Chiarelli, Savard talking extension

According to Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald, Peter Chiarelli has spoken to Marc Savard about a possible contract extension.

According to a reliable source, Chiarelli has been in contract talks with Savard, who is in the final year of a four-year deal paying $5 million per annum. The camps are believed to have discussed pacts of various lengths, including three years for an average of $6.5 million. Thus far, apparently, Savard hasn’t received an offer he’s willing to sign, though he made it clear he wants to remain a Bruin.

“I’d like that,” said Savard. “We’ve got to be patient. This is where I’d like to stay if it’s possible. I hope it happens.”

If Savard is seeking $6.5 million there is no way I see him back in a Bruins uniform.  After this season is over Tuuka Rask, Mark Stuart, and Blake Wheeler will all be restricted free agents. Mark Recchi, Shawn Thornton, Steve Begin, Andrew Ference, and Derek Morris will all be unrestricted free agents.  If the Bruins were to sign Savard to a $6.5 million anual contract it would seriously handcuff their chances of signing some of their own players.  The Bruins have approximately $40 million committed to salaries for next season, a season where the cap is expected to decrease.


11 Responses to Chiarelli, Savard talking extension

  1. Mook says:

    there’s plenty of room for savard and rask. if wheeler doesn’t have a great year i won’t mind seeing him go. i mean, i think it’s clear that it was krejci feeding him all those points…and he was benched in the playoffs.

  2. Mook says:

    and how much can stuart command? not more than hunwick!

  3. Vince_M says:

    What about Morris and Begin? Are you going to resign both of them and let Savard walk? I sure as hell hope not! We have the money to keep our star players.

  4. Andrew says:

    They signed Morris for a year, so unless he has a FANTASTIC year, they may let him walk. Shawn Thornton will not be anymore than 1 mill seeing he makes peanuts now and he does not have a ton of leverage. Rask also cannot get that much because he will be a backup, also don’t forget if Thomas has another great year, he could be trade bait, freeing up 5 mill. He is 36 in April. there is no way Rask is the backup for the next 3 years. Either way as long as Rask Looch and Savvy are signed, we are fine. wheeler will be a bonus and morris will be Christmas come early (if all those mentioned before are also signed.)

  5. Bruins says:

    i want savard back sooooo badly. 6.5 might be too steep, but im sure savvy will take a pay cut (even though hes been unbelievably underpaid his entire career).

    i really dont see wheeler as that big a part of the team. not sure why, i just wouldnt mind all too much to see him go.

    rask is a must. stuart preferably.

  6. OhNiner says:

    PC has to stop over paying our players and if Savard wants more then 5 mil let him walk or trade him this guy is great hockey player but really look at the big picture krejci and bergeron are ready to take over this team. I would much rather bring in a big fish like kovalchuck or put a offer sheet in for kane and pay them the money next year we are very strong up the middle we need a real good winger if you guys cant see that you dont watch enough of the bees. When I say this is does not mean I dont want savy it just comes down to money and if people on this team dont start taking pay cuts then we will never built a team like Detroit they are all under paid there cause they want to be there! The question is who really wants to be a BRUIN !!!!

  7. psands says:

    i want savard back, but we do have two great young centers in bergeron and krejci, and if bergeron returns to normal and savard wants to much, i think you have to let him walk.

    i can see the bruins trading thomas to free up space if rask shows he is a future #1. as far as wheeler goes, lets see how he looks this year before we start making decisions. he is only in his second year. but if they have to trade him to bring in a star then fine.

    i think pc is always looking for that big physical center as well.

  8. Jefe77 says:

    Savvy will resign and Thomas won’t be traded (PC does not sign then trade). Also Rask wont have a 3 mill cap hit next season, either Morris or Wideman will not be a Bruin next season and look for another system D man to move up. The Bruins could reasonably dump salary by moving Ferrence or Wheeler who packaged up with say, any of our 4 first round picks. Should I go on and on about how many scenarios could play out?

    I suggest people stop worrying about cap space unless its your hobby; there are so many options available, so much time to let situations develop.

    Why is everyone trying to figure out next seasons roster anyways? Don’t we have 80 games left to play this season? Like any fan, I am concerned with the future of my team, but 2 games in?? Enjoy the team we have now, and consider the fact that the NHL is in a cap system! There are ALWAYS going to be changes to the roster, especially teams competing for the Cup. The Blackhawks have much more to worry about when it comes to fitting key components under the cap in the next 2 seasons. Bruins fans should be rest assured that PC is the man with a plan, and has done a better job than anyone in Boston in over 3 decades.

  9. psands says:

    its just a fact, the cap is going down, we have players to sign, everybody is going to look into the future. if rask shows he is a #1 and thomas has another good year, do you really think pc wont look into trading thomas?

    i know it takes away from the point of the season to look into the future, but with lucic’s extension, and savard rumors of one coming, people are going to talk.

    im with you though, this season just started, i love this team and cant wait for the games to start up more consistently. the one thing i do want though is more size on the blue line. but with the awkward situation with ference, that might happen sooner than later.

  10. goonsquad says:

    i think all these people givin up on wheeler so far have to wait.

    first off look at the size of him, and unlike bochenski (after bulkin up) it looks to me has not lost speed or skill.

    i say let learn how to use his new size this year and then make a decision.

    i cant see the b’s signing anyone else this year to long term deals till after the season. i say wait to see how this season finishes up before signing these guys to long term extensions.

    i can see signing looch for he is the future captain.
    but…….let the season go and WIN THE CUP!!!! before we drain the cap on long term deals.

    by the way please move phoenix, columbus or florida north, give up the dream bettman.

  11. Jefe77 says:

    Psands, he could look into trading Thomas, but it wouldn’t be until after Timmy was given another chance or two at a playoff run. That’s the role I see PC having put him in; take this young but promising team to places in the playoffs, while Rask is readied to follow suit.

    If say, the Bruins didn’t meet expectations of PC as far as playoff runs go in the next 2 years, then he could very well look into that situation.

    Goonsquad, I havent given up on Wheeler; he just needs to show he is worth that cap hit and I think he will. If not, along with anyone else who drops off, as the old hockey saying goes; if you can trade Gretzky, you can trade anyone.

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