Marchand back in; Whitfield scratched

According to Matt Kalman of, Brad Marchand will play tonight over veteran center Trent Whitfield. Marchand was benched last game after taking two penalties late in the third period against Buffalo on Saturday night. Marchand is expected to play the right side on a line with Vladimir Sobotka and Daniel Paille.


40 Responses to Marchand back in; Whitfield scratched

  1. Bruins says:

    i know its too early to rush in offensive help because savard and lucic will be back, but that offense is just brutal to watch. they didnt really get that many quality shots on vokoun. thomas stands on his head again. we have the defense from last year, but the offense has completely disappeared

  2. Gcole says:

    thats interesting.. tim thomas is credited with a shutout, but not a win, lol.. that sounds like a trivia question

  3. NJBruin says:

    Yup… If they left the net empty I think we miss. They work real hard, however its just not happening with this group. Savard and Lucic being out hurts although, they were not exactly scoring great when they were in the lineup before the injuries. Krejci looks lost right now. Maybe he is not 100%. Sure hope they figure this out fast, we can’t be losing points to teams we should be beating…

  4. vince_m says:

    Naaaa, we have the offense and we don’t need to replace Kessel’s goals. If (and I mean IF) we get the goals from Sturm and Krejci we won’t need Kessel. Well, we aren’t getting the goals from Sturm and Krejci. With Savard and Lucic in the lineup we were not lighting up the league with goals either. We do need someone that is going to step up and put the puck in the net. I noticed that we have 40 shots on Florida tonight, but no goals. We keep this up we will still probably still make the playoffs but that is it. I don’t care what anyone else here says, we need a goal scorer. I am not jumping on or off a bandwagon I am just concerned regarding our scoring.

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. elwoppo says:

    Vocoun won it for them! Cant really blame the B’s they did have 40 plus shots! But this team def. has the WORST FUCKING FORWARDS IN THE NHL! Even Atlanta manages to score goals and thier missing Kov.Look at the Caps! No O.V and they still rip it! This Team is a fucking joke offensivly!They make me sick to my stomach!Make a bloody trade Chiarelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i know all you Bruins fans are saying wait till Sav and Looch come back! Fuck that, So insted of scoring 1 goal a game, we will score 2!!! Wake up B’s fans our team stinks offensivly!!!!!! Maybe if we put up 60 shots a game we will get 3 or 4 goals??? What do you think B’s fans? They all stink!Somebody needs to tell julian that good defence and goaltending onlyt wins games when YOU PUT THE MOTHER-FUCKING PUCK IN THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FYI trade Wideman,Sturm,Ryder,and Weeler ,thier all shit!!!!!! And somebody tell that big goof Chara to start useing that fucking shot of his more,Cuz 1 goal in 19 games aint cutting it! OH yeah THOMAS IS GOD!!! THE ONLY BRIGHT SPOT IS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM OUT!!!

  6. willisss says:

    we looked awesome. in my mind we did everything right tonight. vokoun was out of his mind. its a slow climb but we’r getting closer

  7. pearson says:

    things are just not looking good guys. savard and lucic cant overcome the drought everynight they play. they are just two guys that are on the same line… we cant expect that our 1st line will get us all the goals we ever need. this team needs a sniper.

    i dont know how anyone can say no to forsberg.

    and the “krecji and sturm will replace kessels goals” line is getting really stale

  8. Bruins says:

    this is a team that was second in goals last year. were now 28th. thats an unprecedented drop. this cant be because of kessel. we replaced ward with the more offensive morris. this really is because of savard and lucic.

    average goals per game with savard: 2.86
    avg goals per game with lucic: 3.17
    avg goals per game without both: 1.91

    the powerplay has been the main problem. 4th last in the league from 4th last year. savard helps the pwoerplay out so much, and a good powerplay is a must in the new nhl

  9. Bruins says:

    also last year the bruins averaged 3.5 goals per game with kessel out of the lineup as opposed to 3.26 with him in. and thats without sturm too

  10. pearson says:


    the numbers of goals per game, with or without, kessel is irrelevent.

    time and time again lots of people here write some comment about kessel. HES GONE. i reeeeeeeeally dont wanna here anything more about him. pleeease. we got HUGE value for him, and its over.

    now we need to get someone to put the puck in the net, asap. savard, lucic, or not. this is the teams weakness. we cant rely on 2 players, and we cant win when there are excuses

  11. Vince_M says:

    If your goalie gets a shutout you should win. But, not if you are the Bruins this year.

  12. Whopperfoo says:

    Great comment’s *Bruins*, those are some statistics you can’t argue with. We really only have about another 2 weeks tops before Lucic is back and no too far behind that is Savard. It makes no sense to trade prematurely when you’re getting back two big guns in a short period of time.

    Might I add that they are both coming off non critical injuries (broken foot and finger) it’s not like they had hip surgery (krecji) or tore something and need time to get their skating legs and game back, etc.

    And cool it with the all caps, save that for if we lose a playoff series or trade bergeron.

  13. Gcole says:

    dam everyone is gettng pretty pissed off. have a little patience, this isnt a trainwreck, its a time problem. the goaltending is SOLID. defence has been SOLID, offense has played good, but without top players, its natural to not score as much! duh! like savard said, when krejci all of a sudden has to play against the opposing teams top D line its alot different then the second or third line. once the offense gets the spark, this team will be kickass. i feel TERRIBLE for tim thomas, hes been fucking brilliant and the team doesnt have his back! i mean come on, a SHUTOUT and a LOSS in the same game?!!!? i never knew that was possible!! lol

  14. goosegoose says:

    2008-2009 Pittsburgh Penguins

  15. goosegoose says:


  16. psands says:

    this team looks good, they played hard and all that, the defense is good (but i still want to see boychuk) and goaltending has been unreal. the problem is that we are missing savard and lucic, but even with them back, does anyone really think this team has what it takes to go all the way?

    we do need another goal scorer. im not talking all star, im talking another guy like sturm or ryder, a 25-30 goal scorer. but hopefully this new guy will show up and actually score goals unlike ryder and sturm.

    you all know who i want, so i wont repeat it.

    lucic-savard-new guy?

    that is a great lineup if we could only find a legit 30 goal guy to put in that top right wing spot.

  17. Bruins says:

    i think you have to consider thomas as the best goalie in the nhl. miller is closing in but i think thomas has surpassed luongo. yet of course, like savard, he gets no respect

  18. Mook says:

    our third line doesn’t cut it.

  19. TheBellEnd says:

    Elwoppo…man, you’re a fucked up dude….I get it, we’re not scoring and that makes your life a bitch….


    Go fuck yourslef, dude…we all knew the Bruins wouldn’t be as good as last year…and why???


    Shit, man…116 points…second or third best record EVER!!!!…without Borque, Shore, Neely, Orr, Esposito, Cheevers,…fuck, dude…this team OVERACHEIVED last year…BIG TIME…….and now they’re in 8th place…A FUCKING PLAYOFF SPOT and you want to blow the team up….

    Go fuck’re an idiot

  20. psands says:

    haha, take it easy, we’re all on computers here

    • ELWOPPO says:

      You take it easy, I dont like people telling me to go fuck myself! Especially little faggots like that guy! I watch my beloved Bruins just like all of you TRUE fans and if i wanna vent i will!!! I have the right too!I I just wish people would think before they speak because if i was on the street and this guy talked to me like that ……………..Well lets just say he wouldnt act tuff on Computers anymore!!! CAPEECH?

  21. Bruins says:

    im pretty sure the money doesnt affect thomas at all. actually i remember the day after he signed that contract he went out and shut out the rangers. its kind of cliche to say that a player plays for the love of the game, but for thomas, you can make more of a case than any other player probably.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      Yea I love how people were complaining that we paid way too much for him. Look at how much all the other top goal tenders in the league make and I say we made out like bandits.

      • willisss says:

        to be fair man, i still think we paid too much

      • Bruins says:

        really, you think we paid too much? his cap hit is 5 mil. the goalies that are making more than him: lundqvist, luongo, miller, backstrom, giguere, kiprusoff, vokoun, turco, huet, nabokov, brodeur, and fleury is making 5 also. also dipietro, theodore, bryzgalov, and toskala are making within a million of him. id say thats terrific value for him.
        sure he’ll probably decline by the end (although he seems to be getting better every year, even at 35), but overall id say the bruins did make out like bandits.

      • Bruins says:

        friggin cam ward is making 1.3 mil more than him too

      • Whopperfoo says:

        Thanks for the stats *Bruins*, that proved the point straight up.

  22. ELWOPPO says:

    Tim Thomas in my mind is one of the best goalies in the league.Not being biased either! back to back allstar appearances,great numbers,consecutive playoff appearances and a Vezna trophy! Even this year he is 2nd in GAA and tied for first in SO. Any Questions???

  23. psands says:

    i hate to say it, but kessel is scoring goals…i was, and still am a fan of the kessel trade, but we need a goal scorer. watching kessel score just makes me crazy, we need to get someone to help us out.

    hopefully pc thinks the same thing

    • ELWOPPO says:

      why is it driving you crazy? U knew he was gonna score goals its no secret! The kids talented for sure! Would have been nice to have him in our line up! God only knows we could use his goals right now! You just gotta think of the picks we got! Hopefully they pan out! Also the only reason why he signed with the Laughs is because Burke was the only won to pay him the 5.4 mill,or else he would still be a Bruin!! I agree with you on getting a goal scorer though! Hopefully that bald bastard makes a trade!!!

  24. Hilroy says:

    I have seen every game so far this year and although we are playing much better as a team, and especially so defensively, we are sorrily lacking offensively. Sure the return of Lucic & Savard will add a bit more creatively and offensively, but I have to agree that PC should try to pull the trigger for more offense. Ryder is a ghost of what he was and can be. All he seems to do is take at least one ‘grand tour’ around the net each period and then takes the rest of the period off. He does not go to the dirty areas and waits, more or less, for the puck to come to him. Perhaps PC can unload him and his $4M plus a pick to Florida for Horton. From what I saw of Horton the other night he plays hard & gritty every shift, does not shy away from getting dirty when needed and can replace the ghost of Ryder quite effectively. All the Bruin forwards need to ratchet it up and take a page out of Bergy’s book, i.e., compete hard and drive to the net.

  25. patrick says:

    sorry i havent been active much this season its just i havent had much to say. i read the posts every day tho. im glad to see we have tons more people coming here and posting. willis and mook are still my favorites. ill be thinking of you two while chillin in erie,pa drinking my sam adams winter variety pack. got a buddy coming over are were gonna drink those and hopefully watch another shutout with a different outcome for the B’s tonite. gotta get that powerplay going. just waiting for penpal to post today. hes just as bad as et le butte guy from monteal. i hope the B’s get a big lead early so chara can hit our favorite purple lipped queer bait sissy Cindy Crosby and not have to worry about the ensueing powerplay that would come.

  26. psands says:

    i agree with the horton idea, but i don’t think it would be smart to trade ryder to try and get him, and im not sure florida would take him.

    ryder, even though he has been invisible, is still a goal scorer, and trading a goal scorer for another goal scorer does not make this team that much better, even if the guy your getting is a better player. we need to add, not subtract.

    but everyone knows i would love horton. there are plenty of guys out there i would rather have, but if you look at players that might actually be available for trade, he is the top guy on my list. but i really wish chicago would make patrick sharp available.

    with a couple minor moves, we could make room for horton.

  27. vince_m says:

    Ryder at the start of last year was invisible as well, I think he will come on shortly. As for getting a goal scorer I agree. We need some one that can put the puck in the net on a constant basis.

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    Malkin might play tonite!!!

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