Where Chiarelli Went Wrong This Offseason

Obviously, this coincides with the recent struggles, but Chiarelli has really screwed up this offseason.

Going back to the deadline, he knew this team was going to have cap issues, so last year was a good year to load up and go for it, but instead, he balked at the deadline on names like Chris Pronger, Erik Cole, Keith Tkachuk and settled on Mark Recchi, who was a good pickup.

Now, with the Kessel situation, this was partly his fault.  Once it got to the point where Kessel said, “I don’t wanna be here.” it was over.  But, when Kessel went on a tear early in the season, it may have been a good idea to try and re-sign him to a decent contract, as he was a 5th overall pick and supposed to be a core member of the franchise.

He bought out Peter Schaefer for no season.  He then let sheriff Shane Hnidy walk to Minnesota, while not a big loss, he was a good depth guy.  Steve Montador walked for big money in Buffalo, fine.  He replaced Stephane Yelle with Steve Begin, which has shown to be a good move.  He let Axe go, which was a mistake.  As much as we shat on Axe, he was invaluable on the PK and the Bruins record showed when he played vs when he didn’t.  He then traded Ward, a team leader and shot blocking machine, to Carolina for nothing, subsequently boughtout Patrick Eaves, and then signed Derek Morris to a more expensive deal than Ward’s contract, hindering the team’s cap space.

Chiarelli did not upgrade his team at all, while Philadelphia, who is always in cap hell, managed to acquire Chris Pronger.  Washington added Knuble, the Rags added Gaborik, Montreal reloaded.  The Bruins are a worse team than last year, and it doesn’t help that half the team is going through a sophmore slump.

He then dealt Chuck Kobasew, a 20 goal scorer, for some picks to Minny, and then acquired Daniel Paille, who has never scored more than 19.

Now this team has injuries to Lucic and Savard, so they are without their top line and have a bunch of bottom 6 forwards player top minutes.  You can’t expect Sturm to replace the goals of Lucic and Kessel.  This team was supposed to be deep, but now Trent bleepin’ Whitfield is the 3rd line center…


24 Responses to Where Chiarelli Went Wrong This Offseason

  1. Birdman2403 says:

    Trading Savard becomes more of an option the more the B’s slide. I would love to see him back but you really have to see what is out there ?


    Derrek Morris blows. i wish we could trade derrek morris for A Ward straight up : [

  3. Birdman2403 says:

    Yeah…Morris for 3 000 000 is BAD !

  4. vince_m says:

    Like I have said over and over. We have not replaced Kessel’s goals with anyone! Now without Savard and Lucic we are weak and soft. Something has to happen.


    kessel looked good with the leafs i think PC overrated Kreji and underrated kessel.

  6. psands says:

    sick to my stomach

  7. Bruins says:

    woah! in my opinion chia has been next to flawless since comingto the bruins. its not his fault savard and lucic went down. while it may look like letting axe go was a mistake, i think he morethan made up for it with paille. hes younger, has more offensive upside, and is almost as good on the PK. i loved kobasew but the bs are up tight against the cap next year, and this gives him room.

    the best thing hes done is that hes given the bruins soooo many options. i highly doubt the bruins wont pick their game up and contend, or at least make the playoofs, but if they dont: trade savvy for high picks, and we have what like 6 top 2 picks this year and like 5 next year? instant rebuild. if they pick up their game, they can use the picks for players at the deadline.

    the kessel trade was excellent. especially because chia was forced into it by that greedy little punk.

    the only move i didnt like was the morris signing, but even at that it doesnt handcuff us because its only a 1 year deal.

    obviosuly i want the bruins to win the cup, but if they dont, and they crash this year, how awesome is that offseason going to be with all of those picks?

  8. Jefe77 says:

    Whoa is right. Matt, while not agreeing much of the time with your rash and sometimes shallow assessments, I have respectfully acknowledged your opinions for a long while. But today with this post, you disappoint me.

    I could say so much right now, but I am going to bite my tongue a bit longer. Impatience with the teams chemistry without thinking about why, what factors could be improved on shows little hockey knowledge. So much inconsideration for the team to improve; I hope you all you pessimists aren’t raising children. Do the math you fuckin’ pessimistic dumbfucks. The offense will return, PK will bet better, the PP will produce and the Bruins will win the division.

    Keep the faith.

  9. willisss says:

    ward, krej is not overrated. hes not scoring but NOONE is. he moves the puck with amazinggggg skill. kessel wanted way to much and we just didnt have it. it sucks and i would have loved for him to be more of a team player but it just shows that he didnt give a single shit about the bruins, the fans, the city, he just cared about phil kessel. the good news is, all the games we lost ( except 1) we could have won. wer not getting blown out, which is good, and wer keeping up with every team. dont get me wrong, this sucks. i hate it. who knows what will happen

  10. pearson says:

    ward, kess played ONE game, and we all know how he does against the weaker teams. the kessel trade was a steal no matter how krejci does this year. when savard is back i think it will take pressure off of krej and he will perform alot better being out of the spotlight, as he did last year.

    looch is gonna open the ice up and allow for more movement of the puck.

    yea that was a bad game, but its detroit, and going down 2-0 with your 2(arguably) most valuable players isnt that bad. not to mention osgood played the top of his game.

    dont get me wrong, its frustrating to watch, but everyone has GOT to RELAX

  11. psands says:

    the only move i don’t like was the paille one. we finally freed some cap space and chia the next day goes out and blows half of it. besides that chia has been good. i dont understand why this team is not scoring, i know savard and lucic are out but they should still be able to score.

    they need to make a move though, and for god sakes give boychuk some playing time

    i trust pc will make the right moves.

  12. Bruins says:

    psands, chia was looking to free up cap space for next season. paille is a FA after this season. kobasew wasnt.

    and we still have the cap space to go after a player at the deadline this year like kovalchuk because we will only have to pay a portion of the salary

  13. nick says:

    Could a guy like Vincent Lecavalier fit in Boston, we are pretty deep at center but I’m curious if he is on the trade block what would it take and would it be worth it at all?

  14. The trouble the B’s are really in (other than that dreaaaadful powerplay) is that guys who need to play at last-year’s-level are not. Krejci is okay, but only okay. Wheeler has disappeared. Recchi is not drinking from the same fountain of youth. Sturm and Ryder are streaky as always, but with the injuries and the other guys not playing at full potential, the offense has disappeared.

    I don’t know what you do to fix it, but my gosh, FIX IT!

  15. jimmy50 says:

    I just read the title of this post and went right to this. ITS FUCKIN NOVEMBER 4TH AND LUCIC AND SAVARD HAVE BEEN OUT WITH INJURY!!!!

    • Richardo says:

      Nevermind the 11.5%… Pittsburgh has a 16.5% PP and their doing just fine… We need to see the five on five hockey “their identity” we saw a YEAR AGO… This team has no identity this year… The puck goes past our blueline and we time and time again watch the puck get turned over in the neutral zone… The B’s gotta get it in deep, drive to the net, and get some F’in shots from the forwards in the SLOT… Stop giving it to the point like they do ALL THE TIME so they can be the ones to fumble the puck at the Blueline… The only line to do that is the fourth and most energetic line….

      Theres no punch… Literally… Lets see some fisticups… Especially at home…Lucic coming back isn’t going to solve that problem on his own… Coming back from a hand injury, something tells me he aint going to be KOing anybody, anytime soon…

  16. willisss says:

    so who thinks getting rid of ward and giving morris even more money was a good deal? that is the only thing that i disagree with. and buying out peter sheafer

    • nick says:

      I watched Peter Schaefer play in Providence last year and it changed my opinion about him. He dogged every shift and was horrible, I realize that playing in the minors was not his dream job, but at some point he had to think that playing better down there would get him back in the N but that never happened the whole season.

  17. ChiaPet says:

    Next Years Roster

    Bergeron – $4,750,000
    Lucic – $4,083,333
    Krecji – $3,750,000
    Marchand – $821,666
    Bitz – $687,500
    Savard – $6,500,000
    Begin – $1,000,000
    Sobotka – $850,000
    Thornton – $650,000
    Lehtonen – $600,000
    Hamill – $787,500
    Kovalchuk – $8,000,000
    Chara – $7,500,000
    Wideman – $3,875,000
    Hunwick – $1,450,000
    Stuart – $2,500,000
    Boychuk – $600,000
    McQuaid – $550,000
    Thomas – $5,000,000
    Rask – $2,000,000

    Total = $55,954,999
    12 forwards, 6 D and 2 goalies

    Cap space remaining assuming the cap remains the same is $845,001. Gone are Ryder, Sturm, Wheeler, Paille & Morris. New additions are Lehtonen, Hamill, Kovalchuk,and McQuaid.

    • pearson says:

      terrible. no depth. you cant rely that much on people with no nhl experience… i dont think kovaluchuck is worth it

  18. 8mook8 says:

    worst. idea. ever.

    anyhoo, noone should be surprised with our top 2 impact forwards injured. relax everyone.

    oh and kessel did not look good in toronto. taking shots from anywhere, got ROCKED in the first period, took a shit penalty…

    relax everyone.

  19. nick says:

    I heard an interview on the radio that he did before the game and it just reiterated why they traded him, Kessel is not and never will be a gamer. He said he wasn’t looking forward to being hit.

  20. phantom6612 says:

    Late to the discussion, but I felt like putting in my two cents anyway.

    My biggest problem with Chiarelli is the overpaying of some players. I can understand why Krecji got a decent contract, but it was only one good season; same reason why I don’t think Kessell deserved a huge payday either–only one really good year.

    Lucic is definitely being overpaid. Yeah, he brings energy and emotion, and still has decent hands, but I don’t think he brings enough to warrant 4mil. And so far this season he really hasn’t had the big hitting, energy game we need from him, which hopefully will come back when he returns to the lineup.

    Since I didn’t know the actual salaries of the whole team, I now see more I’d comment on. Wideman is making more than I think he’s worth. I like him, and when he plays well does bring some good things to the team. But he is pretty inconsistent. Ryder… I liked the signing, he played hard last season and had a good year, after a slow start–hopefully its the same case this season. I still thought he was being paid too much.

    Bergeron I can understand. He’s an overall good player, and before the injury it seemed like he would be producing well on offense. Morris, I was uncertain of; not a great start to the season, but so far he’s been on of the reasons the Bruins have gotten they few goals they have. So, I think if/when the team turns around he might show he’s worth the money.

  21. Vilma says:

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