Rask signs 2 year extension

Tuukka Rask has signed a two year extension through the 2012 season. He will receive an average anual cap hit of around $1.3 million dollars, according to Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe.  Rask will still be a restricted free agent following the completion of this deal.

Excellent signing by Peter Chiarelli. By getting this deal done early it eliminates any uncertainty for both the club and the player going forward. If Rask had a solid season and was allowed to reach the RFA market, another team could have come in with a potential offer sheet, driving up his current value.  Additionally, a $1.3 million dollar cap hit is excellent value for a potential number one goaltender.


18 Responses to Rask signs 2 year extension

  1. Quartier4 says:

    This one is a good call…

  2. Froggy says:

    Good signing by pc. Savard MUST be signed next. The Bruins are pathetic without him & I fear the worst tonight.

  3. Et Le But says:

    1-0 habs after 1. Game over.

  4. jimmy50 says:

    We need Savard to take a homer contract. I fear a big problem come a year or so with Timmy making 6 5 3 and Tuukka is ready. Also where is the depth for our defense in the system? Its all Centers.

  5. goosegoose says:

    hahaha well if we can’t any goals, we lost before the game started…

  6. willisss says:

    7 perioids and counting

  7. willisss says:

    et le fag, your still canadian and not respected among the rest of the world, which is a fact….come to think of it, when i think of you, and the rest of your shit bag people, being down 1-0 just does not seem all that bad.

    (side note. not all people from canada suck. just canadian fans)

  8. psands says:

    great move by pc, this signing has lifted my spirits on the bruins.

    but still…..

  9. willisss says:

    make that 8…

  10. G cole says:

    THEY SCORED A GOAL! It’s a fucking miracle…. That’s sad to think this is the most exciting thing that’s happened in a few games lol

  11. pearson says:

    couldnt wait to come on here and ask everyone why the FUCK recchi got a chance in the shootout

  12. Quartier4 says:

    it’s beacause ryder suck at shootout…

  13. da wreck says:

    Trent Whitfield. Why? It looks like he’s skating through sand when he’s out there. He’s brutal.

    Giveaways. Too many to count. Absolutely awful.

    Who’s missing Kessel’s speed right now? I know I am. The B’s can’t generate anything off the rush or can’t set up in their end. Why? Teams are standing them up because there’s no one they need to be cautious with. Opposing team’s scouting reports are getting pretty obvious right now, cause it’s getting way to easy to shut them down.

  14. willisss says:

    pearson…dont be an idiot…it makes perfect sence to use someone whos shootout record in 1 for FUCKING 10 when it MATTERS!

    WHO WOULD THINK THATS A GOOD IDEA?! horrible…stupid…

    hey at least we scored…in only took us almost 3 full games. i dont know if its the beer iv been draining since about 4, or the fact that we have no idea how to play hockey anymore….to alll the half full bruins fans who keep saying ” its NOVEMBER!” its time to wake up and get out of your dumb ass denial phase and realize that we are in some serious trouble.
    yea 4 guys are out…but what does it prove? no depth. sweet.

    when does it stop? relax its november! relax its december! RELAX ITS MARCH AND WE DIDNT MAKE THE FUCKING PLAYOFFS!

    however in your defence, im semi drunk and im really pissed. im sure after this weeks always sunny and the league, will put me in a better mood.

    if i spelt anything wrong…fuck it

  15. Whopperfoo says:

    Claude has said he always uses who’s recently been hot in shootouts in practice for the shootouts in games.

  16. Whopperfoo says:

    The Rec. must have been hot.

  17. Whopperfoo says:

    Maybe we should start calling him Wrecchi until he gets his game back.

  18. Bruins says:

    awesome signing. i would have held out to showcase my play to get more money if i was rask. great move by chia yet again

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