people think this could be his last year, but if they need to make some moves to make room for Savard, they will do it.  Savard has proven to be an elite playmaker of the past four seasons.


5 Responses to Savard Wants to Retire a Bruin

  1. Maninblack says:

    Re the Kessel issue. It appears from the media & PC himself that there are 3 teams actively pursuing Kessel. The Rangers, the leafs and the Preds.

    The Rangers scenario makes no sense to me or the B’s for that matter. The Rangers have a little over $6M in cap space, enough to accomodate Kessel’s purported $4.5M hit. That will leave them with about $1.5M+ in which to sign Dubinsky and 2 other forwards and 2 other defensemen. At present they have only 9 forwards and 4 defensemen. Not gonna happen unless they are intent at trading Dubinsky for Kessel. Dubinsky would be a nice addition, but I don’t think for a minute that this will occur. Besides, the B’s would then have to sign Dubinsky. He in no way is gonna get $4.5M but significantly less. Regardless, the B’s would have to make further disruptive moves to their present roster to accomodate him.

    The Leafs are now in control and can dictate the B’s to a certain degree by tendering Kessel an offer sheet. I think that if that happens and the offer is in excess of $4M per year, the B’s would not match it and accept the 3 draft picks. Like I say, Burke has the B’s by the short hairs and can control PC’s leverage to a degree.

    I think PC now has to take the initiative and regain control from Burke and not be counter-active to the wishes of Burke. If Kessel cannot in fact be signed to what the B’s are willing to pay,(which is apparently the case), then a deal with the preds is the way to go. They have plenty of cap space to absorb the Kessel hit of say $4.5M per year. If I were PC I would sign Kessel to that amount or less and then trade him plus Wideman and a non-roster player (Sobotka, Hamill, Marchand, etc) to the Preds for Weber and a pick. The Preds get what they desparately need at this time – a talented young sniper who will only get better with experience plus a reliable defensemen for a net cap hit of Kessel’s salary less the cap hit variance between Wideman ($3.75M) and Weber($4.5M). Note, the B’s would have to sign Kessel first since trading his rights would not negate an offer from Burke. The Preds would be left out to dry if Kessel was not signed first and they would therefore insist that he be signed prior to trading him.

    The B’s presently have $1.764 cap space. The Pred trade will only be a net cap hit of 0.75M and leave the B’s with a little more than $1M in cap space.

    Let’s face it – Kessel is a goner. I like him and wish we could accomodate him and his salary. But PC has to consider the effect of doing so on next year’s budget when Lucic, Savard & Wheeler’s contracts expire. So with Kessel gone, the deal with the Preds would in actuality be Wideman and a roster player for Weber at a cost of only $0.75M. Why wouldn’t we make that move?

    Food for thought.

  2. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i heard Burke on the Toronto station saying that he is pursuing Kessel and would likely obtain him through a trade. He stated the issue is day to day.

    As far as Savard I would like to see him reup with the Bruins. He is a complete player and gives it his all every shift.

  3. vince_m says:

    I would love to see Savard retire a Bruin! I think he has the total skill set needed to further the Bruins!

  4. psands says:

    i really hope savard retires as a bruin, it will be interesting to see, what if bergeron bounces back to his normal self this year? it will be interesting to see what happens.

    as far as kessel, wideman, and a prospect for weber goes, i like the thinking, weber is awesome, but i think its to much for both team to give up. i dont see pc giving up wideman to, even if it is for a guy like weber. i would be all for a deal like this if the bruins had not already signed morris, then a deal like this would make a lot of sense, but instead of throwing in wideman, id throw in a top prospect and one of our 2nd rounders.

  5. Gcole says:

    hope to see savard stay, it would suck without him, if you really look hes ALWAYS making great passes and plays to set up people. im starting to think that a healthy bergeron, sturm, and blossoming krejci, wheeler, and maybe another recent draft pick can replace kessel fine if things dont work out.

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