Ilya Kovalchuk

After last night’s Chuck Kobasew trade, there is further speculation that the Bruins are loading up to acquired sniper Ilya Kovalchuk out of Atlanta.  Kovalchuk is an elite player, in the same category as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin.  He is entering his prime, only 26 years of age, and in his 8th pro season already.  He has never scored below 38 goals except for his rookie season, and has played with current Bruin pivot Marc Savard.

People are debating whether Kovalchuk will re-sign with the Thrashers, but if he does not sign before mid November, he will likely play the season out.  He would be stupid not to see his options, as it is clear Atlanta isn’t winning a Cup anytime soon, although they are heading in the right direction.  For all intent and purposes, let’s say he is available for trade.

No other team has the assets the Bruins have.  First off, we have 9 picks in the first two rounds of the draft in the next two years.  We also have that with a combination of young talent.  It would take a bounty to acquire Kovalchuk, but it is worth it.  What would it take?  Try Joe Colborne, Mikko Lehtonen, 2011 1st (Toronto), 2010 2nd (Boston) and a conditional 2011 4th (if Kovalchuk re-signs).

Now we assume a contract cannot be negotiated until after the deal takes place.  There is NO WAY you can let him walk.  This is a top 5 player in his prime in the league.  You trade players to make this work.  Sign Kovalchuk to a 12 year, 72 million dollar deal (6 per) which will take him to the age of 38.  Breakdown as 12, 11, 9, 9, 8, 7, 4, 4, 3, 3, 1, 1.  Now to make cap room for his 6 million cap hit, Marc Savard is all but gone.  Mark Recchi retires, Derek Morris is likely gone unless retained at a lesser cap hit.  Andrew Ference is gone as well.




If you estimate Wheeler at 3 million, Stuart at 2.1, Thornton at same money, and Rask at 1 million, buyouts included, you have 2.827 million dollars in cap space ( to fill in one defensive spot.


23 Responses to Ilya Kovalchuk

  1. ChiaPet says:

    I honestly do not think that Kovalchuk is going anywhere. But for sake of continuing with this thread, IF Kovalchuk were available and did in fact go to the Bruins, then I would prefer to retain Savard at $6M & let Ryder ($4M)and Wheeler ($3M) go.

    By the way, the B’s are pretty close to the cap now, how in the name of God do we fit him in now by trading him for picks. Ryder & Wheeler maybe?

  2. goosegoose says:

    fuck that keep savvy trade away Thomas, lets face it he will never be as good as he was last year, Rask is the goalie of the future. this way you can keep all the core players and give Rask a chance to shine.

  3. Quartier4 says:

    ChiaPet you right….

  4. Bruins says:

    we can fit him in if we get him nearer to the deadline. we only have topay some of his love kovalchuk but i think he’ll be bolting for russia next season.

    i think something like wheeler, colborne, a 1st and a 2nd would get it done. is it worth it for one year at a huge chance at the cup? i dunno…

  5. ccmbs says:

    The only way i’d take the deal is if he was to sign a multi-year contract because you let go of too many key pieces for one cup run. But if you can get him to stay and then continue to add, this would be a terrifying team.

  6. G cole says:

    Dammm man you have this entire thing planned out lol. Thinking this over alot. Well for my thought as much as I liked Tim Thomas I don’t think he’ll be consistently as good as last year, TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THOMAS. Tuukka time!. Ryder is streaky, bye bye. Trade thomas, Ryder, whatever prospects for kovy, SIGN SAVARD!!!! Savvy and kovy together with how each is playing will be unbelievable. Morris bye be not worth the money, keep boychuk. Ference isn’t my fav.

  7. goosegoose says:

    Yes I agree I love thomas…he is my favorite but I would trade him a 1st and lets say ference. I am not PC but the only real disposable person on the team IMO is ference kobie als was on that list, of course he is gone now. I would put widemen there too but I am not too sure. Thomas has right now has the highest trade value he is ever going to get. if we can keep ryder,bergeron,savard,chara,looch,moris (for this year not necessarily in the future) sturm, krejci rask all here and get Ilya we should be good. of course Bitz Thornton Boychuck and Begin are needed to matain our toughness so they would hopefuly stay…so yea that leaves Sobotka (who I would love to stay too) Marchand, Lefebvre,Hunwick (better stay)wheeler widemen and thomas with picks to get the job done. If i were PC I would play around with those names and see if its possible…you got to give something to get something

  8. psands says:

    im a huge thomas supporter, but id trade him to make room for kovalchuk, i think we might need him.

    but i dont see it happening, i say we get a superstar at the draft, taylor hall, we get number one pick, he would instantly give us a star, with a low cap hit

  9. Mook says:

    not happening.

  10. Whopperfoo says:

    Come on mook, you’ve gotta have more than that.

  11. psands says:

    mooks right though, its not gonna happen.

    just let this team figure it out, give them a few more games, let marchand and sobotka get legitimate shots in the nhl, see where we are at, and everyone else is at in a month, then make a move accordingly.

    it wont be kovalchuk though, he is to expensive, would cost to much talent, and we dont have the money. the way to get a superstar for this team is hoping the leafs choke hard this year and we get the number one pick.

    but trade ference asap and bring up mcquaid.

    with injuries:


  12. Mook says:

    the bruins are a strong team. kobasew is a good player, but i’m a good player too if bergeron was my centre. sobotka deserves to play, even julien was praising him saying that he would be on the team if it not were for cap restraints.

    i’d rather not see the thornton trade turn into zero return for the bruins, so sturm better pick-up the slack! he can score, but the bruins gotta play some shit eastern conference teams for confidence. we’ve been playing hot teams! phoenix, colorado, etc.

    wait until we get to play the torontos, montreals and phillys (yes, they suck) and watch the wins roll.

  13. bostonpup says:

    i really hate questioning how good a team the bruins are 7 games into the year but ive only seen 2 solid performances out of them(car and dal). I cant believe nobody mentioned that savy and ilya played together in Atl which is a HUGE selling point for kovulchuk to come to Boston and to remain there. So if this trade does happen, the entire team dynamic will change with it(say good-bye to ference, morris, thomas, some picks, and some guys from prov). Is it worth it, HELL YA. No sense in playing for the future when one player can win u the cup right now. Id rather they trade picks, players, and prospects to get a shot at the cup now then to come close but not close enough. Even if they lost, at least PC went for it.

  14. bruins4eva says:

    DANIEL PAILLE why??? i would rather see them bring up the prospects

  15. OhNiner says:

    Why is right our young kids are better then Paille not only that 3rd and 4th pick come on PC what are you doing should have just sign Kessel and dump ference and kobasew WTF we need scoring not grinder.

  16. Quartier4 says:

    Kessel don’t want to play in boston… is a little biatch !

  17. Bosbruin says:

    I don’t see Savard being moved if Kovalchuk is being discussed. Bergeron makes the same money as Savard, $5 mil. Bye Patrice. Too bad, I like him.



  19. Derek says:

    I don’t know if you guys have been watching, but Tim Thomas has saved our asses this year. And not only that, but I think a lot of us forget that he was the NUMBER 1 GOALIE IN THE LEAGUE LAST YEAR. You cannot trade a number one goalie that’s making 2.5 mil a year less than Roberto Lungo, the “supposed” number 1 goalie in the league. In my opinion, Zdeno Chara, yes, Zdeno Chara is expendable. He makes wayyy too much money for what he’s worth (7.5 a year), and I’m sick of watching him consistently get outskated and not using his size. Send Chara (7.5 mil, 2 years), Sturm (3.5 mil, years left?) who has had one! 50 point 30 goal season in his career, a couple picks (try to attain the leafs pick) and a prospect to Atlanta for Kovalchuk and a defenseman like Zach Bogosian (19 year old talented defenseman, 3rd pick in 1st round) who makes the rookie maximum of $850,000 the next two years. That’s 10 mil a year gone from the cap (minus chara and sturm, plus bogosian), you can now resign Savard $6.5-$7 mil a year(whoever said trade him is just as stupid as the people who constructed the Joe Thornton trade) and sign Kovalchuck to about $7.5-8.0 mil a year. Thats $15 mil a year in new salaries, mening you’d have to get rid of $5 mil. Let Morris walk after this year ($3.3 mil), Ference (1 point in 17 games, $1.65 mil a year) and let others go (Recchi may retire). You are now under the cap.

    Potential Line Combos-

    Kovalchuk Savard Ryder <—–Amazingness
    Lucic Bergeron Wheeler
    Paille Kreijci Sobotka
    Thornton Colborne Bitz <—–Colborne's nasty

    Wideman Bogosian
    Stuart Hunwick
    Cross ??? <———-Cross = one of top prospects

  20. BruinsRock says:

    get rid of STURM , he sucks and high priced and get rid of ference

  21. BruinsRock says:


    wow ..kick ass line better then the kessel-savy-luch

  22. Laxboy15 says:

    yeah to bad savard just signed a 7 year ext.
    my dream lines for bruins in playoffs-
    4th line= who gives a shit

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