Why Isn’t Zach Hamill Up?

Aside from Vlad Sobotka sitting in favor of Trent Whitfield, I am puzzled to as why their top prospect, Zach Hamill, a former top 10 pick, isn’t up replacing Marc Savard.  Hamill is their best playmaker in Providence and was very good during the preseason.

I don’t see how Trent Whitfield helps this club.  Is a borderline NHLer and isn’t a top 9 player.  With Whitfield in the lineup, you basically only have two scoring lines and Blake Wheeler is without Krejci which doesn’t help either.  I’d like to see a lineup like this:



72 Responses to Why Isn’t Zach Hamill Up?

  1. psands says:

    hamill isn’t in because he has not proved himself at the ah level, as far as sobotka not being in the lineup, that pisses me off, when is he going to get a real shot? we are probably killing this kids confidence.

    but fluto sucks, would not be surprised if he is wrong here.

  2. Mook says:

    We’re facing Brian Elliot tonight.

    I hope Tuukka gets a look.

    I say: 8-2 bruins. I feel a rampage that starts tonight!

  3. Mook says:

    I think Vladi is playing. Marchand and Lefebvre in the pressbox.

    Fluto does suck…check TSN.

  4. da wreck says:

    8-2. wow. I hope you’re right, but that’s pretty bold. I was thinking 4-2 or something

  5. willisss says:

    everything about marchand pisses me off. he thinks hes way better then he is. whitfield is just garbage. lefebvre isnt as bad buttttt SOBOTKA! COME ON! he should be on this team without a doubt. give him a chance as a full timer and watch him grow into somthing huge. ill take vlad and mikko over douche bag marchand and shit head whitfield. also boychuck should be sitting in on whoever is sucking. ferrence? wideman? enough is enough. who gives a shit about how long you have been in the NHL? PC needs to pull his shit together, realize that it doesnt matter HOW LONG whitfield has been in the NHL/AHL, if you suck, you suck. it botheres me like no other.

    im on your side vladdy!

  6. Bruins says:

    woah whats with all the marchand hate? i agree sobotka definitely over whitfield though.

    and really? are you actually suggesting they take wideman out?

  7. willisss says:

    i am suggesting that what we have now is not working. and i have not liked marchand since day one. this includes last year. i follow provi big time and he has real shitty montreal canadian like behavior on the ice. just anoying.

    i was on a rant, maybe it was a cheap shot at wideman. i would love it if he could hit the net once in a while, but i dont know. i do know that boychuck is the real deal.

  8. Bruins46 says:

    This is unrelated, but our D has had about 200 shots blocked so far this season…pick your head up and throw it in the corner if you don’t have a shot at the net…fuck!

  9. Bruins says:

    fair enough. i dont share your opinion on marchand though. he could be a great agitator in this league

    what id like to see on d right now is:

    chara, wideman, morris, stuart, hunwick, boychuk

    im starting to agree with everyone that theres no doubt boychuk should be there over ference.

    wideman really has been gold for us over the last two seasons. slow start to this year, but he’ll come around

  10. Mook says:

    wicked finish!

  11. Bruins says:

    lol who needs to play a full 60 minutes when youre the bruins

  12. mattg says:

    what a finish, most excitement in a long time

  13. psands says:

    didn’t get to see the game, looks like an exciting finish, but why do we have to pull of these crazy wins? why cant we just win a normal game?

    who looked good last night besides thomas? i heard he stood on his head.

  14. willisss says:

    soo for a big guy…bitz cant really fight… i still got love for ol’ bitzy.

    i thought chara played really well tonight, krej FINALY doing what we all knew he could be doing. being down 3-1 i got a bit frustrated. i wasnt far off my afternoon prediction of 3-2 boston in OT.

    but once again..overall? kinda shitty. dont get me wrong, ill take a win anyday.

    on marchand. its one thing to be a great agitator on your team, but his size and skill arnt there to back it. he seems like a cocky primma donna. hey if im wrong and he blows up the scorebored then ill cut my losses and raise my glass to him ( as i did Begin…even though i still cant belive that the day would ever come) untill then i cant help but to hate his attitude.

  15. Bruins says:

    yeah thomas was the star for sure.

    i thought chara and morris looked great on the back end. what an awesome pass by morris on krejci’s goal. but thomas stole the game in my opinion. rough start to the season, but he looks back in form

  16. psands says:

    yea, bitzy is not a real great fighter, especially for his size. but i love the way he plays, and that fact that he is willing to drop em. but maybe neely/thornton/lucic could give him some pointers or something.

    if he became a better fighter, he would get even more room out there, kinda like lucic. he is already a solid player and all around skater, and i think he is going to be more than a fourth liner eventually.

  17. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    as I watch the bruins one thing i have to say is i am happy that they keep going to the end of the game. They havent really competed for the full 60 minutes yet but that will come. Things I am bewildered by:

    where is wheeler, someone should had him a dictionary with the word compete highlighted;

    wideman should be go through refresher training

  18. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    and have somone identify his teammates, his giveaways are brutal,

    kudos to bergeron who has been consistent and is looking really good.

    I have been impressed with our goaltending lately,

    love the way sobotka competes he should stick with the team. and finally i am glad to see recchi and krejci pot goals maybe this will kickstart them.

  19. bigkniht37 says:

    marchand gives it his all every shift i dont see why you guys hate on him so much…yeah maybe he has some confidence about him but id rather see him with some confidence than playing cautious doing nothing for this team…and i guess scoring 6 goals in 4 games for providence qualifies as no skill in your book? check some numbers before you make accusations here buddy

  20. Mook says:

    lefebrve sent to providence means…

  21. willisss says:

    i was waiting for someone to start going off on my marchand rant. yes scoring goals in the minors is a good way to get in the door…but its the minors…buddy.

    i know the numbers, and i follow provi just as much as boston. my opionion wont change, even after your pro sounding stat input. and if you read what i said you would understand what i was trying to get to. his mouth is better then his skill.

    thanks for looking after my accusations

  22. Bruins says:

    where is the bad attitude thing coming from for marchand? in interviews he seems fine

  23. willisss says:

    he used to pull this dumb shit last year in provi. just cocky gestures like mike ribero does. i dont like the guy.

    lets move on

  24. bigkniht37 says:

    well nobody said you have to like him just dont bitch about it on numerous posts its nice to have guys with some attitude on the team and dont ever compare someone to mike ribeiro hes a piece of shit…marchand isnt a diver in any way shape or form

  25. Mook says:

    stephane yelle on waivers. begin is such an upgrade…well done.

  26. willisss is a moron says:

    Marchand is going to be a bruin for a long time. If you don’t like guys who have an attitude on the ice why don’t you hate on savard. The guys got serious attitude and lets the big boys do his dirty work. I love both of them, I think marchand is going to be a serious player. He’s been all over the puck and certainly helped out with almost all the goals his line has scored. He plays on both ends of the ice too. He might be little but he plays like he’s a big bad ass and if playing like a bad ass isn’t bruin like I don’t know what is.

  27. Bruins says:

    yeah begin was a great pickup. bergeron and begin have definitely been the best bruins so far this year (well savard was too before he got injured)

  28. Mook says:

    i like stuart’s efforts. he plays great in his own end, and has a great release.

  29. willisss says:

    you guys are right. his complete miss handle of the puck that turned into a fluke pass to ryder is raw talent…oh wait thats right, it was shit luck.

    hey if you guys got mean hard ons for him then sweet, but shit dude, i cant have an opinion? anyways i wouldnt get too used to him. i honestly feel like hes being showcased for a marquee trade involving some picks. (yes i realize there are injuries before you start busting my balls)
    maybe. i. am. wrong. like i said, we’ll wait and see. so can we drop it and move on with our lives?

  30. bigkniht37 says:

    nah its more fun to shit on you about it…hes not getting showcased for a marquee trade involving picks considering the fact WE DONT HAVE CAP SPACE good try though i like the creativity

  31. Gcole says:

    hey toronto won a game! holy shit it only took them 9

  32. Jmed says:


    The next Sean Avery:

    OK, so maybe that’s too much of a compliment — or an insult — but Brad Marchand certainly reminds some people of Sean Avery or Steve Ott, supreme NHL pests.

    The 21-year-old, who knows how to get under opponents’ skins, was called up to the Bruins this week and he’s learning the art of pestering in the big boy’s league.

    “[In the minors] there’ve been times when [the players have] been pretty rattled. Just two words, and they’re all over me about it,” Marchand told the Boston Globe. “Up here, they don’t take to that after the whistle.”

  33. psands says:

    i understand where your coming from willis, marchand, by definition is not a typical bruin player. we are a tough team, but we do it in a different way than other teams who have “tough” reputations. we dont have pests. we have guys who play hockey the right way, and can drop the gloves if needed.

    but i like marchand, i understand that he is kinda a sean avery type, but he is good and will be entertaining. one guy like him on our team wont bother me.

  34. Mook says:

    how can anyone be upset with marchand on the bruins?

    have you noticed how little we are on the powerplay? it’s because we don’t pressure teams to take penalties. anything helps…even if it is the dirty stuff.

  35. willisss says:

    well at least mook and psands arent ignorant and opinonated about the topic. and i’m looking forward to see how it all fans out. if he gets the job done, then i will admit that i’m wrong. untill then, my feelings wont change.

  36. Whopperfoo says:

    Hopefully he can wrangle some first class celebrity tail to come to boston (see avery’s list of ladies)

  37. willisss says:

    how did that guy pull so much ass? he tagged kimmy bauer.

  38. Bruins says:

    banging elisha cuthbert would be all of the perks id need for being an nhl player

  39. Mook says:

    i think phaneuf is smashing her now…

    anyhoo, the bruins are going to crush the devils. i’m saying 5-1.

  40. willisss says:

    thats a bold prediction. lets hope

  41. theb's says:

    what does everybody think about nathan horton? reports have been that the panthers are shopping him, and if so he could be a great addition to the team, and the type of forward pc looks for.

    the only issue is his cap hit, and where we would put him.

    what about paille, toronto’s secound, lethonen (sp?) ference and sobotka? is that to much or not enough.

    i dont think he is worth a 1st round pick, but he is a good player with outstanding upside.

    cheap extra?



    i know recchi is left off, but to make it work we would have to do it. i did the math, and it all fits, and we would have 400k about left.

    just throwing it out there, but i would love that lineup.


  42. Mook says:

    Nathan Horton is a tool. He is way overpaid and would be incredibly difficult to dump. Personally, I think the bruins should target players in their last contract year, that way there is no obligation for next year. Sounds like a waste of pics and talent, but you have to gamble to get returns.

    The bruins are one or two character players away from the cup (yes, that close) and Horton isn’t the guy.

    I’m thinking Patrick Marleau, Olli Jokinen, or more realistically Paul Martin, Alex Frolov or Colby Armstrong. These guys would fit well given the players already on the Bruins…

    Jokinen and Savard? sick.

  43. psands says:

    i dont know about giving up all that for horton, i like him as a player, but i hate his contract. he does have a lot of skill though, and a change of scenery might be exactly what he needs.

    i like mooks suggestion of colby armstrong. he is a big forward, who can put the puck in the net and has an expiring contract, plus has great character.

  44. willisss says:

    im down for jokinen

    i think the paille, toronto’s secound, lethonen, ference and sobotka all for ONE player may be a tid bit much

  45. 8mook8 says:

    fuck, that wasn’t anything like 5-1. fuck.

  46. Birdman2403 says:

    Time to let Rask play and play a few in a row to get something going. Thomas has been average at best and cost the game tonight. Both goals were rebounds / loose pucks he HAS to cover. He doesn’t and they lose !! Thomas is no where near the goalie he was last year and needs to find his game…..SOON !!!

  47. mattg says:

    You’re an idiot birdman, woulda been 5-1 without thomas.

  48. Birdman2403 says:

    Are you serious….I guess I missed the big saves ??


    bird man i think you did miss the big saves you tard


    oh and by the way MORRIS SUCKS!!!!!!

  51. Birdman2403 says:

    Whatever…..I watch and follow the Bruins closely and know what I’m talking about. Thomas has played average at best all year, I don’t care what you say. He made an amazing save that stole the Ottawa game the other night, no doubt about it. However, he isn’t playing like he normally does. I love Tim Thomas and I’m the first to argue with anyone that still believes he won’t make it in the NHL….he flops…all that crap. The B’s should have won tonight and for sure should have gotten a point. If you don’t like my opinion tough shit…..

  52. willisss says:

    i must of missed the big saves too….i saw all the shots that hit him direct, and also the large gap between his legs that he doesnt know how to close. i also saw the inability to hit the net and a powerplay that makes a grown man cry.

    sucks too. we were moving the puck well


    sucks to that morris and chara cant clear the puck from their own zone and let a guy come from behind the net score when the puck could have been easily knocked away by morris.

  54. Birdman2403 says:

    I agree….Morris loks so good at times, then brutal ! The P.P. clearly misses Savy and is hurting big time ! What about putting Chara in front of the next on P.P. ??

  55. Birdman2403 says:

    ** net **

  56. psands says:

    this team is pissing me off. maybe they just dont have it?

    when are they going to break up stuart and ference? they have looked terrible together. they need to get rid of ference all around, there defense is so soft its sad to watch. bunch of mini mites back there obviously besides chara and staurt. i thought we wanted to be tough to play against? johhny boychuk is a quick fix to that.

    this team needs a impact pick up on offense, not a huge impact, but something more than paille. recchi has looked like a 41 yr. old all season, this team has no fight.

    i know we are missing lucic and savard, but this team just looks flat, and uninspired. clarkson got in timmy’s face, and people just kinda watched, and did rink turns by him. last year he would have been jumped for that shit.

    yea it’s still early, but im tired of this shit, the ottawa win was a fluke, the only all around good games they played were against carolina and dallas.

    thomas made some huge saves tonight, and all around he was good, but he has to cover both those pucks, that led to both goals.

    i have tried to keep positive, but this sucks. the young kids have looked good, but our best players have not been our best players.

    wardoftherings, you are an asshole, do you feel tough talking shit online? you must be a real tough guy, huh?

  57. willisss says:

    both those bull shit goals went in the same exact way. shawn fucked up on the missed puck/missed body play.

    our breakouts looked real good tonight. the chances were there. MORE SHOTS, and i think its time to throw away the mid pocket corss ice pass. they turned that over EVERYTIME. id rather watch re-runs of jon and kate at my girlfriends house then that horrible exuse for a powerplay.

    it would be nice to win more then 2 games in a row


    i just don’t like some peoples opinions about certain players. and was i saying anything to you? i just hate when people jump on the get rid of ferrance bandwagon or the RASK SHOULD BE THE STARTER BANDWAGON.

  59. willisss says:

    the rask and ferrance talk isnt a bandwagon

  60. bruin on the cape says:

    Bs….. We lack a snipper and the defense lacks consistancy,,,, Thomas needs to protect the puck !!!!rebounds hurt!

  61. Bruins says:

    well on the upside were guarunteed to win our next game…then lose the one after that…then win the won after that..then, i think you get the picture.

    once again bergie looks great. as far as im concerned the only positives this season have been him and begin

  62. da wreck says:

    The Bruins scored 1 goal, and Tim Thomas is the problem? Yeah. maybe you should think that one through again?

  63. 8mook8 says:

    relax with the rask talk…shitty bounces.

  64. Vince_M says:

    I don’t know if I am the only one thinking this but here goes.

    The goals that Kessel scored have not been replaced at all, sure we have Sturm back and Krejci, but they still have to get it going. Savard is out and so is Lucic. The main problem is still we have not replaced those 30 something goals that Kessel scored last year. We do not have a guy with goal scoring hands that can find the back of the net on a consistent basis. We have the best set-up man in the league but no one really he can set-up.

    That is just my 2 cents.

  65. BaltimoreBruinsFan says:

    How about a new post fellas?

  66. Mook says:

    Is it safe to say Savard and Lucic are our best/most impactful forwards?

    I think Pittsburgh would suck if they lost Malkin and Crosby too…

    Just relax, everyone.

  67. psands says:

    a healthy bergeron and sturm will help replace kessels goals, and then some. but i do want to add another scoring threat, because i think we need it. a move might put us right up against the cap, but we can add a 4 million dollar contract with dumping only paille, ference and recchi. nathan horton? someone brought it up yesterday, and i like the idea.

    the problem is that it would put us extremely close to the cap, and i dont think pc would trade recchi, only way to get him off the cap is if he retires.

  68. NJBruin says:

    B’s are playing better however, they are going to have trouble scoring this year. Finally playing more physical. An issue I noticed is that they don’t seem to get those 2 on 1’s or 3 on 2’s like last year. The team lacks side to side speed. Kessel brought that and I am not sure we have a similar player. Sturm is more straight speed. Not elusive like Phil. They really have to work hard for a goal. Not as easy as they came last year…

  69. PoppyGoose says:

    Thomas is not the problem. The forwards as a whole lack intensity. Last year the B’s had a determination to win, this year it is like that aspect of their game was taken away with the Carolina loss. To be effective, the forwards need to drive the net, get some ugly goals and gain some much needed confidence. Without Lucic the B’s a measure of toughness. Lucic created space for our players and without him they are not creating space of their own. Finally it would be nice if we get score first and play with a lead. Being constantly in the hole from the gey go is getting to be a bad habit.

  70. pearson says:

    i think they should go after frolov and pair him with savard (when hes back) and marchand. the only issues i hear about frolov is that he gets lazy. marchand has a fire under his ass and it might entice frolov from being outplayed by his own linemates. trade ference and a pair of picks for him.

    what do you guys think?

    this team needs scoring; in my opinion that has been the biggest problem so far.

  71. pearson says:

    …if not ference and a pair of picks, what do you guys think it would take to get him?

  72. 8mook8 says:

    i like the frolov idea…got him in my pool!

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