Reviewing the Recchi deal

At the trade deadline last season the Bruins acquired Mark Recchi and a second round draft pick (in 2010) for Matt Lashoff and Martins Karsums. Lashoff was thought to be that puck moving defenseman that is coveted by most NHL teams. However, today Lashoff was waived by the Lightning.  Lashoff, the 22nd overall pick in 2005, will probably not make it through waivers, meaning the Lightning will lose his rights and be on the hook for half of his salary. Therefore, the deal ends up being Martins Karsums for Mark Recchi and a second round draft pick.  Late last week Karsums was placed on waivers and sent to their AHL affiliate. So to further analyze this deal the Lightning get two players who have disappointed their expectations (one in the AHL, the other which will probably be gone) and the Bruins got a veteran leader who will probably net 20 goals, and a second round pick that very well may be in the top 40. So, 6 months later, who wins this deal? The Bruins, hands down.Nice work, Chiarelli.


14 Responses to Reviewing the Recchi deal

  1. psands says:

    its funny how things end up working out. the second we made this deal i thought we won, just by getting that second round draft pick, but now its a landslide win for the b’s.

    lets hope those draft picks we got for kessel all turn out to be stars, or at least we trade some of them for star players.

    cant wait for the puck to drop, but i have to get this off my chest and complain to somebody, our defense is way to small this year. i think our forwards got bigger and tougher to play against, but the defense not at all. they have gone in the other direction completely. i would love to see PC dump ference, and find a big, physical stay at home defender. it is something i think we are going to realize we desperately need very soon.

  2. Habhater says:

    I agree psands. The B’s need to beef up on the D, yet stay out of the penalty box at the same time. Perhaps PC can trade Ference for a pick. But who is now left as an UFA as a relatively cheap pick up? Kyle McLaren? Marc-Andre Bergeron? Christian Backman? Not a whole lot to choose from.

  3. psands says:

    i’m not sure if we would find the right guy in the free agent market. we would probably have to look to a trade. vancouver and toronto make sense, they both have too many quality d-men, and since i dont want to do any deals with toronto, i was thinking about vancouvers shane o’brien. he is slotted to be the 7th or 8th guy in vancouver. he is big and physical, and has put up descent numbers in the past, and is still young. he takes a lot of penalties, but that could be fixed.

    his cap hit is 1.6, so we could dump ference for whatever, and proably give up a 5th or 6th or mid-level prospect for o’brien.

    im just throwing ideas out there, but i would not be surprised if pc was not looking for a way to make his d bigger.


  4. jimmy50 says:

    easy boys. Karsums had a big frame and is still young. The only way to determine the winner of this trade is to see who we select with the pick and how he turns out and to wait and see how karsums turns out.

  5. Nick says:

    I’m a fan of Karsums, he is a bull on the ice, would have been a good fit for the Bruins system, but even if he was with the organization he would have a difficult time fitting in the line up.

    McLaren played in the A last year and I think the year before. He looked like he lost his legs. I don’t know what happened to him, but he did not look like a guy who played in the NHL, or even has a chance playing in the NHL.

  6. Bruins says:

    i love karsums, but chia is looking like a stud yet again.

    as for the small defense we still have the biggest player to ever play the game back there and we replaced ward (6’2 210) for morris (6’0 220). stuart is a big boy. and wozniewski who we picked up is 6’5 225.ference plays much bigger than his size. wideman and hunwick are our only “small guys” but they also happen to be amazingly skilled. this is a D that finished with the fewest goals against last year. i think its a perfect blend of size on the back end.

  7. vince_m says:

    I personally would love to see Marc-Andre Bergeron on the Bruins. i said it at the start of summer that we should get him and I still think we should. He could be the Dman we have been looking for. He can move the puck, shoot and solid. I say if Bergeron is still available we should get him.

  8. psands says:

    yea but we lost ward and hnidy from last years defense that finished with the fewest goals against. and those two guys were tough to play against, and played good defense. morris i think was a solid addition all around. but ference is often injured, and i think replacing him with someone who plays a simple shutdown game with size would really balance the back end.

    johnny boychuk is also a big question back there, what if he proves he can play every day in the nhl. who is out then? he is actually a very physical d-men with good size and before last year, boychuk would often drop the gloves and play a physical style of play.

    obviously there are still some questions, its only my opinion that the bruins should look to get bigger on the blue line, because i think they can with one minor tweak.

  9. Bruins says:

    true ward’s loss will be felt, but morris adds alot more offense and isnt a slouch defensively. as for hnidy, that guy turned the puck over too much for my liking. not a huge loss by any means. he was our no.7 anyways.

    more size definitely wouldnt hurt, but i think we’ll do just fine. i mean ward replaced by morris, and hopefully ference for most of the season. we should be about the same, which would be great

  10. wayne says:

    With Boychuck Fata Wisnieuzki and possibly McQuaid waiting in the wings I think the Bruins are in pretty good shape…Ference will likely go down injured as usual and 1 or 2 of these guys will get a chance. Dealing Ference for a guy like Bergeron wouldn’t be a bad idea but I wouldn’t include a whole lot more to get it done.

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    Ference needs to go ! Slow and dumb decisions with the puck !

  12. willisss says:

    i agree with you there harvey. Ference’s best days are long behind him

  13. Vince_M says:

    If I remember correctly Marc-Andre Bergeron is a UFA.

  14. psands says:

    yea, m-a-bergeron is a ufa, which has to say something bad about him, because he had pretty good numbers, and still nobody wants to take a chance on him.

    if anybody comes up from providence, i hope it is mcquaid, he looked solid in pre-season.

    we will see soon enough, but my one prediction on the team is that ference wont be around for long.

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