Krejci returns, Ryder missing

David Krejci returned to practice today but Michael Ryder was not present. Excellent news that Krejci is practicing already and could be able to return possibly tomorrow night against Pittsburgh. No reason has been given on Ryder’s absence. Here are the rest of the lines from practice:






26 Responses to Krejci returns, Ryder missing

  1. goosegoose says:

    Maybe they traded, or are in the process of trading him

  2. Bruins46 says:

    Ryder on the block??? Can’t find anything online confirming this…

  3. Bruins46 says:

    He was absent due to an “illness”…we’ll see

  4. Mook says:

    maybe ryder and krejci are lovers

  5. goosegoose says:

    Haha. I did not find anything either confirming that, but it was just speculation on my part…

  6. Mook says:

    Ryder for Ovechkin. E4

  7. goosegoose says:

    omg if that ever happened….I love AO

  8. Bruins says:

    get whitfield out of there!

    big Z is back though. we start to roll now

  9. Gcole says:

    trade ryder for for an awesome PK guy, trade ference for whatever the hell you can get for him, bring up boychuk, and keep up either sobotka or marchand, and at this point i like them both so idk who.. oh and SIGN SAVARD PLEASEEEE

  10. 8mook8 says:

    you guys have some of the worst ideas of all time.

  11. willisss says:

    worst ideas? i agree some things are out there but you cant tell me you actually want whitfield on this team….hes complete shittttt.

    in all fairness, we dont need to make any trades. we need to start playing to our potential. we’r not there, or even close there YET, but there was 1 step forward saturday night. but its only 1 game. if every single player can produce at there actual skill level, theres not a team we cant beat. but if we play with our heads in our ass, like the majority of this season, then wer in big trouble.

    stop. sucking.

  12. elwoppo says:

    whats up with Savard?

  13. Mook says:

    no i agree there, whitfield is as useful as tits on a bull.

  14. Mook says:

    tonight is the turnaround game. pittsburgh is hurting, so we’ll see what the bruins can do.

  15. PenPal says:

    Of course the Pens are hurting – we hot blown out 5-0 to the Sharks!! That being said, the B’s will be easy pickings tonight. The Pens will not allow a losing streak to continue tonight and Crosby will score 3 in a 5-2 drubbing. Just another day at the office Bruin fans. Get used to it.

  16. elwoppo says:

    Easy thier PenPal. You guys got the shit kicked out of you by the sharks cuz you pussys are a two man team. If Malkin or Crosby get hurt you dummies are screwed! Which is why the B’s are gonna win 2nite! And speaking of Crosby,I hope Thornton or Chara knock him out! I cant stand that little faggot!!!Anyway when we win 2nite i dont wanna hear any injury excuses cuz were missing key guys to! We will see which team has more depth! Im prettty sure its us!!!!!!!!

  17. goosegoose says:

    And the Bruins have their first winning streak!

  18. vince_m says:

    Any idea when Savard and Lucic are supposed to be coming back?

  19. Bruins says:

    lol who wants to make a bet that penpal (really? thats his nickname?) wont be back posting here? lol

    another great win. tim thomas is back to last seasons form after a couple shaky games at the start.

  20. 8mook8 says:

    julien says lucic and savard back by thanksgiving. cue the streak…

  21. Birdman2403 says:

    Savard says he will skate next Tuesday. If all good then likely will suit up that weekend !!

  22. willisss says:

    went to the game…got real drunk….still drunk at that….i loved the “hunwick dick tease but actually turned into a goal” goal. you should have seen it in the garden. total chaos. passing out. bye

  23. elwoppo says:

    again i prove my point. The Pens are a two man team! without thier big twp thier fucked! That is the only reason why they won the cup last year! Those two simply outscorred the other team! No depth on that team! Unlike the B’s! Just imagin if Krejci and Ryder regain thier form like last year? Than Savard and Lucic do the same when they return from injury! Combine that with Bergeron’s consistancy and thier you have it! I still think the B’s are missing that sniper to put them over the edge! Chia should really consider moving some picks in a deal! That being said i really do like our game lately and hope they continue to roll! Lets make it 3 straght on Thurs. . FYI-Tim Thomas has now moved in the top 10 in the league in GAA and Save %!Also is currently 2nd in Shut Outs! Keep it up Timmy! U DA MAN!!

  24. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    read on and in the boston herald the Bs are interested in Forsberg. involved a conversation with Chia. Will be interesting to see what happens there. He might be a good fit for the short term.

  25. pekese says:

    Thanks, bruinsfanupnorth. I’ll put up a post on it now.

  26. Jefe77 says:

    Hey Penpal,….what’s up!! Great to hear from you after all the embarrassment you created for yourself posting here last season.

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