Positives from Injury Bug

Obviously without Milan Lucic, Marc Savard, and David Krejci, the scoring has gone down, with only 3 goals in a 4 game span including 2 shutouts.  The Bruins got back on track last night, win a 4-2 win over the Northeast leading Buffalo Sabres.  But even during this time when the Bruins are lacking their firepower, there have been many positives to look at.

Patrice Bergeron- This guy is ever so close to being the pre-concussion Patrice Bergeron.  When he is on the ice, he is clearly their best player, and has 10 points in 16 games this season, projected for 26 goals and 52 points.  Maybe it’s a combination of player with players other than Mark Recchi and Chuck Kobasew, who are not pure goal scorers.  He is now playing with Marco Sturm, who he has had great chemistry with, and Mark Recchi.  He has really stepped up his game and it is clear that Bergy is coming around.  It’s good to see the old Bergy.

Vladimir Sobotka- I haven’t really been a Sobotka fan, but after watching him the past few games, I really like what I see.  He has shown to be a gritty center who can create a good amount of chances.  If not for the depth of the Bruins forward core, Sobotka would have been here out of training camp.  He is the future 3rd/4th line center and has shown he does belong in the NHL.

Brad Marchand- I thought Marchand was more a pure goal scorer based on what I saw in the pre-season, but he has been a great gritty in your face forward.  He has a good shot and has had plenty of chances, like Sobotka, is a bottom 6 forward and should be on this team for the long haul.  He has really impressed and has great chemistry with Sobotoka.

Daniel Paille- The new Axe?  This guy has been a PK machine and has turned around the PK.  He has had a lot of scoring chances and has great speed.  I think he is a better replacement over Kobasew because of his PK ability and breakaway speed.

When everyone is back, there will be a logjam of forwards, which could spell trade or just make everyone play better because there is someone behind them to play if they don’t play well.



8 Responses to Positives from Injury Bug

  1. Mat Allen says:

    I believe you may have mis-typed in the Sobotka paragraph:
    He is the future 3rd/4th line center and has shown he doesn’t belong in the NHL.

  2. 8mook8 says:

    Price is 10W, 32L in last 42 starts

  3. willisss says:

    yea i was going to mention that too, he belongs in the NHL

  4. Gcole says:

    how about bergeron and paille on the PK, god dam they outchanced the sabres on their own powerplays!

  5. Matt says:

    yeah typo…fixed it thanks

  6. Bruins46 says:


  7. pearson says:

    i really hope they keep together the lines for a little while… i think if the chemistry isnt all the way there now, it will be if the lines played with each other consistently. sturm is def. a first line winger but he plays well with bergy so lets just keep him there.

    if you think the return to health will spell out trade… who do you think we trade? just picks? or do you think sobotka could get something good in return?

  8. da wreck says:

    there won’t be any trades until the final 20-30 games, if any at all. Chiarelli’s a good GM, and shows patience. Most teams would give anything to have depth like the Bruins have. I know it’s been a rough start to the year, but they really haven’t changed a lot. I do think they’ve slipped a bit without Kessel, but Marco Sturm has the ability to score. He’s scored at least 20 goals a few times, and they’ll be fine when Looch, Savvy and Kraych come back. Big Z’s got the monkey off his back having scored last game, and his confidence will be back. They’re fine without a trade.

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