Not Enough for Kessel

Plain and simple.  A 2010 and 2011 first round pick and a 2010 2nd round pick is not enough for Phil Kessel.

Maybe the Bruins hands were tied because Kessel said he would not sign elsewhere, but you can’t help but feel disappointed in this return.

Phil Kessel is a 21 year old who scored 36 goals.  He will have around 13 more solid years of 40+ goal potential.  He was a 5th overall pick, and we got what should be two low-mid teen 1sts and a 40s second.  Nothing great.

First off, we failed to even net a prospect.  How come the Bruins couldn’t land a top prospect, I know they couldn’t take salary but prospects don’t count against the cap.

Second off, we traded him to a division rival, which is always a bad idea.  Watching Phil for 5+ seasons in Toronto will suck.

Third off, the chances any of the picks we acquired turn into a player like Kessel are slim, and even if we do, what’s the point of the trade.

You never want to a see a good player, let alone a top 5 pick who just finished his first deal leave your team.  Maybe Chiarelli shouldn’t have bought-out Schaefer, traded Ward, bought-out Eaves, signed Morris, and Kessel could be a Bruin.

At least we have Blake Wheeler, another 5th overall pick, so I guess that’s the free guy we got.


22 Responses to Not Enough for Kessel

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    I am a firm believer that if a guy doesn’t want to be on your team, then good riddance. There are lots of rumours about his me-first attitude, his problems with Julien and his lack of toughness. I think the B’s will be fine without him. Who is to say that PC is done. Lets wait and see what happens. Two firsts and a second IMO is good. %.4 million a year is way too much for a player like Kessel. He has only had one good year.

    Lets go Bruins.

    • 8SpokedB says:

      I agree – No one is bigger than the team and if he wants to take the money and run, then let him. We do not need a guy like that…has one good year and thinks he deserves 5+ million. You’ve got guys like Zett in Detroit who sign longer deals for less money. Good riddance Kessel I can’t wait to see Thomas shut you down.

  2. mattg says:

    It’s probably a bad deal, but we have a lot of people to sign next year, plus we have Sturm back, and guys like Hamill, Suave, and Marchand coming up, I think it’s the best move.

  3. Phil MooKessel says:

    Wrong. Chia just raped the leafs. We just took them for a complete ride, and he is not worth TWO first rounders and a second. Kessel is goos, but remember he went 5th. Leafs will finish pretty shit, so we’ve got a solid pick..two of them, in fact.

    Not for anything, but I could have scored 30 goals playing with Savard.

  4. Bruins says:

    seriously? i think this is AWESOME for the bruins. toronto should be arund the 10th overall range, especially with kessel missing some time.

    the short term – of course getting no bodies back and losing your third best forward doesnt look good in the short term, but the bruins can easily fill in. lets say kessel would get 40-45 goals. sturm playing a full season= 25 goals. bergeron rounding back to form= at least 15 goals. hunwick for the whole season, and morris over ward= 10-15 goals at least.

    lucic, krejci, and wheeler will progress further, and whoever plays with savard will increase production as well (kobasew could be a 30 goal guy there).

    long term – chiarelli is a genius. first off, we have a top 5 prospect pool easily. add to that that we pick 7 times in the first two rounds over the next 2 years. the future has never looked brighter.

    should we have trouble signing: savard, lucic, rask, or wheeler (even though we should have a decent amount of room with morris’ 3.3 coming off) those 1st rounders will soften the blow, believe me.

    we can parlay these picks into current stars if we want. we can trade up in the draft if we want. taylor hall next year? with 7 top picks we can easily make that happen.

    seriously, genius move bychia with his back up against the wall.

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    I like the trade as well. Kessel is about Kessel and that’s it ! He didn’t fit into the team aspect of what the B’s are trying to do. If he did he would have signed a similar deal to Krejci’s.

    The picks are perfect. No money and they will be decent picks as the Leafs suck ! Like mentioned earlier, they can also be packaged together to move up ! We have to sign Lucic and Savard long before Kessel ! Don’t forget Sturm is good for 25 !

  6. da wreck says:

    perfect. the way the Bruins draft, it’s gonna turn out amazing.

  7. bruins4eva says:

    i like and dislike this deal….i like the fact that we dont have to sign him for big money….and we have alot of youngsters coming up….i dislike this for one simple reason…he was our draft choice every year he progressed and he was looking good for us…im tired of everyone talking about the future…and how it looks so bright….well THE BRUINS future is now….im tired of waiting he is a NATURAL GOAL SCORER when was the last time the BRUINS had that….and pls dont say glen murray….the last time we had one…was none other then Mr. Neely….thats it period we shouldnt have traded him

  8. Bruins says:

    bruins4eva we had to trade him. we couldnt fit him in, and it got to the point htat he wouldnt negotiate with was forgone that we’d probably get either one of krejci or kessel going into this offseason, and i for one would 100% take krejci.

    yeah the future is now, and we are set for this season without kessel. we yet again are among the best in the league along with the sharks, red wings, blackhawks, and maybe the flyers this year. i personally think we have the most talented roster.

    while remaining extremely competitive this year, we stockpiled picks HUGE. i am so impressed with what chia has done, not only on this trade but alltogether. he will definitely challenge holland for the best gm if he keeps these kind of genius moves up

  9. Phil MooKessel says:

    just think about what first-rounders are worth. come the deadline, we’ll deal one for something interesting…

  10. mcpuck says:

    I hate that everyone is CONVINCED that Kessel is going to have a 10-15 year career filled with 40+ goal seasons… He a soft forward who has a knack for scoring goals. If he didn’t skate so well, he’d be worthless. There’s a ton of talent in the pipeline, and a lot of teams that will be looking to shed/get younger come deadline time. If the Bruins are buyers at the Trade Deadline, they have plenty of valuable picks to play with.

    Kessel is NOT a special player. He is NOT worth 5 mill a year based on his history in the NHL. He was NOT worth 3 top 50 picks… but that’s the Leaf’s bad. I never was a huge Kessel fan, I tried to defend him, but I always had this feeling that he’d never amount to much more than a guy who can score some goals and not anything else.

    If Looch can pot 25-30 (which I think he’s fully capable of) and Sturm can get to the 25-30 range, we’ll forget all about this. If not, then Chia makes a move and we forget all about this.

    Great move by the Bruins. And we can all point and laugh if Kessel busts. It’ll be even sweeter.

  11. BosBrn77 says:

    OK… first let me say, I will miss Phil. I liked him and he was tough…. OFF the ice! Going through the things he went through, and coming out still playing is something to be proud of. He is still young and CAN improve. Savard was considered a me-me-me type one way player and look at him. So to say he has no chance of becoming better is wrong.

    BUT… one BIG hit from Lucic or Chara, if the bad attitude rumors are true, and we will see how tough he really is… ON the ice. I do not wish him ill will. He did not go to the media like Dafoe, Allison and Carter all did. So for that, I give him some respect. He goes to a Toronto team where he is the big fish in the little pond. Maybe he wanted the spot light that much. But if he thinks Bruins’ fans were tough when he was playing poorly, GOD help him in Toronto.

    As for the trade, I like it. I would have liked to have seen a Stalberg and a 1st in 2011 even more, but I still like this. I feel it WAS enough. Considering if they signed him to an offer sheet and PC did not match it, we would have got a first, second and third pick. So we boosted the third for another first.

    My complaint with the Thornton trade was there were no picks involved. This works better then that. I think we got more value for Kessel then we did for Thornton. Think about how much more we could get for one first rounder then for Sturm? or even B. Stuart! We now have 4 first round picks over the next two years, to either package up for trade, or actually use in the draft.

    We have some amazing young players coming up, and already on the roster. Hamill, Lovecchio, Marchand, Sobotka, Colburne, and quite a few others. Add some other prospects with these picks, and Boston will be looking great.

    I give PC an A- for this trade. It would have been nice to have gotten a body back, but where do we put them under the cap? This gives PC plenty of room to wheel and deal.

  12. Mat Allen says:

    How much better does Kessel make the Leafs?

  13. da wreck says:

    it doesn’t make the leafs better a whole lot. they did add some speed, and scoring touch, but those 37 goals last year were set up mostly by Savard. Who does the leafs have that can compare to Savvy? umm? yeah exactly. Chara’s gonna eat Kessel up when he tries his patented, overused toe-drag to snap shot routine.

  14. bostonpup says:

    lets try not to judge kessels character off the ice but remember what he did for the bruins on the ice. Did he make them better or did the players around him make him better? I cant argue the fact that he has the potential to score 40+ goals but that was 4 our bruins. I really dont think were gonna be hearing blake to kessel and the leafs score 40+ times this year or next. We can all agree that the bruins have a great team that will contend for next season and now we can sit back and watch them contend for the next 4-5. I would like to add that i am from windsor(go spits) and get to watch Hall alot, just wait til u see cam fowler.

  15. Jefe77 says:

    Kessel wanted way too much. Plain and simple and two first round draft picks from a non-playoff team?? Plus a second???

    That is called cashing in. As mentioned above, the Bruins are building a team that plays and thinks like a team. Phil is good, but not worth 2 million more than Krejci, and certainly not very consistent.

    Worry not, we got Sturm and Patrice back…that will be plenty of goals to make up for Phil’s streaks.

    Don’t want to be a Bruin?? Good riddance!

  16. diehardbruin says:

    I love everything about this trade. As mentioned beofre we cashed in and raped toronto on this deal. Two first round draft picks and a second rounder for Kessel, this is a huge price for toronto to pay. Chirelli is my freaking hero right now.

  17. tinoitalia says:

    Fuck Kessel!

  18. tinoitalia says:

    U know what? Im sick of these fucken stupid leaf fans that are talking tuff this year. For what? They make me laugh. They win a couple of exibition games, sign a 21 year old pimple faced faggot(who they overpayed for, if you ask me)and all of a sudden they talk as if thier stanley cup contenders? End of the day thier still shit and thier gonna miss the playoffs for the 5th straight year! READ MY LIPS LEAF FANS, CELLAR DWELLARS!! END OF STORY!!!

  19. mcpuck says:

    I don’t think the Leafs are as terrible as people think they are. The trade makes them better than if they went after other options, so I don’t think Burke failed by making this deal. That being said, the Bruins fleeced the Leafs of some valuable draft picks that they’ll be missing come trade deadline and draft time.

    As for tinoitalia’s comments… Kessel may have come off greedy, but give me a break… pimple faced faggot? that’s one of the most ignorant things I’ve EVER read on here

  20. Bruins2010 says:

    We need that space to sign Wheeler, Lucic, Savard (Hopefully).

    I can’t believe Toronto gave up two first rounders and a second round pick for Kessel. If depth was an issue, i would say this move didn’t make a lot of sense, but depth up front is one of the B’s biggest strengths. If depth becomes an issue we can use our first round pick/second round pick to address areas the club needs to improve and improve our draft postion by keeping the Leafs picks. It’s a great deal.

  21. sean says:

    lets see how many goals he can score without savard putting the puck on his tape

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