Hamill, Marchand assigned to Providence

The Bruins have announced that Zach Hamill and Brad Marchand have been assigned to Providence, trimming the Bruins roster to 22 players.  Hamill and Marchand both impressed and show they have great potential in the NHL.  If an injury occurs, expect to see one of them getting the first call.

With the demotion of two players, that means the Bruins roster is ready for opening night.  It also indicates that one, or both, of Steve Begin and David Krejci are ready to return to action for the season opener.


10 Responses to Hamill, Marchand assigned to Providence

  1. do work says:

    alright quick quesiton. maybe someone out there can answer it. I like to think i know this roster up and down including prospects and what not. however, why arnt guys like kirk mcdonald, Rabbit, lukacevic on the bruins roster? i realize that these players are not ever going to be an impact to the bruins, i’m just curious. News feeds showed Mcdonald as being returned to provi, but in NO roster, does he show as an active member. i check almost everyday to see what team picks up what free agent or what players get waived. did rabbit or luk get picked up? or are they just FA’s with no home? again, i know NONE of this matters.

  2. pekese says:

    Wacey Rabbit and Ned Lukacevic were not tendered their qualifying offers, meaning both are now free agents. As for Kirk McDonald, he was never offered a contract. He was in the same boat as Guillame Lefebvre when they came to camp. Both were not under contract but Lefebvre impressed management and earned himself a two way deal, which he signed two days ago. McDonald, however, is in camp with the Providence Bruins, and to my knowledge has not been offered a contract.

  3. Nick says:

    I think this is good for Hamil and Marchand they can both use the time in the A, even if it is just a few months of regular playing time, or if they get the call for a good portion of the season.

  4. wayne says:

    Anyone know what the deal is with Carl Soderberg…at one point he was supposedly capable to crack the Bruins lineup…why is he a no show…getting impatient to see this guy show his stuff…if the B’s still have interest why isnt he brought over…any thoughts?

  5. Jefe77 says:

    Not sure what’s up with Soderberg, but if anyone sees any posts by a dumbshit named “poppy goose”, ask him to pull his head out of his ass, and never post here again.

    • Jefe77 says:

      You can check 2 posts back for reference to this pessimistic shallow dipshit, who apparently knows that Bruins wont earn 97 points based on pre-season play.

      Post here again, and I am going to rip you Goose boy.

  6. Vince_M says:

    Hey, I noticed that Lashoff has been put on waivers. Does anyone think he might be a good pickup?

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