Bruins Draft Picks


1st (Toronto, acquired in Phil Kessel trade)
2nd (Toronto, acquired in Phil Kessel trade)
2nd (Tampa Bay, acquired in Mark Recchi trade)


1st (Toronto, acquired in Phil Kessel trade)
2nd (Minnesota, acquired in Chuck Kobasew trade)


13 Responses to Bruins Draft Picks

  1. MC Puck says:

    something’s brewin’…. what is PC planning because this reeks of a bigger trade

  2. willisss says:

    your 100% right mc. trading chuck was a salary dump to make room for whoever their going to get for marchand/sobotka/pick….they were called up to showcase their talent. someones coming guys. someone big

  3. Andrew says:

    Ilya Kovalchuk?

  4. willisss says:

    thats exaclty who i was thinking…

  5. vince_m says:

    I would love it, but I think you guys are reading too much into this. I think PC is clearing room to re-sign Savard. But it could be both, money to sign Savard and draft picks to trade for someone. Although it is too early in the season for Atlanta to let Kovalchuk go.

  6. Bruins says:

    what do you guys think it would take to land kovalchuk? i honestly have no idea. we do have 9 top 2 picks to give up though…

  7. willisss says:

    this is going to be a mind fuck for a while. haaha and to think we just got over one with kessel

  8. psands says:

    kobasew was one of my favorite players, played hard, gritty, and had some solid skill. he was a good player, and a good bruins and i will miss him.

    i was just about to come on here and ask about nathan horton, though, right before i hear about the trade. it is rumored that the panthers are shopping him. i was gonna say kobasew, and a 2nd and maybe a mid level prospect for him.

    horton is a pc type player, and he has a ton of upside, he has not played up to his talent yet. but he is very good, and a change of scenery could do him well. i dont like his salary, but i like him as a player.

    i dont see kovalchuk happening, to many if’s and to early in the year. plus thrashers are looking good. why couldn’t we dump ference in this deal to minnesota???

  9. willisss says:

    heres another ” what if?”

    what if PC really feels that sobotka or marchand are ready to skate with the big boys and we just dropped kobe for the cap space to sign other players. like savard. i realize someone already dropped the cap room for savard theory but what if PC is actually going to keep sob or march as full timers? maybe he sees more in them as a future asset to the team then kobe was and another trade is not even nessesary? we got a 2 way contract nobody to fill the provi void. god damn it. so much to think about. now i need to stop playing NHL10 untill they make a move. i am a whore for roster authenticity

  10. bruins4eva says:

    i dont care what they trade away…they need to start playing 60 mins hockey every night…not just when they feel like it…keep boychuk up there and get rid of ference

  11. Birdman2403 says:

    I agree…loved Kobasew, but he did have Big $. I think this is to free up money to sign Savy. Like Lucic, I think PC wants to get this done before the trade deadline / play-off push. Then he knows exactly how much $ is in the wallet to go after someone at the deadline. Never hurts to stockpile the picks ! I can’t see Atlanta giving up Kovalchuk.

  12. Quartier4 says:

    For those how tought The b ruins have a bas start… don’t forget 3 of those 4 lose are again… Washington… Colorado… ans Phonix… 3 red hot team right now. So calm down and they will go smootly for the rest of the season đŸ™‚

    goodbye Chuck !

  13. Jefe77 says:

    Chuck was a good Bruin, but something needed to be done, and I agree with Williss. PC is in fact thinking that Marchand or Sobotka will be able to step up. While its Sobotka’s due, Marchand looked GREAT with Bergeron in the pre-season.

    No need to panic, they just need to start concentrating on 60 minutes, take care of the puck in the D zone, and kill some penalties!!!

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