10/3/2009 B’s Dominate the ‘Canes




PPG – Marc Savard (1) Snap Shot – Assists: M. Ryder (1) & D. Morris (1)
PPG – Michael Ryder (1) Wrist Shot – Assists: Z. Chara (1) & D. Morris (2)
Blake Wheeler (1) Backhand – Assists: S. Begin (2) & M. Lucic (1)
Marco Sturm (1) Wrist Shot – Assists: M. Savard (1)
PPG – Dennis Wideman (1) Slap Shot – Assists: P. Bergeron (1) & M. Recchi (1)
Scott Walker (1) Tip-In – Assists: A. Ward (1) & S. Samsonov (1)
Shawn Thornton (1) Tip-In – Assists: S. Begin (3)
PPG – Eric Staal (1) Wrist Shot – Assists: none
PPG – Matt Hunwick (1) Snap Shot – Assists: M. Sturm (1) & M. Savard (2)

Three Stars:
1. Mark Savard
2. Steve Begin
3. Marco Sturm

As predicted, the Bruins came out and stomped all over the Hurricanes. Hard to believe we lost to this team last year.  A complete 180 from the game on Thursday.  1-10 killing on the PK, 4-8 on the PP, 7 different goal scorers, 92 penalty minutes.

A lot of people have said this reminds them of the Dallas game last year, and I agree, fights, goals, line brawls, cheap shots, you name it.  The passing was much crisper, Thomas looked sharper, and the forecheck was present, as seen on the Sturm and Thornton goals.  If the Bruins can play a game like this every night, they will be impossible to beat.  Also, Chuck Kobasew and David Krejci did not record a point, showing the depth of this team.


7 Responses to 10/3/2009 B’s Dominate the ‘Canes

  1. Bruins46 says:

    This is obviously a great sign……hopefully we can get some more games like this under our belt and beat Washington next time. Beating them would prove that we could make a serious run this season, and let’s be honest, we’ll have to go through the Caps to make that run.

  2. Mook says:

    begin can skate!

    don’t worry about game 1; it wasn’t because washington is that good, we just played poorly.

  3. willisss says:

    i watched the entire game…twice. everything about the game was awesome minus the walker goal. that 4th line was just un real. i would have never thought in my life that i would raise my beer for steve begin. but it happened. it botheres me however that in a 7 point game, krej didnt have a point. i dont want to say it because i love the guy but he looked a litttttle bit raw. i’m sure he will fall back in his groove and be money this season.

  4. wayne says:

    Too bad there appears to be no room for Sobotka…with his enthusiastic style of play he would fit in beautifully…the 4th line was great and the D played well…Lucic reminds me of Bob Probert who could manhandle most guys and still put the points up…never thought Steve Begin could skate that well..He looks impressive..What a game…GO BRUINS!

  5. da wreck says:

    Don’t get too excited guys. It’s one win against a team that didn’t look good at all. I’m jacked about the win and the B’s looked great, but it’s a long season and games aren’t going to come that easy all the time.

  6. Mook says:

    nah, i’m going to celebrate.

  7. Bruins says:

    agreed willisss. krejci was the only let down. i thought he even looked better against the capitals. but yeah he’ll get his groove back soon enough.

    begin was hands down 1st star for me. ive hated him since he was a canadien, but ive got some love for him now

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