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7 Responses to Wow

  1. willisss says:

    ohhh come onnnn that was funnnn right?

    fuck me.

  2. Birdman2403 says:

    They need to make some moves and make them now !!! Recchi,Ryder and Ference can all go. Yeah, yeah be patient Savard and Lucic are both out. If they wait for them to come back they will be 10 games below .500 !! How can a team go from scoring the most goals to not being able to hit the fucking net ??

    So frustrating to watch !! Please shake it up !

    This could be a long week vs.Habs, Buffalo and Pens !

  3. Bruins says:

    the only upside to us playing like this is that we’ll be able to load up even further on picks. i mean if we continue like this we could trade savard for alot. still though. i thought this team could contend right now and be great for the future. disappointing

  4. goosegoose says:

    guys chill the fuck out…Look at Pitt last year they started OK at 6-4-2 yes not as bad a 6-7-1 but still. There is plenty of time to turn this around. We have a bunch of division games coming up so who knows. Not having Lucic and Savard is what is killing this team. we have no setup man and no one to clear space for our scorers. Not to mention how can we intimidate anyone with just Chara? We really need PJ to come back from Sweden because our PK is terrible.

  5. Gcole says:

    everyone who says we can trade savard for picks, FUCK THAT. look at what the team is like without him!!!!!! why the HELL would anyone say trade him!? hes the best offensive player we still have. we cant score a fucking goal without him for gods sake, SIGN HIM NOW! give him the 6 million for gods sake he deserves it completely!! how many more god dam draft picks could you want? especially when all our good young talent keeps getting traded away for MORE PICKS!!! atleast trade for a proven player.
    say bye bye to morris, ference, ryder. sign savard and kovalchuk, bring up boychuk whos awesome, and keep up sobotka (or marchand)

  6. cash says:

    we just held the Wings to 2 goals …and you say Aweful.

    The offense will get going but if you think they played aweful then you have no right having a blog about hockey.

  7. leeme says:

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