Bruins vs. ‘Canes, 10/3/2009

The game we have been waiting for since last spring is here.  All eyes will be on Scott Walker and whether or not someone lays him out.  But, the man he punched, Aaron Ward, is now his teammate.  The Bruins lost their opening night to the tune of a 4-1 loss to the Washington Ovechkins, so they should come out gunning.  The Bruins are hungry for revenge.

Players to watch:

1. Patrice Bergeron- He looked great is game 1, how will he respond tonight?
2. David Krejci- We need some production from that second line, and more scoring chances.
3. Andrew Ference- The Bruins worst defender needs to step up his game.

1. Eric Staal- When he plays well, so does Carolina and vice versa.
2. Scott Walker- Will he get TKO’d?
3. Cam Ward- Can steal a game as seen in the playoffs.

Keys to winning:

1. Shut down Eric Staal.
2. Score timely PP goals, can’t go 0-5 like Thursday night.
3. Better defense, some of the goals scored by Washington were mental breakdowns.


Bruins comes out flying like Thursday, but play a full 60 minutes, and are hungry for revenge.  Dominating 5-1 win.


15 Responses to Bruins vs. ‘Canes, 10/3/2009

  1. Mook says:

    i just bought centre ice, i REALLY want a win tonight!!

  2. Matt says:

    Nice, definitely wort the coin.

  3. mattg says:

    For sure, it just sucks when versus shows the games.

  4. pekese says:

    Center Ice is free in the states for the next three weeks. But yes it is definitely worth it. Watched the Canes-Flyers game last night on Center Ice and I was not impressed with either team. Mook, I agree with you that the Flyers aren’t as good as everyone has them projected to be. I still see them making the playoffs but barely sneaking in.

  5. Mook says:

    flyers suck. emery will shit the bed…wait till that shutout gets to his head (3…2…1…)

    a dream i had last night: flyers trade briere and carter to boston for thomas, bitz and ference.

  6. Bruins says:

    i think the flyers are the second best in the conference after boston. i mean they were 5th last year and they just added a top 5 defenseman in the league. their forward depth is second only to boston’s and that defense is pretty scary too. we’ll see about emery but if he gives them good goaltending, they will be tough to beat

  7. Bruins says:

    3-0 after the first. best bruins period ive seen in a long time. 21 shots… all of the goals were garbage goals but we’ll take them

  8. mattg says:

    5-1 right now, but lots of time left haha

  9. vince_m says:

    Centre Ice is free here in Wpg for October. Good I finally get to see the Bruins play more than the Habs and Leafs.

    5 – 1 keep it up.

  10. Bruins says:

    7-2. i watched the whole game and it was an awesome all around effort by the bruins. the stars to me were begin, savard, sturm, and wideman (besides his giveaway). krejci didnt look all too great but he just needs to get his legs back under him and he’ll be fine.

    7 different scorers speaks volumes about the depth. savvy and sturm are already developing some nice chemistry early on in the season

  11. Bruins says:

    and is going to be a recurring theme for lucic to completely destroy someones face everytime he fights? if so im all for it

  12. Nick says:

    Great win, hope that’s the Bruins team that we see for the rest of the season.

  13. psands says:

    that was great, i love when the Bruins play physical, very few teams can keep up with their fighters, and skaters.

    begin looks awesome so far, and we did all that without bergys line scoring, who needs one 36 goal scorer when you can have potentially 10 20+ goal scorers?

  14. Birdman2403 says:

    This game had flashes of the Dallas vs. B’s game early last year. B’s filled the net and had good tilts ! After that game they were VERY good…..good team building game !

  15. Gcole says:

    well you were right about a dominating win, but not right enough! beautiful game. they need to play every game like this. i mean why the hell not, you can kick the shit out of anybody, and still score seven goals in the game!!! why settle for less?! kick their ass and outscore them

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