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  1. pekese says:

    I think Julien will try Sturm on the right wing but eventually it will end up being Wheeler as the first line RW and Sturm as the second line LW.

    As for the defensemen, Mark Stuart played the right side for the majority of tonight’s game. Matt Hunwick has been playing excusively on the right side throughout this preseason. This gives Julien lots of flexibility, but I agree, ultimately Ference is most likely the one to move to the right side.

  2. Bruins says:

    what i want the lines to look like:




    id really love to see what kobasew can do with savard. if we do that, those three lines are ridiculous (keep that great 2nd line there, + allow the bergeron/sturm, and bergeron/recchi chemistry to stay in tact). should he struggle weve got alot of options (ryder, sturm, wheeler).

    i dont think we should bring hamill up quite yet. should one of our offensive centers go down, then he is the man, but i think marchand would be that perfect sparkplug to come in and play a limited role (sobotka wouldbe great there too).

    i like the idea of a chara-stuart shutdown duo. im not adamant about this though. we can just play around with the pairings to see what works best. boychukwouldbe a great offensive spark should he come in for injuries.

    i hope we dont send rask down again; all he does is prove himself time and time again. chia might do it for cap reasons though. i just hope he doesnt.

  3. psands says:




    i know i have said it before but trade ference for some cap relief, i like ference but it bothers me that our defense is so small. i just dont think this defense is tough enough to play against with wideman, morris, huniwck and ference on it. atleast boychuk, mcquaid, and fata add some size and toughness.

    i like fata on the team because he is flexible and can play both d and forward, and he is a tough guy to play against.

    besides that i think this team looks awesome, i cant wait for the puck to finally drop!

  4. monty says:

    the lines wont ever be predictable, theyll have a bunch of different combos as always. julien likes having good pairings of offensive players and interchanging other ones. if this system functions well youll all be wrong and we will have new lines monthly interchanging our top 9 forwards. this system prevents injury from really hurting a team as we diod so well last year and the year before

    • Trent says:

      So obvious, but still constantly overlooked. Lines are fluid and should be. Not even Julien knows what they’ll be in a month or two. As it should be.

  5. bissinger says:

    Nice lines, but what about Begin?.. He is a good skater and asshole to opposing teams. Need to pencil him in at centre on the fourth line.

  6. mcpuck says:

    I was listening to Sports Hub the other day on my way home from Boston, and they asked who’ll play on the top line with Savy and Looch, and he said they’re going to try Sturm, Ryder, Recchi and Wheeler and see who fits best. For those of you who think he’ll play on the third line, I think not… Julien likes Sturm.

  7. Mook says:

    Brisebois retires. He was a thorn in the side of the Bruins when we played the Habs…so glad he’s gone. Good career!

  8. mike says:

    Just want to see the bergy/sturm combo again.

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