Lucic injured, Lefebvre recalled

Milan Lucic suffered an injury in the third period of last night’s win against Dallas and will not play in tonight’s game.  His injury and status are unknown. Guillaume Lefebvre was recalled on an emergency basis. Expect Byron Bitz to be moved up to one of the top three lines.

UPDATE: Lucic has a broken finger on his punching hand (right). There is no timetable on his recovery.


22 Responses to Lucic injured, Lefebvre recalled

  1. HabMan says:

    I love men.

  2. habsarecrap says:

    fuck off you french faggot laraque hasnt even skated this year because he is garbage…go make out with some other french fuck you piece of shit

  3. Mook says:

    Dave Chappelle: “But will ya suck THESE balls?”

  4. Habhater says:

    Any word on Looch’s injury? I seen the game last night & I didn’t see any evidence or an injury whatsoever.

  5. KomisarekRules says:

    Broken finger for Lucic. How sweet it is!!!

  6. Dr.Peppa says:

    Dis absolutely sucks!!!

    Treatment of broken fingers depends on the type of fracture and particular bone in the finger that is injured. The emergency doctor or an orthopedic surgeon will assess the stability of the broken finger.

    If the fracture is stable, treatment may be as simple as buddy taping (splinting one finger to another by taping them together) for about four weeks followed by an additional two weeks with no strenuous exercise. However if the fracture is unstable, the injured finger will need to be immobilized.

    Either way Loooch may be on shelf for 4 weeks at least.

  7. da wreck says:

    Of course it’s sweet for you KomisarekRules. Lucic destroys Mike Komisarek every time they play. You don’t have to be worried about being embarrassed again.

  8. Dr.Peppa says:

    Does anyone know how this may affect the cap? If Looch is out for 4 weeks or more shouldn’t PC put him on injured reserve to save space?

  9. pekese says:

    Lucic’s salary affects the cap even on LTI. However, if he is placed on LTI it allows the Bruins to exceed the cap by Lucic’s salary(850K). However, placing a player on LTI means they must miss a minimum of ten games AND 24 days. So LTI seems unlikely at this point.

    With the recall of Lefebvre the Bruins take on his cap hit of $500,000. However since this is day 16 of the season only a cap hit of the days remaining in the season is what counts towards the cap. Therefore, 193-16=177 days remaining in the regular season. Lefevbre’s contract at 177 days is 458,549 meaning that is his number against the cap. Expect Lefebvre to see assigned back to Providence after the game.

  10. vince_m says:

    Just turned on the game 4 -1 for Phx. with 9:00 to go in the 3rd. Don’t know how the B’s played but this sucks. Did PHX. have more than 500 people in the stands? Move that team.

  11. Mook says:

    bench recchi. fucken lazy bastard…

  12. willisss says:


  13. 1972 says:

    we keep this shit up and we wont even need the leafs to come in last place….

  14. ChiaPet says:

    No heart, no energy, no drive, no skating, no hitting and absolutely no pride in the way they play. 7 games played and in 5 of those they looked like a deer in the headlights. You would think that the pride factor would kick in at some point in those games – but no way. Its a damn shaem as the B’ are a lot better than the effort being put forth. I expected a drop of from last year as teams would be laying for them. However I never expected not to play well defensively – there is no excuse for that. To think that we have Philly and Ottawa coming up – I shudder to think. Oh well, 2 picks in the top 5 is not bad.

  15. psands says:

    so bad, the lucic injury sucks and we are playing like shit, what the fuck is going on? god this pisses me off, still early, but i think it is about time pc made a change somewhere to try to jump start this team.

  16. OhNiner says:

    Trade Ference for some hockey tape and send Recchi to the oldtimers league lets bring some kids up that want to skate every night.

  17. psands says:

    boychuk was the only bright spot, plays big and physical, dropped the gloves and handled himself well, and his shot is hard and gets on net. we need to make room for him, trade ference.

  18. Mook says:

    lucic is only dtd. wideman should be back for wednesday.

    slow starts is no big deal.

  19. Boston Boner says:

    Kobasew traded to MN per TSN

  20. mattg says:

    Lucic put on LTIR, Guillaume Lefebvre, Brad Marchand and Vladimir Sobotka called up from providence.

  21. Bruins says:

    always liked kobasew. dont know much about weller but he looks to be a big body with no offence. im assuming marchand could be on his way up?
    dont know anything about fallstrom either but thats now 9, count ’em 9, top 2 round picks in the next two years.

    gives us cap relief as weller is a UFA at the end of the season. kobasew had a cap hit of 2.33 for next season.

    unsure about this one. why not wait til the end of the season? maybe a shakeup was in order but i highly doubt weller will do much, if even play (he was a scratch for the wild).

    lets just hope a marchand or sobotka can fill in for kobasew’sgritty role, while still chipping in offensively

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