The Bear is Back

Thanks to Captain Kickass for the link.


3 Responses to The Bear is Back

  1. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    i love the look on neelys face as well as the bears. priceless.

  2. Mook says:

    i really think we did well with the kessel thing. the 2010 draft is deep…and those picks have huge trade value.

    kessel really made a mistake going to the leafs. i read an article in the toronto sun saying how kessel is shy, doesn’t like the media attention, hates public speaking, etc etc. toronto is NOT the place to play if that’s the case. anyone watch the press conference? i’ve had to shit really bad and still have looked more comfortable talking in front of a crowd.

    By the way, i’m trying to get tickets to the habs/bruins game in montreal for the centennial game! booyah

  3. BruinsFan8 says:

    just another way JJ Can Sell more Jersey cause we all know that all he cares about, selling merchandise and filling the seats. he even said once ” I could care less if the the bruins win another cup it all about the concession stands and filling the seats” F__king Jews

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