Opening Night 10/1/09 vs. Washington Capitals

Opening night is here. These two teams were fairly evenly matched up last year, and tonight will be no different. While I never feel confident going against Alexander Ovechkin, the fact that is opening night and the last game the Bruins played was a game 7 heartbreaker to Carolina, the Bruins should come out flying. This is also the first time since the lockout the season opener was at home.

Players to watch:

David Krejci- If his hip was bad last year, how well will he play healthy?  Is he a 100%?
Marco Sturm- Will Sturm have his speed after tearing up his knee and missing almost all of last season?
Derek Morris- How will the puck moving defenseman respond to his new deal?

Alexander Ovechkin- He is who he is.
Mike Knuble- The former Bruin is a beast in front of the net, watch out for him on the PP.
Mike Green- How will the Bruins new forecheck bottle him up?

Keys to winning:

1. Neutralize the big 3, Ovie, Backstrom and Semin.
2. Don’t let Mike Green dominate the PP.
3. Come out hitting, feed off the energy.


It will be a close one until the end, I see the Bruins winning 4-2.


10 Responses to Opening Night 10/1/09 vs. Washington Capitals

  1. willisss says:

    alrightttt…got that out of our system. its hard to stop ovi…i dont care what team you are.

  2. psands says:

    agreed, that was brutal, but the 4th line looked solid and so did bergy.

    got to say it though a stay at home big d-man would look great on our blue line.

    btw…where has mook been? its been a while

  3. Mat A. says:

    It’s early. We beat the Avalanche in our opener last year. We would probably have beaten them this year, too. We got Washington for the first game, and they’re going to be tearing it up this year. I’m not pleased with the result of tonight’s game, but there are 81 left. I’m sure there will be more scores like that; only in our favour!

  4. willisss says:

    it looks like our PP is picking up right where it left off

  5. pat says:

    mook didnt wake up from hibernation yet. had to shoot darts last night and the bar had directv so i missed to B’s and Sox last night cause they dont carry Vs anymore and STO isnt on their package either.

  6. Mook says:

    Bruins looked a bit sluggish…pretty much all my friends and coworkers are on me about the bruins being a shit team this year…after 1 game! let’s wait till the leafs shit the bed again. then we’ll see…

    julien will smash them all day today. saturday will be a wash.

    anyone else think the flyers will miss the playoffs? i do.

  7. tinoitalia says:

    Well i was very disappointed with the Bruins showing on Thursday night! i could except a loss but i thought it would have been alot closer score! Anyway put that game behind us and look towards Sat. night! 4 straight home games to grab wins! On the plus i liked Bergerons game and i think he’s pretty much back to his old self! As for Krejci he looked pretty good aswell considering his injury and missing all Pre season games.The worst line out thier was the Savard line, no real oppertunities and looked week! Hopefully they can get going starting on Sat. No need to panac B’s fans just one game, 81 more left!

  8. da wreck says:

    The B’s gave the puck away way too many times… Can’t win when you’re coughing it up that much, especially Washington. Gotta work on crisper passing, and smarter plays. Was it just me or did the puck seem to be bouncing around the ice a bit much?

  9. psands says:

    i’m just thinking out loud here, but what happens this year if rask shows he is ready to be a #1 goalie? what happens to thomas?

    i’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately, only because the possibility of rask showing he is ready to be a #1 soon is very realistic.

  10. da wreck says:

    What happens to Thomas? he just signed for $5 million a year. He’s staying put. Period. The guy is the reigning Vezina trophy winner. Think about it.

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