Guillaume Lefebvre recalled

Guillaume Lefebvre has  been recalled from Providence and will join the team for the two game round trip. Lefebvre may see action tonight because his size may be an asset against a physical Flyers team.  Shawn Thornton is still out with an undisclosed injury but did make the trip with the team so expect Lefebvre’s second stint with the club to be a short one.


14 Responses to Guillaume Lefebvre recalled

  1. psands says:

    anybody know what the deal is with weller? i have not heard anything…with the lefebvre call up i guess they are not going to have him on the roster.

  2. Bruins says:

    yeah really. maybe its just with thornton out. i dont know much abou weller but im assuming lefebvre is up because hes a better fighter?

  3. OhNiner says:

    TRADE FERENCE this guys is brutal turning pucks over passing to nobody then we put him on the powerplay to what help the other team kill the pentalty WTF this guy sucks ass I DONT GIVE A SHHHH ABOUT PLUS MINUS HE SUCKS……..

  4. willisss says:

    last night we had back to back power plays….not ONE shot….NOT ONE SHOT!

  5. Jmed says:

    almost the whole bruins team is a zero or Plus 1. Ference gets nervous every time he touches the puck and turns over the puck

  6. da wreck says:

    If Ference is that brutal, why would any other team want him? I’m not sure why people figure you can just trade guys like it’s a piece of cake.

  7. PJ Mookelsson says:

    ference isn’t so bad. he played great against nashville.

    are we going to go through this with him this year?

  8. PJ Mookelsson says:

    Apparently PJ is an enforcer now. Look-up his stats!

    10GP, 1G, 5A, 29PIM!!!!

  9. OhNiner says:

    YES FERNECE IS BRUTAL thats just it da wreck know one wants him I say we just waive him or try to through him in a package deal. PJ Mookelsson do me a favor every time FERENCE has the puck watch were the puck goes and count how many times he turns the puck over. I counted the first period against the flyers MY WORD 7 times in one period 3 times off the boards to there defencemen 2 times he passed 5ft in front of the intend receiver iced the puck once and the last one was a suicide pass to Bergeron. This is a puck possesion game we cant be turning the puck over that much it just kills the flow of our agressive attack when were playing in our own end the whole game.

  10. goosegoose says:

    OhNiner seriously learn to spell you sound like an idiot.

  11. nick says:

    Weller played in Providence tonight, picked up the physical game in the 3rd period with a few timely hits. Nothing too special, played like a veteran. Check out and see his fight against Jared Boll from January, I remember him playing against Providence in the AHL, good size but I don’t think he’s going to be a contributor in Boston.

  12. OhNiner says:

    goosegoose seriously I dont give a FFFF so piss off atleast I post something about the bruins not come on here to be a english professor. DICK

  13. willisss says:

    we’re not going to win the season out if we trade ference. everyone seems to think that hes our only problem. i wasnt expecting this season to have this kind of a start, but how much longer are we aloud to say ” its still early, its still early” the bruins have looked like SHIT in every single game, SANS the hurricanes. I’m talking about a full 60 min. game. not a huge 3-0 comback in the third, or a subpar shitty win against the preds. bottom line is NOONE is playing the way they should. the only player i will give a pass to right now is patrice. and before someone starts disagreeing with me and calling me out, let me just say YES, I HAVE SEEN EVERY GAME IN FULL SO FAR.

    ferrence has been weak…but so has everyone else. why not call out the fact that wideman cant hit the net? or how stuart let 3 guys passed him, or that krej has been almost invisable? yes its EARLY, but if we dont get our shit together soon, then we will be in trouble.

    3-2 boston (OT)

  14. goosegoose says:

    I do post about the bruins. but seriously how can anyone decipher your post? I had to read it four times before I could understand what you were trying to say.

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