Evaluating the call ups

When Marc Savard and Milan Lucic went down with injuries the Bruins turned internally and brought up Brad Marchand and Vladimir Sobotka.  Both players had excellent training camps and carried that over into the beginning of the AHL season. Now that both players are in the NHL, they must prove they are worthy of NHL ice time. Through the past few games, they are both showing flashes of being solid contributors to a playoff team. However, the consistency is not there and to make it in this league they must bring a consistent effort every night. Marchand is thought of to have more upside and to be a potential top six for the Bruins in years to come. While Sobotka’s ceiling may not be as high he does have more NHL experience and the versatility to play both wing and center.  When Savard and Lucic return from injury it is safe to assume that unless their overall game starts to improve and show that consistency that the Bruins are looking for, both players will be back in the minors this season.


10 Responses to Evaluating the call ups

  1. pearson says:

    ive liked the way that both of them have played. obviously both cant stay, but with the team not doing a whole lot offensively i would like to see marchand stay with the big boys and see what happens… even after savard and looch are back

  2. willisss says:

    zach hamill. justtt calllll himmm upppp

  3. Bruins says:

    agreed willis. we need a spark from somewhere. i think hamill might be able to provide it

  4. Bruins says:

    bruins need to snap out of this jekyll and hyde act. except not tonight. its our turn to win tonight

  5. willisss says:

    sobotka is playing unnn reeeeaaalllll today.



  7. Bruins46 says:

    Spoke too soon with this post haha…2 beauties from Vlad’s line today.

  8. willisss says:

    ive been pro sobotka since day one. this is why

  9. Birdman2403 says:

    Well, Well….Rask in and a win !! Just kidding to get you guys going !! Wow….best game start to finish by everyone ! Chara finally killed guys (pounded Penner all game), Wheeler, Sob and Paille looked like an actual line ! Now…can we win 2 in a row ??? I say Rask again tomorrow, had a shut-out last time against Rangers !

    P.S. I still love Thomas !

  10. pekese says:

    Haha. Bruins46 good call. Well lets hope he can keep it up.

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