Analyzing the Daniel Paille Trade

The Boston Bruins acquired winger Daniel Paille from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a 2010 3rd round draft pick and a conditional 2010 4th round draft pick.  If Paille score 16 or more goals this season, the Bruins will have to surrender either their 4th round pick, or the 4th round pick acquired from Carolina in the Aaron Ward deal, the Bruins will be able to choose prior to the 2nd round of the draft.

Paille has a cap hit of 1.125 million this season, and will be an RFA at the end of this year.  Paille, the 20th overall pick of the 2002 draft, is only in his 3rd full season.  He is only 25 years old, and was almost a 20 goal scorer (19) only two years ago.  He is considered a very good open ice hitter, and many Sabres fans say he has been disinterested playing in Buffalo.  A change of scenery could spark Paille, and add some more spunk to this lineup.  Paille essentially replaces recently departed Chuck Kobasew with similar production and a lesser cap hit.

This move seems somewhat odd, considering Vladimir Sobotka and Brad Marchand haven’t even played yet and it would make sense to see them play before making this move.  This could be another precursor to a bigger move, considering Kobasew was dealt for cap reasons among others.

The overall deal could be seen as Chuck Kobasew, 2010 3rd round draft pick and a conditional 2010 4th round draft pick for a 2011 2nd round draft pick, Chuck Weller, and Alexander Fallstrom.

The new lineup could be:



11 Responses to Analyzing the Daniel Paille Trade

  1. OntarioBruin says:

    Ok i dont get this move unless there is something bigger in the works but i really dont see the bruins stealing someone special from ATL and have the ability to sgin savard

  2. Gibby_rox says:

    wow, havent been on here in a while but uhm, i think the bruins should really trade ryder, ference, and prospect/puck for kovy. worth it

  3. Gcole says:

    you dont have shawn thornton on the roster? hes the man, and without looch, whos gonna kick ass? besides chara.. need him for play

  4. da wreck says:

    I’m thinking Atlanta would want someone significant back in return for Kovalchuk if something went down. I’m talking Krejci or Bergeron. Either of those with some picks/prospects might be what it would take.

  5. Vince_M says:

    Kinda not understanding what is happening of late. Trade a player away who you know and know how he plays for a player that is the same type of player but costs more (or even a bit less) and don’t know how he plays. Not too sure about the thinking of the player moves lately.

    I don’t think they will get Kovalchuk from Atlanta at all. If they did that trade they would have to give up Thomas, Ryder and picks(1st 2010, 2nd 2011). I would do it if he signs. As much as I like Thomas and Ryder I would love to Kovalchuk. I still don’t think it will happen, but I love to dream.

  6. Mook says:

    this sounds like the same discussion we had two years ago…replace “kovalchuck” with “hossa”.

    this paille deal will pay-off. we need someone to forecheck properly, not just do fly-bys (al a kessel, savard, kobasew, krejci).

    personally i dont think kovalchuck will help, and it’s never going to happen anyways. count me out of those blogs…

  7. psands says:

    dont like it or understand it, why not give the kids a shot over this underachiever? id rather see marchand and sobotka get a long look.

    what does sobotka have to do to get a legit shot???

    trade ference for fuck sake!!!

  8. Bruins46 says:

    This season is totally effing with my mind right now….we suck..sorry but compared to last year, we do right now…..we trade Kobasew who is the fucking man by the way, Savvy and Lucic get hurt, and we get fucking Paille….this is wierd

  9. OntarioBruin says:

    Im with psands please trade ference hes more worried about the politics of the game then he is about being in position trade this guy

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