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Claude Julien finally shook up the lines a bit. Putting Marco Sturm back with Patrice Bergeron is a great move. I would have liked to see Marchand stay on Bergeron’s wing but flipped over to the right side.  However,Marchand and Sobotka have been line mates in Providence so they should have some chemistry. Michael Ryder clearly plays his best hockey when he is on a line with David Krejci, so hopefully that trio can return to last season’s form.


18 Responses to New lines

  1. the b's says:

    good stuff, really like it, hopefully this jump starts us a little.

  2. g says:

    good, about time.

  3. BaltimoreBruinsFan says:

    Still think the B’s need a powerful scoring threat, even with Savard and Lucic back they’re missing that piece and will have trouble going deep into the post season without it.

  4. psands says:

    i like it, but would rather see marchand on the rw instead of recchi. then when everyone is healthy…


    imo we could use another scoring threat. this lineup is solid no doubt, but one more sniper/goal scorer would make it extremely well balanced.


    i know horton might not be everyone’s first choice, but i agree with “theb’s” that he would fit in well with our style of play, his contract, while not great is doable, and a change of scenery could really jump start him.

    i dont think this would leave room for recchi, and we would have to trade paille most likely, and ference for some extra space, but it would be worth it.

    we are in a win now mode, i know our future is bright, but i want to win now, im tired of waiting. we might have to push recchi out the door, but i dont care anynmore, i want to win.

  5. Bruins says:

    obviosuly things need to be shaken up but why bench bitz? i would have preferred to sit recchi

  6. pekese says:

    Bitz is injured with a hamstring tweak. He is considered day-to-day and did make the trip. Originally the lines had Whitfield playing right wing with Marchand and Sobotka and then Paille was down on the fourth. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitz gets a look (if healthy) on the third line with Marchand and Sobotka.

  7. Birdman2403 says:

    Doesn’t matter what the lines are. Isn’t tomorrow a guaranteed win in the new Bruins win – loss system ??

    Man…I would love to see a seious beating of the Wings and the B’s rattle off 4-5 in a row !!

    LETS GO B’S……enough screwing around !

  8. pearson says:

    can anyone tell me why, with the scoring being a problem, why hamill isnt up get just SOME nhl experience?

    whitfield’s ONE shot on goal isnt impressing me.

  9. Bruins says:

    oh ok. because benching bitz would have made zero sense.

    hamill has got to be up. we need offense. and why not give wizniewski a shot to get things going a bit on the back end? hes been lighting up the ahl for whateverreason. oh wait, im getting ahead of myself, weve barely given boychuk a chance.

  10. goosegoose says:

    hahaha I was thinking the same thing. The good news: Tomorrow we will win, the bad news….we’re gunna loose to Montreal (the first 3 meetings my my math)

  11. Bruins says:

    what is it now, 15 games alternating wins and losses? this is unheard of

  12. 8mook8 says:

    kessel to debut tonight

  13. psands says:

    gurantee leafs lose, and he realizes that without savard feading him pucks,and lucic giving him space, he cant put the puck in the net.

    big game tonight, we need a win. we also need to dress boychuk.

  14. willisss says:

    trent whitfield needs to just stop playing hockey. hes horrible. and hes kind of a bitch

  15. wingnut says:

    With the way the Bruins & my Wings are playing, I am really looking forward to this game. The Bruins are good, yeah, good for nothing this year. My Wings will come out their funk tonight and crush the Bruins 6-2!! Welcome to Hockey Town – where the Wings are King!!

  16. pearson says:

    they’re finally throwing the body and the intensity seems to be back tonight… im feelin it

  17. wingnut says:

    Ahh the Bruins – good for what ails you. 2-0 Wings!! Game over.

  18. Jefe77 says:

    Wingnut, you really know what the fuck is going on don’t you?

    Nice prediction you fuckin’ dipshit. Did you predict the Wings would lose in the finals after a 2-0 lead??

    That must have really sucked, to watch Lidstrom choke on that last shot.

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