Leafs leading candidate to land Kessel

According to Pierre Lebrun of ESPN.com, the Toronto Maple Leafs have offered the Bruins two first round picks and a second round pick for Phil Kessel.  Additionally, the Nashville Predators expressed their interest in Kessel via the Tennessean . James Murphy of NESN.com is also reporting the N.Y. Rangers and L.A. Kings remain interested. He notes Jack Johnson is a player who could be involved in a deal.

Chiarelli is obviously trying to get the most he can in return for Kessel. Two first round and a second round pick is quite a package for Kessel. Dealing a player to a division rival is a different story and may be the reason Chiarelli has taken so long to trade the 21 year old winger. Toronto knows if they come in with an offer sheet Chiarelli will match, so their offer must blow him away if they wish to acquire Kessel. The fact that multiple teams are interested and two being Western Conference opponents gives Chiarelli leverage when trying to find the right package.


6 Responses to Leafs leading candidate to land Kessel

  1. Maninblack&gold says:

    “We’ve talked concepts,” Poile said of his conversations with Chiarelli. “I’d be very interested to see if there might be something he would like from the Predators.”

    Personally I would love to see Weber in a Bruins uniform. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. A straight-up trade would require PC to move salary meaning that Ferrence & Kobasew (cap hit $3.6M) would depart or Wideman (cap hit $3.75M).

    The Leafs are apparently offering two 1st round picks plus a second round pick. How about PC raids the Preds roster for Ellis, Wilson & Blum?. Don’t you think this would be better for the B’s.

  2. aldo says:

    Per James Murphy’s column in the Boston Globe, the Kings are interested and Jack Johnson is mentioned as going to the B’s.

  3. Mook says:

    I don’t see how this could go bad for the bruins. either way, we’re getting some real value. with sturm back, i think we’ll be fine…and let’s not forget about wheeler.

    ryder, sturm and wheeler. each will score 30 goals+

    kobasew will bank about 15. i’m fine with this.

  4. Ohniner says:

    Im sorry if I get people pissed off but man this kessel kid is 1 selfish cry baby and I cant wait 2 see him in another jersey. Someone needs 2 tell this kid there is no I in team and maybe even ask him if he thinks he can score 36 goals without Savard. I really dont think so not only that why does he get the space he does sure he fast thats not reason its because he plays on 1 of the toughs teams in the NHL.

    Now on a personal note I hate the leafs but how sweet it will be to punish this cry baby and make him regret leaving the team that made him and stuck by him during his tuff times. lol this year is going to be great 4 the Bs no matter where kessel is and PC is doing a great job.

  5. toni says:

    goodriddens. he pissed me off when he was being a greedy little bastard. hes a good player, put selfish.

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