Bruins-Oilers 3 up 3 down


1. Vladimir Sobotka. A great overall game from Sobotka.  He was generating scoring chances all night long and is starting to show some chemistry with Blake Wheeler. Consistency is Sobotka’s main problem, so lets hope he can move forward with games like this.

2. Blake Wheeler. Wheeler has  been invisible this season up until the past three games. Used his speed to back off defenders and drove to the net at the right times. His third man high approach will really please Claude Julien. 

3. Tuukka Rask. Played well all night long. Controlled his rebounds well and played square to the puck. The Oilers were trying to go glove side high but Rask did a great job of proving the scouting report wrong.


1. Bruins offense in generating powerplays.  This has been an issue all season long and today they only got two powerplays, one which came as a result of too many men. 

2. Bruins forecheck. Can go hand in hand with the previous down.  Too often the Bruins dumped and changed which resulted in an easy breakout opportunity for the Oilers.  The forecheck must improve which will then result in them drawing more penalties.  As you may tell it’s hard to find too many “downs” in a 2-0 victory.

3.  Naoka Funayama. Since Naoko brings nothing to the Bruins broadcast, the Bruins put Andy Brickley in between the benches.  Isn’t Naoko the ice reporter? Shouldn’t she be there? I like the idea of a reporter at ice level between the benches but would much rather see Brickley in the booth with a different personality at ice level. Rob Simpson would have been great to see in that role.

32 Responses to Bruins-Oilers 3 up 3 down

  1. Gcole says:

    how bout the last 30 seconds or so in the second period? god dam how did they not score?!

  2. 8mook8 says:

    disagree on the forechack. we were pretty tight. oilers are a fast team…got nothing going through the middle

  3. Bruins says:

    best game of the season besides the carolina game easily

  4. psands says:

    i thought the forecheck was solid, especially sobotka, but i really didn’t notice paille at all, for how much sobotka and wheeler were involved, does anybody else think that?

    overall great win, we need to win more games like this, with savard and lucic out.

    recchi is still great in front of the net, but he has really lost a couple steps everywhere else.

    i wonder whose going to be playing when everyone is healthy?

  5. Bruins46 says:

    hahahaha Naoko……she is awful

  6. willisss says:

    pekese i gotta disagree with “wheeler being invisable” you are usually spot on with your posts but i think wheels is having a solid year

  7. Bruins says:

    yeah, for when everyone’s healthy savard, bergeron, krejci, sobotka, begin have all roven they belong at center. ryder, sturm, lucic, paille, recchi, bitz, thornton, wheeler, marchand all belong on the wings. chia has some tough decisions. i guess id like to see something like:


    im sure sobotka can play the wing fine, and although sitting recchi would be tough and definitely wont happen, i think we need a guy like sobotka in there for the best chance to win

  8. psands says:

    Bruins, i like the lines, but i still don’t think paille has earned a spot in the top 9, he has put up lots of assists so far, but he still does not stand out to me as much as the other guys. for now i would throw recchi in for him.

    but either at the trade deadline, or whenever, i would like to see pc try to get another scoring threat. unless one of the other guys starts to really pick up their game scoring wise…..with marchand and sobotka, that is always possible.

  9. Jesse says:

    Whats wrong with brickley he did great!!!!Personality?? What are you talking about??? Naoko? who cares!!Talk about the game!!

  10. haus says:

    i dont know if anyone else notices, but it looks like the bruins may end up with the first overall pick in next years draft with the way toronto is playing. I know its early but still….


    since getting paille our pk has been 300 times better he is need for pk

  12. pekese says:

    Jesse, nothing against Brickley. He was good. My point being why not have two men in the booth with a third person at ice level, like TSN does or like NBC does. Brickley is great either way but why does NESN have Naoko on the telecast if all she does is between period stuff and rarely contributes to the rest of the telecast. When Simpson was there he would comment on plays as the game was going on. He didn’t disapear until the intermission.

    • Gcole says:

      not to be racist cuz im not, but why did they hire an asian woman to be involved in the bruins? it should be an ex-pro or someone knowledgeable and passionate for hockey.

  13. willisss says:

    just scored my winter classic tickets! i guess theyr renting the ice out a few weeks before the game for various mens league games. i would love to get my neshl team in on that. big bucks, but worth it.

    anyways im looking forward to see if my boy vladdy can feed off the emotion from yesterday and keep looking strong. if he plays to his full potential, watch out. i would love to see him as a full timer, maybe when the rexter finaly retires…next year?
    as for paille, it just seems weird haiving him on the team. not because he lacks skill…its just weird. im not use to it i guess and chuck did so much for the bruins club. i got used to begin after the first 2 games, but im having trouble accepting paille as a bruin. im sure he will be fine.

    it was awesome seeing tuukka get the shut out, but lets be honest…how hard were MOST of those shots? i love rask and i cant wait untill hes number 1, and he looked great, but i wouldnt say that was the hardest game hes ever had to play.

    ohyea, our powerplay. every single time wer on pp it seems like its one pass too many, and not just shooting when you can.

    2-1 bruins

  14. psands says:

    really hope boychuk gets the start today

  15. Bruins says:

    yeah psands but the thing about paille is that hes been terrific defensively so far. pk is way improved since getting him. i think he brings alot more to the table than recchi. recchi has been very disappointing so far, and at 42 i dont really see that changing.

    i dont think his offense justifies being a top 6 forward either but but id hate to break up the chemistry sobotka and wheeler showed (plus krejci on top of that), and the only “for sure” line that we dont want to break up is that 4th line, so i had to slot him in there on the second. our first line will be relied on heavily for scoring, the fourth for energy, and the 2nd and 3rd for playing defensively responsible hockey while still producing offensively

  16. Bruins says:

    just had a dream last night that we traded rask, toronto’s first this year and our first in 2011 for kovalchuk and i started freaking out lol. man, i think about the bruins too much…

  17. psands says:

    I’ll say one thing, we are an extremely small team, is boychuk going to get another start, ever?

  18. pearson says:

    boychuck plays physical hockey and hes got great upside. thats why i think he deserves a shot over ference. im not one of the ference haters that just wants to trade him, but i do think that hes expendable. trade for an upgrade over recchi… and give boychuck a shot.

    whatever happens b’s fans… the future looks great.

  19. Birdman2403 says:

    Get Recchi and Ryder off the P.P. It is bad enough without these 2 on it. They’d be better off with Thornton or Begin out there. At least they would try. The P.P. is killing the Bruins !!

  20. Bruins says:

    13 straight games of alternating wins and losses. i just have a feeling that consistency might be our problem…

  21. PoppyGoose says:

    I am totally disgusted with this year’s B’s and especially so with the PP. No net drive, no intensity and no damn urgency whatsoever. A lazy man’s team to say the least. They should decline the PP – it’s a clusterfuck and dyfunctional. Forget the cup, forget the playoffs – the B’s may even get the #1 pick on their own. At least when the Leafs lose, they look good and play with passion, pride and for each other. The B’s seem to be waiting for someone else to do the dirty work with the result that no one does. What a bunch of gutless, all for one and every man for himself excuses for a supposedly elite team. To think that we have Detroit, Montreal, Buffalo and two against Pittsburgh coming up – the B’s will be toast in 3 weeks. Changes are coming for sure – and I am sick & tired and fed up with everyone saying to remain patient. Fuck patience – the time is NOW!!

  22. psands says:

    i think it might be a good idea to re-sign savard, our offense has been terrible without him, the kessel loss is not hurting us, not having savard is. i never thought kessel was that important to our offense, but if sturm and ryder, our two “goal scorers” dont start scoring we might end up missing him.

    without lucic our top nine forwards our softer than the canadiens. we really need to get him back. recchi just looks his age, he is so great in front of the net, but lacks everywhere else. i really, really hope boychuk gets to play next game.

    this team is frustrating, because they are good, but can not put it all together.

    another small mix up might be in order. you all know who i think they should trade. maybe go after another scoring forward too, this team needs something.

  23. pearson says:

    terrible loss. this is not the team that can make it to the stanley cup, let alone win it. there is no intensity at either end of the ice and it seems like everyone out there thinks theyll be handed the wins. i think THAT is what made them a great team last year; they werent supposed to be that good, and they knew they had to give it their all.

    i really think someone big needs to go. they need the kick in the ass to realize that this type of play wont keep you around alot. plus itll free up cap room and could bring something fresh to the team

    i say goodbye to sturm

  24. da wreck says:

    Hopefully they don’t make some crazy deadline trade, and waste away Toronto’s #1 pick.

  25. spencer70390 says:

    pearson, i do disagree with you. the passion is coming back. we had over 35 hits in the game today, and the younger players seem to be bringing a more physical approach. without lucic we are seeing how small of a team we are. team toughness, especially up front is important and we are lacking right now. bitz and begin can hit, but neither can fight. wheeler, another big body, plays smaller than krejci does. the passion is coming back, we are playing more solid, 2 way hockey, and the goals will start to come. if the line combinations work out, i see recchi hopefully sitting, and paille and sobotka staying in the lineup, and marchand too if he can find a scoring touch, i think we will be a contender. also, the future is so bright, its not even close to worth risking on a blockbuster deal unless it nets us a young forward we can resign, which is not possible.

  26. theb's says:

    how about ryder ference and a fourth rounder to florida for nathan horton.

    then go get colby armstrong from atlanta for a 2nd rouder and paille.

    im tired and throwing ideas out right now, i think lots of you might find this stupid, i probably will to tomorrow morning, but im tired of watching this lifeless team play with no heart or passion.

    these two guys will bring that passion. then call up mcquaid, let boyhcuk have the 6th spot, and see what happens.

    this team is making me sick to my stomach, the talent is there, they need to turn it around. obviously the kobasew trade didnt wake the team up, time to do something else.

  27. theb's says:

    btw i meant get either horton or armstrong. not both, and giving up ryder, one of our “goal scorers” doesn’t make much sense, then we would be right back where we are now.

    i do like horton a lot though. i would like to see us make a play for him.

    i need to go to bed…

  28. willisss says:

    ferrence paille ryder and a pick for phil kessel…i hear hes pretty good

  29. pearson says:

    i think the hitting will always be there though. i mean, i think that just comes along with putting on the black and gold.

    last year i enjoyed watching the b’s team that didnt take shit from anyone. not so much this year. thornton needs to teach bitzy to be nastier and for gods sake, how to fight. what good is a big bodied grinder if he cant drop the gloves. fights provide the adrenaline and excitement that this team needs

    wheeler too. christ

    then again, the PK unit isnt helping my argument here.

  30. Gcole says:

    the skill is there, the chemistry and will to win isnt. in all reality its just a matter of time before something happens and they are back to kicking ass, hopefully this is their slump and they dominate the rest of the year.

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