Introducing the Bruinsrumors Hockey Shop

In effort to be able to purchase add ons for the site instead of free things, and purchase a domain, I am trying to find a way to gain revenue for the blog.  I will never put clutter ads, as I find them extremely annoying and take away from the site.  I have never asked for donations for the site.  I won’t ever charge anyone to read the site either.  So I found a site called spreadshirt, and basically it lets me create a T-shirt or other product and allow me to receive a commission per sale.  I tried to keep the prices reasonable, so everything is $25 dollars and under.  I have made only a few t-shirts, and I am looking to find a free site that allows me to make more graphics to put on them.  If you have any ideas for shirts, let me know.  So if you like the site, want to make a contribution to the site as well, buy a T-shirt!

Bruinsrumors Hockey Shop


4 Responses to Introducing the Bruinsrumors Hockey Shop

  1. mattg says:

    hey, love the idea, and might even pick something up, but you’re gonna get sued man, using team names and player names that are trademarked by the nhl and nhlpa, tread lightly

  2. Matt says:

    true, but it’s not different than the knock offs they sell everywhere. Plus, you can’t sue over a name, I didn’t use a trademarked logo, slogan or anything like that which is all that matters.

  3. mattg says:

    yeah good point

  4. Gcole says:

    if you do, you should have the availability to people on the site to order a graphic shirt through you, and have awesome pics on the shirt, like the lucic-neil fight pic with his face all bloody, you know badass things that people will look at and be like ‘oh thats sick i want one’

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