Bruins interested in Forsberg

According to both and The Boston Herald the Bruins have been in talks with the agent of injury prone forward Petr Forsberg.  According to Stephen Harris of the Herald

Oft-injured former MVP Peter Forsberg is attempting yet another comeback, and his agent says the Bruins are interested.

Yesterday, at the first day of general managers’ meetings in Toronto, agent Don Baizley said the Bruins, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers have all publicly confirmed their interest.

Here is the entry from

I’ve had some discussions with Don Baizley on him and we had people scouting him last week,” Chiarelli told, confirming his interest in Forsberg. “It’s something that we certainly would look at exploring.

While Forsberg’s health will always be a question mark, would bringing him in be worth a shot? It would cost the Bruins nothing to acquire him, meaning they do not have to give up a player or a pick. If he comes here plays a few games and reinjures himself, the Bruins can simply put him on LTI, save his money and then invest it in another player come trade deadline. To further break it down, if the Bruins do sign Forsberg he either a.) plays for the Bruins at XX cap hit, or, b.) plays and re-injures himself, gets paid while on LTI but the money has no affect on the current cap. If all it is going to cost is Jeremy Jacob’s money then the Bruins should definitely take a long look at Forsberg.


16 Responses to Bruins interested in Forsberg

  1. Bruins says:

    if its a 1 year deal, absolutely. but we cant afford to give him anything more than that unless it is ridiculously cheap because of the free agents we have coming up.

    ive always wanted bergeron to be on a line with forsberg. id just think that would be a dynamite line for some reason. i remember we JUST missed out on him coming back from the lockout and had to settle on alexei friggin’ zhamnov…we’d have (at full health)


    and we’d still have to bench recchi, sobotka, and marchand

  2. psands says:

    not really a fan, i dont think we need this guy, yea he is good, and he is worth a shot, but he is a center, and we have plenty of depth at center, who would we have to move to wing to fit him in?

    i like the way the team is playing, and when everyone is healthy here’s my lines


    maybe slip a scoring winger that we pick up later in the year in recchi’s spot, but i like that lineup, i still think we need something not to big, but an upgrade on a wing to help put us over the top.

  3. goosegoose says:


  4. Gcole says:

    im not sure what to think to be honest.. it sounds like a nobrainer, but at the same time we already have extra guys that are capable to play in the NHL.

  5. goosegoose says:

    I like the idea of Matsui on the sox better…(un-related I know but it looks like bye bye bay)

  6. RickDickyoulouse says:

    Per Bruce Garriouch of the Ottawa Sun Media (, Forsberg is believed to be seeking a 1 year $4M deal.

    Too much for a too old way past his prime Swede. To me, he’s not even worth taking a chance at half that amount. Forget about it PC – we do not need a fix or shake-up now. A little bit of fine tuning and tweaking after the Olympics is all we need.

  7. Bruins says:

    why is everyone so against this? im perfectly fine with giving him any amount of money as long as its a 1 year deal, and makes us fit under the cap so we dont have to dump anyone. its not really that much of a risk. if he gets injured, were left with the same lineup as before. realistically, were not going to get a kovalchuk, and forsberg makes an impact every time he plays.

    bergeron can play any forward position, so just plug him in as bergie’s center

  8. 8mook8 says:

    forsberg has some balls asking for 4mil.

  9. bruins4eva says:

    i say yes if they put him on the wing…for a decent shot…cuz the bruins dont a have a decent shot taker…so why not

  10. Gcole says:

    if the money he gets paid doesnt come/affect the cap, where does the money come from then, or why doesnt it affect the cap

  11. willisss says:

    it wont effect the cap because its a one year deal. i all it would do is effect it THIS year but it doesnt matter, once the season is over, his cap hit disapears.

    i honestly could go either way with this one. on paper it sounds good, but on the ice? who knoooows. its a 50/50 split for me.

  12. Mur says:

    1 Year deal? Its worth a shot ..yes he is often injured but plays hard. Move Bergy to the wing which he is more than capable of doing. Forsberg will open up the ice for players like Ryder and Sturm to do what they do best, the same way Savard does but imagine rolling out 2 lines like that…not to mention take some pressure off the kid Krejci.

  13. Bill says:

    No thanks.

  14. Mook says:

    predictions for tonight? i say the bruins win 6-2.

  15. Bruins says:

    no way we give up 2 to the panthers, but i dont see us scoring 6 on vokoun either. 4-1 bruins.

  16. Whopperfoo says:

    Thomas Shut out, we score 3. Goals by Ryder, Sturm, and Bitz, with a big night by Chara & Patrice.

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