Wideman to miss tomorrow’s game

According to the Boston Globe, Dennis Wideman will not be playing in tomorrow’s game.  Wideman fell awkwardly in the second period and appeared to injury a shoulder.  Johnny Boychuk will make his 2009 season debut and is expected to be paired with Andrew Ference. In Wideman’s absence expect to see either Matt Hunwick or Patrice Bergeron get time at the point on the powerplay.  Wideman’s injury is classified as ” an upper body injury” but there has been no update on his status.


3 Responses to Wideman to miss tomorrow’s game

  1. wtf says:

    Let your imaginations go wild!! Play PC for a day.

    Next year’s roster

    Thomas $5M
    Rask – $1.5M

    Chara – $7.5M
    Stuart – $2.3M
    Boychuk – $.75M
    Hunwick – $1.45M
    Fata – $.55M
    Valabik – $.7625M
    Letang -$1.5M OR Coburn – $2M

    Savard – $6M
    Bergeron – $4.75M
    Sobotka – $.625M
    Hamill – $.8667M
    Marchand – $.6567M
    Wheeler – $1.3M
    Krecji – $3.75M
    Lucic – $4.083M
    Thornton – $.75M
    Bitz – $.6875M
    Lovecchio – $.621M
    Kovalchuk – $7.5M

    Eaves – -$.4167M
    Schaeffer – $.7667M

    Total cap hit = $53,627,667
    2010/2011 cap = $54,800,000 (estimated)

    Cap space = $1,172,333

    We lose Wideman, Morris & Ferrence on defense and gain Letang/Coburn, Valabik & Fata. The Slovakian twin towers of Chara/Valabik will be difficult to play against and Coburn would bring a bad-ass attitude that I believe the B’s desparately need.

    Up front we lose Ryder, Sturm, Kobasew, Begin & Recchi. However we gain Lovecchio, Marchand, Hamill, Sobotka and above all Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk playing with Savard will be special. Recchi will retire anyway and Begin’s grit will be replaced by Sobotka. I think Hamill, Marchand & Lovecchio can make up for the loss of Sturm & Kobasew and if there is any drop off production wise, it will be made up in spades by replacing Ryder with Kovalchuk.

    The Bruins will be soild in goal, big & meaner on the D and the offense will be more than adequate.

    Resign Rask for $1.5M
    Trade Wideman, Ryder & the Bruins own 1st & 2nd round picks to Atlanta for Valabik (.7625) & Kovalchuk.
    Sign Kovalachuk – $7.5M
    Let Morris walk & sign Letang ($1M) or Coburn – ($2M)
    Resign Stuart – $2.3M & resign Boychuk – $.75M
    Resign Savard – $6M. Bring up Sobotka ($.625M), Hamill ($.867), Marchand ($.656M) & Lovecchio ($

    Next year’s roster –

    Thomas -$5M
    Rask – $1.5M

  2. psands says:

    stop, you want to get rid of all the guys who got us to where we are.

    focus on this year, all this talk about next year ius driving me nuts. like i said id rather have 3 good lines then one super star line.

    the core should stay intact. i see bitz moving up to third line, marchand and mcquaid coming up and sobotka. thats it. you keep this team similar, maybe bring up macdermid if he progresses as a fourth liner. but thats it.

    also look to chicago for a d-man.

    anyways, this team should stay as is, this team this year can win it all.

  3. wtf says:

    “anyways, this team should stay as is, this team this year can win it all”

    After 4 games & 2 periods – you have got to be kidding?

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