Quick look ahead

Here is a breakdown of the players under contract following the 2009-2010 season. Please note entry level contracts such as Brad Marchand’s and Zach Hamill’s are their salaries only and not their actual caphits. Their contracts include rookie incentive bonuses which will be covered by the bonus cushion. Since this year’s bonus cushion was $4.26 million (bonus cushion is 7.5% of salary cap), it can be assumed that next seasons bonus cushion will be slightly less since the cap is expected to decrease.  So for this example please consider bonuses covered in the bonus cushion and a salary cap ceiling of $56 million.

Forwards (9)

Patrice Bergeron $4.75

Milan Lucic $4,083,333

Michael Ryder $4.0

David Krejci $ 3.75

Marco Sturm $3.5

Chuck Kobasew $2.333

Zach Hamill $816,666

Byron Bitz $688,000

Brad Marchand $656,666

Defensemen (3)

Zdeno Chara $7.5

Dennis Wideman $3.875

Matt Hunwick $1.45

Goaltenders (1)

Tim Thomas $5.0

Buyouts (2)

Peter Schaefer $766,667

Patrick Eaves -$41,667

Total = $43,077,665

Cap Space = $12,922,335

With slightly under $13 million in cap space, the Bruins will have Tuukka Rask, Blake Wheeler, and Mark Stuart as restricted free agents. Additionally, Derek Morris, Andrew Ference, Mark Recchi, Shawn Thornton, and Steve Begin will have to be replaced or resigned.  Assuming Brad Marchand and Zach Hamill are on next year’s team, that leaves the Bruins with 3 open forward spots, 3 spots open on defense, and one as the backup goaltender. Here is a breakdown of what the roster currently would look like







To elaborate further on my previous post, if the Bruins do sign Savard to a $6.5 million annual contract, the Bruins would be left with $6,422,335.  They would then need to sign two forwards, 3 defensemen, and a backup goaltender. Additionally, Blake Wheeler and Tuukka Rask are going to see raises in their current salaries. Therefore, I cannot see Savard back at that number unless a player with a larger salary(Bergeron, Ryder) is moved.


11 Responses to Quick look ahead

  1. Andrew says:

    well if i do recall correctly this is recchi’s last season so he is one less to worry about

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    Buy out Ference now…..HE SUCKS !

  3. Mook says:

    i’m focused on this year…2 blowouts already?

  4. psands says:

    thomas looked bad, krejci’s line looked terrible, i dont think thomas has looked sharp yet, even in the carolina game.

    it sure would be nice to have one more big d-man to clear the front of the net, when you cant play defense, theres no need to have all these puck movers.

  5. Jefe77 says:

    Both Wideman and Morris are candidates to not be Bruins next year. Especially after that game.

    Thomas usually does have slow starts, but I can’t deny he looked bad tonight.

    The Bruins didn’t have a very strong start last season either, they need to hurry up and get on the road.

  6. psands says:

    it has been a very weird start to the season, to say the least. i have been thinking about the team a lot after lasts night second embarrassing loss of the year. i convinced myself that we needed a scorer like kovalchuk. but that would not work because of the cap hit, we would have to give up to many players, and all our talent would be put onto 1 or 2 lines.

    after thinking about if for a while, i realized we are only three games into the season. we have 3 lines full of guys who can all hit atleast 20 goals, and i think sturm, ryder, wheeler and bergeron can all hit 30.

    we have 3 lines full of good goal scorers, i dont think any other team in the league has that, and we also have a very good, tough fourth line. this team has the right balance, we finally have the right gm, the coach and players on the ice.

    we are going to be fine. i know i am talking to mostly myself right now, for whatever reason i was getting all riled up over 3 games, but i think this team is going to be great, and a true cup contender once everyone starts to get the wheels rolling

    although i do think we need one more big d-man to clear the front of the net, and play big and physical back there.

    sorry to vent, but i needed to get that out.

  7. thespokedb says:

    Remember, the Pens had a shaky year last year and even fired their coach! What happened next? I’m not by any means suggesting Julien gets the door bc i love his style. I’m with you Psands, it’s early…things will work themselves out

  8. willisss says:

    ill be at the game tonight. i hope to see Rask get a start. i dont like the 12 goals in 3 games that timmy is rocking right now

  9. mook says:

    wideman status?

  10. Gcole says:

    Ference needs to go. theres $1.4M. Recchi is done after this year. $1M. Add that to the $13M in space for next year, roughly $15.5 to sign Savard, Rask, Wheeler, stuart, begin, thornton, boychuk. and savvy wants 6.5?! fuck that cuts it in almost half to sign 6 guys. think savard should sign for 5 like hes making now. either way keep savard, cant lose him

  11. JRy says:

    How about you sign Rask to a long term deal and get rid of Thomas? Rask is the future and Thomas is not getting any younger. I say you give Rask 1/3 of the games this year and if he proves himself look toward moving Thomas this offseason or at the deadline for either that 40 goal scorer they are lacking or prospects for the future. Also, who says we need Savard if Krejci and Bergeron can pick up a little slack? Frankly, Savard is very good at being a playmaker, but is he worth the big money he will want when his contract expires? Im sure with Bergeron, Krejci and possibly a cheaper free agent we will have still have depth in the middle and more cap space.

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