Bruins Raffle

I got this via email, if anyone is interested check it out.

Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXXXX and I am with the Celebrities for Charity Foundation. Part of our fundraising efforts revolve around our online raffle site called netraffle. The site allows us to create once in a lifetime experiences and gain revenue for the many different charities that we support.

The reason why I am emailing you today is to ask if you could post information about our newest raffle on your Boston Bruins Blog. The raffle includes 2 tickets to the opening night of the Bruins season on October 1st. The winner will also be allowed to ride on the zamboni during an intermission, will be given a 2009-2010 team autographed Bruins jersey, and a 2009-2010 team autographed Bruins stick.

The proceeds for this raffle will benefit the Nicholas Rossomando Memorial Scholarship Fund and Celebrities for Charity.
The deadline for the raffle is September 28th at 11 AM

For more information about the raffle and the charities involved please visit If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call the office at (978)-749-6700.

Any information posted would be greatly appreciated

Keep up the good work

Thank you.


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  1. Deep Heat says:

    Deep Heat…

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  2. JonnyNilsen says:


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