In Celebration for Leafs Tank Nation

In celebration with our faith to have the Leafs tank so we can land Taylor Hall,
I made this t-shirt.  Help us out and buy one!


6 Responses to In Celebration for Leafs Tank Nation

  1. willisss says:

    Hall’s going number one. the buzz about this guy is the same as tavares’s. Tavares was no bust either. all we can do is cross our fingers and hope to grab this guy. Hall is the real deal and the leafs have the best chance to finish last. i hope.

    on another note, i respect the fact that alot of provi fans have love for brad marchand, but i dont feel the same way. i love the fact that he gets under everyones skin and pisses anyone not wearing a B’s jersey ( well…i guess P’s jersey). skill for skill? sobotka. he shows a great emotion/skill combonation and he will dish it out. i just dont see marchand making THAT big of an impact with the bruins. maybe i’m wrong.

    andrew ferrence…meet johnny boychuck….and then kindly leave. this guy is going to be huge. he wants to be on this bruins team real bad and he shows it when he plays. watching the aves game, he was the only player looking to make a statment. i love the fact that hes always the last guy off the ice during warm ups, and hes always looking to make the hit. we could use alittle more cap room and i think ferrence is just not needed anymore. boychuck is playing for like…$7.50 an hour. you could also make th argument that hes just playing for a paycheck and then get soft. who knows?

    i’m having trouble dealing with the lack of offence comeing from krej. i had HUGE expectations, as i did last year. i will always give him the benefit of the doubt giving the fact that hes still getting use to playing hockey again. and i’m not a fair weather ” what have you done for me lately” bruins fan. i know what he can do. and he’ll do it. i just wish it would start sooner.

    3-2 bruins tonight.

  2. cash says:

    what about Cam Fowler… will they go D over offense. Fowler has been compared to Mike Green

  3. psands says:

    i dont know, hall is projected to be like tavares or maybe a little better, he can be that goal scorer/young superstar we might need. if we could get that number one pick, we would have a world of options, there are tons of possibilities.

  4. Gcole says:

    man, does everyone think the leafs are finishing dead last when were only 6 games into the season?! dot get your hopes up this quick, jeez. i thought i was a dreamer LOL

  5. Bruins says:

    hall, seguin and fowler are tearing it up this year. id be happy with any of them, but hall is definitely the big prize. id be happy with kabanov too

  6. Mook says:

    last night was a pretty good effort. b’s started slow, but certainly tightened-up midway into the 1st. i’d still like to see them score more goals, but that starts with good defense. once krejci finds his timing, it’s going to be lights-out.

    the b’s are off to a better start than last year, so if they can finish the same way it should be a very successful season. either way, they’ll have home ice in the 1st round by being tops in the northeast…but they have to deal with the latter rounds away if washington continues to crush opponents.

    timmy looked great last night, i wonder if we’ll see rask tonight…timmy loves the back-to-back starts on the road.

    hey, let’s not worry about next year, let’s enjoy this year!

    i live in toronto so that shirt would be super-funny, but i’m not throwing $25 at it…

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