Sobotka assigned to Providence

In a bit of a surprising move, Vladimir Sobotka has been assigned to the Providence Bruins according to the Providence Journal. Sobotka was expected to be the 13th forward on the Bruins roster. With the demotion of Sobotka, it further implies that Krejci, Sturm, and Begin will be ready for the season opener tomorrow night. Sobotka had a great camp and stood out during the preseason but having a two way deal without having to clear waivers may be the reason he’s the odd man out.


5 Responses to Sobotka assigned to Providence

  1. Trent says:

    who’s the 13th forward?

  2. psands says:

    really confused here. does this mean something is about to happen, trade wise, we were under the cap.

  3. pekese says:

    As of now, no one is the 13th forward. They currently have 12 forwards on the roster, including Krejci, Sturm, and Begin, all of whom have been injured. Sending Sobotka to Providence means all three of them are good to go. The Bruins are only carrying one additionally player, Johnny Boychuk, who is slated as the seventh defenseman.

  4. Bruins says:

    unless we play hunwick up on forward…but thats very unlikely

  5. willisss says:

    i want to see vlad get more nhl time. hes a good thing waiting to happen

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