2010-2011 Cap to stay the same

According to the New York Post, the salary cap will be approximately the same next season.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman last night called dire predictions of a dramatic decrease in the NHL’s salary cap next season “absurd.”

“Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of speculation that the cap’s going to go down 20 percent. That’s absurd. That’s just made-up. It isn’t going to happen,” Bettman said. “I think it will be somewhere near where it is ($56.8 million), up a little, down a little, somewhere near where it is.”

 Judging from Bettman’s quote, I would expect the cap to be within a million of the current cap ceiling. This is good news for the Bruins especially since they’ll have serious work to do after the season.


14 Responses to 2010-2011 Cap to stay the same

  1. Habhater says:

    2-0 Colorardo after 1!!! WTF!!!

    Right now the Boston Bruins = garbage. They just look dysfunctional. No intensity and certainly no physical play to talk about. Both need to be ratcheted up big time in the 2nd.

    Over the summer it appears that the B’s went from the Big Bad Bruisin’ Bruins to the Woosy Pussy keystone cops. I know its early but Geez. That excuse won’t just doesn’t cut it anymore with me. Time for the B’s to play like they’re capable of. If they can’t win, I’d rather seem them lose with heart & desire than the way they’re playing now.

  2. Matt says:

    2-2…relax haha

  3. Habhater says:

    4-2 Colorado!!

    No sustained passion or agression. The B’s are playing with their heads in their asses.

    I’ve seen all Bruins games to date & I can honestly say that it appears that the B’s are still in pre-season mode and their opponents are always 1 step ahead.

    Last year is history and the B’s cannot hang their hat on the past & hope to win. The opponents are ready to play the B’s this year and the B’s do not seem to be prepared for that and have no come back or answer.

    Something is amiss with this team and is most disturbing. They cannot match the speed of their opponent and can’t clear the zone quickly or even effectively. Up front, very few are skating and no one is making smart plays.

    Not much physical play. Where’s Lucic? Must be invisible – like most everyone else.

    Their bread & butter is defensive hockey. What the hell happened to that? If the B’s can’t play well defensively, they have no chance.

  4. Habhater says:

    4-3 Colorado.

    You get what you deserve in this league and after the first 5 games the Bruins are very fortunate to have a 2-3-0 record. It could quite easily be 1-4-0.

    Until the team play s a full 60 minutes I fear we’ll continue to see much of the same. When they play a full 60 minutes, no team can compete with them. Until then, they will be average at best.

  5. Birdman2403 says:

    I agree…the B’s are lucky to not be 1-4. They have played like shit every game except Carolina. Teams are playing them tough, because of last year, and they are not ready. The big contracts have been signed and now everyone is coasting ! Thomas has sucked so far, so has Lucic ! Julien better smack these guys around…..and SOON !

  6. pekese says:

    Two awful games against the Islanders and the Avalance. The same two teams that picked one and two in the entry draft.

  7. your a retard pekese says:

    the lightning picked second (hedman)

  8. psands says:

    it has been bad so far, but no major changes have to be made. this team is simply not coming out and competing, they think because of last year, they can come out and coast and still win. it is disheartening to watch.

    as far as speed goes, this team has speed, they are well rounded, they have the pieces, they just need to play hard. the pk has been awful, im getting tired of saying it is early, but it is still early.

    if there is one thing they need, it is to get rid of FUCKING ANDREW FERENCE, im losing my mind watching him. they can not keep this small defense.

    everybody freaked last year when we lost to carolina because we did not have puck moving d-men, now we have a bunch of them and we’re looking worse. this team needs some shut down, physical size on the blue line. ference is so fucken fragile, trade him for anything, or put him on waivers, bring up mcquaid, mcquaid and boychuk split the 6th spot, problem solved

    pc cant like this defense, can he?

  9. psands says:

    btw marchand has looked awesome so far in providence, he would look real good playing next to bergeron and kobasew….thoughts?

    • bruinsfanupnorth says:

      i would love to see marchand up and given a shot. I think we have to go with this lineup for a little longer before they make changes. The first person i would move out would be recchi, he is looking a little slow.

  10. pekese says:

    I must apologize to all the genuises out there, especially the wise guy from Watertown. I’m a retard because I thought the Avalance picked second but they instead they picked third. Shame on me.

  11. mike says:

    I believe they need to jumble up the lines a bit..get some different player combos together just shake it up..clearly they aren’t playing to their potential and what not but maybe a line jumble will create something.

  12. Habhater says:

    Coach said it best – the players are not in the moment, they are playing in the moment past.

    It’s time the B’s stopped listening to their pre-season press clippings. They need to come down off the pedestal the press and we the fans put them on. Get back to basics, play a full 60 minute game, play smart and above all play with pride and passion.

    I fully expect the supreme effort against Dallas and Phoenix – anything less is just not acceptable. Real Bruins hockey is pride, passion and physicality.

  13. vince_m says:

    My 2cents would be that they still have only played home games. Get them on the road for a period and let them gel as a team and see what they can do.

    That is just my 2cents.

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