Kessel to be moved within a week

According to Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald, Phil Kessel will be moved in a blockbuster deal within the next week. The four teams interested in Kessel are Minnesota, Toronto, Nashville and the New York Rangers.

Kevin Allen of USA Today reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs remain the top candidate to land Kessel. He also confirms that Nashville is offering players in addition to draft picks for Kessel.

UPDATE: Pierre McGuire, on Team 990 this afternoon in Montreal, said Kessel will be dealt within the next 48 hours.


9 Responses to Kessel to be moved within a week

  1. mattg says:

    All summer I was hoping he’d stay, but by the looks of some of the young guys coming up, I think we might be alright without him.

  2. Ric says:

    This is better then a great deal …
    I hear 2 ones 2 twos and a 3 wow
    we will have a team of superstars …not to mention that the money we save can go to Savy next year and others …this is a great move do it who cares if it is in our devision ….

  3. Birdman2403 says:

    Bye Bye Kessel….can’t say I’m sad to see you go. Out of all the young talent Kessel is the one I don’t mind seeing go. He will score goals, but that’s it !

  4. MC Puck says:

    I guess there’s a rumor that Burke is looking to put together a package to get Kessel and someone else he’s been looking at…

    Could we get a young European forward (Grabovski) and picks for maybe Kessel and Kobasew? It would fit Burke’s history of trading away smaller overseas forwards for North American role guys?

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    Don’t trade Kobasew ! Not for Grabovski anyway. Kobasew is a perfect Bruin style of player. He fits in nicely with Bergeron or Krecji !

  6. MC Puck says:

    Eh, Kobasew has a great year, but I’m afraid it’s an aberration. He’ll get 15-20 goals, but it won’t count for much. Grabovski is young and has some talent. He had 20 goals and 57 points on the Leaf’s top line which is saying something. That being said, it’s probably just wishful thinking that we’d get back something more immediately impacting than draft picks.

    The Bruins are a team that’s winning NOW, not in 2 or 3 years which is what that package of draft picks would do. Getting a 24 year old kid who has a lot of time left in this league and fits under the cap would serve both the winning NOW aspect and the building block for the future one as well.

  7. Mook says:

    Pierre McGuire is a jackass.

  8. JESS says:

    I hope we get some real legs and not all draft picks! We could use an instant impact, not way far down the road!! Please be smart about this management… get 1 or 2 drafts but I hope this turns in to a multi-team deal with instant impact on the team. Can’t wait till the reg season starts! Bruins all the way!

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