Why We Don’t Have a Franchise Forward

This Bruins team has lacked a franchise forward, well since, the days of Cam Neely and Adam Oates.

This organization, for one reason or another, has lacked a franchise forward, or failed to keep one since the early-mid 90s.

Adam Oates was on pace for another spectacular season during the 1996-97 season, but was traded to Washington along with Bill Ranford and Rick Tocchet for Anson Carter, Jim Carey, Jason Allison and a 3rd round pick (Lee Goren).  This deal was understandable, as Carey was supposed to be the next Hasek and be a staple behind this franchise for the next decade.  He didn’t pan out.  Carter became a solid top six forward, until he was dealt because of contract issues and his return netted Bill Guerin.  Allison became a force during his time here, eventually becoming captain.

Jason Allison was becoming a dominant force in the NHL, coming off of 83, 76, and 95 point seasons.  The Bruins refused to meet his contract demands, and traded the captain to Los Angeles along with Mikko Eloranta for Glen Murray and Jozef Stumpel.  Muzz went on to be a great sniper for a few seasons before injuries cost him his career.  Stumpel had a solid season in Boston before being dealt back to LA for a 4th and 2nd round pick (Martins Karsums).

Bill Guerin came in from the Anson Carter trade.  Him along with Joe Thornton had great chemistry, and Guerin potted 69 goals in 142 games with the Bruins.  Like Allison, the Bruins refused to meet him contract demands, and let him walk to Dallas for a lucrative deal.  Luckily Glen Murray replaced Guerin as the new sniper.

In 1997, the Bruins had the 1st overall pick and selected Joe Thornton.  Thornton had shown the talent he had, and had come off of a 1oo point season, and a 73 point season before the lockout.  He was heading into his prime at the age of 26 and was clearly on pace for a 100 plus points.  He was the franchise.  For some reason, the Bruins traded him just 23 games into the season in one of the worst trades in NHL history, to San Jose for Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau.  Thornton went on to win MVP that season finishing with 96 assists and 125 points.  This trade somehow “led” to the signings of Marc Savard and Zdeno Chara.  Although Thornton struggled in the playoffs, he is still a guy who is a top 5 or 10 player in this league.  The return for the deal was awful and set this franchise back three years.

Phil Kessel was the 5th overall pick in in the 2005 NHL draft, and was once considered to be better than Sidney Crosby.  His first few years were nothing great, but he showed glimpses of talent.  In his third year, at only 21, he scored 36 goals.  As an RFA, Kessel was upset with the organization and refused to sign.  He was traded to Toronto for 2 1st round picks and a 2nd.  These picks were projected to be middle 1st rounders.  Kessel then signed a 4 year deal worth 5.4 million per season.  Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli went on to say he wasn’t a Bruins type of player.

Everyone but Kessel was not under the current regime, but as you can see, the Bruins have traded away all of their potential franchise forwards, and have failed to get a fair return.  So when you look at this team struggling and wonder where is are sniper, well he was traded, just like our former all-star forwards.


45 Responses to Why We Don’t Have a Franchise Forward

  1. Bruins says:

    well we do have a franchise defenseman in chara, no matter when we acquired him, or how old he was. and there arent too many of those in the league.

    i am still going to stand by bergeron being a potential franchise guy. he was looking like it after that 2005/06 season. you dont need to put up 90 points to be a franchise guy. with his leadership, and overall play you could really have made a case for it. of course, one randy jones cheapshot later, and that looked to be all but gone, but i havefaith that he can be “the guy”. god knows he’s been nothing short of exceptional so far this season.

  2. vince_m says:

    Don’t know but I might call Savard a franchise player, or close to it.

  3. mattg says:

    Savard is definitely a franchise guy, never gets the respect he deserves.

  4. Bruins says:

    of course when the bruins offense is clicking, thomas has to have a brutal game (or at least a brutal end to it). everyone looked good tonight. krejci, ryder, bergeron, chara. i dont think anyone played poorly. not getting a PP until the 3rd had something to do with it. if only savvy, and lucic were in the lineup, we could have put up 7 or more goals, youd have to think

  5. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    isnt it about time we gave up about whining about kessel, hes gone. move on.

  6. brian says:

    as far as drafted franchise guys go the bruins dont seem to keep anyone. last year we sign fucking byron bitz and matt hunwick to multi year deals, then we look at kessel and say ‘hmm should we sign him… he lead the team in goals and looks to be a great goal scorer.. nahhh lets trade him for some more god dam draft picks that we will probably fucking trade away again” whats the logic in getting more and more draft picks when all you do is trade away the guy you draft?!

  7. ELWOPPO says:


  8. Bruins says:

    how are you guys so down on the kessel deal? chia pulled magic on that one.

    just look at it more closely. you have a guy demanding 5+ mil after krejci got 3.75. kessel got to the point where he refused to sign with the bruins so chia HAD to trade him. everyone knew this yet he still gets what are going to be 2 high first rounders, and a high second rounder. and with that that gives the bruins so many options, while at the same time giving us cap room to sign FA at the end of this year and beyond.

    kessel wasnt as important to the team as everyone thinks. i already showed the bruins scored more without him last year.

  9. NJBruin says:

    What Happened to Wideman on the last play? Wow! Was he late getting to the puck… He is hurting the team badly in our own zone. Does he ever get a puck out of the defensive zone cleanly when the pressure is on?

  10. North B says:

    Thomas fucking blew that game, Holy FUCK!!! Sit the FUCK down tuna Timmy!!.. Hand the job to Rask and let him play out the rest of the season.. I have had enough of this SHIT BUSH LEAGUE TEAM, can’t score, can’t make a save when it matters, what FUCKING a joke..

  11. Bruins says:

    haha are you kidding me north b? we scored 5 goals. and thomas has been exceptional yet again this season besides this game, and even then it was just a bad last two goals. remember him robbing crosby on that breakaway?

    i thought overall, the bruins played very well tonight. some things just didnt go our way. it sucks, but those things happen. if youre turning on thomas because of this, it just shows how much of a fair-weathered fan you are

    • ELWOPPO says:

      i gotta agree with Bruins on this one! Cant really blame Thomas for this loss he did make 3 huge saves to keep the B’s in it! Two were on breakaways on Malkin and Crosby! Coulda done better on the last two goals but hey, i wasnt expecting to get a point out of this game either! North B is just frusterated im sure he knows that Thomas is great! but to score with 1 second on the clock are you FUCKING KIDDIN ME! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. psands says:

    not much to say, it is great we scored so many goals, and we looked good but then…


    i guess when it rains it pours, if we put 5 goals in, we let up 6, and if we play great defense, we can’t score any.

    we are so close to turning this around, all we need is one player imo…

    as for blaming anybody on that last goal, it was just terrible all the way around. not one guys fault alone, everybodys.

  13. North B says:

    Bruins, I have been a fan since the early 70’s.. My point is, Thomas collects 5 mill a year to make a SAVE with the game on the line, not for save percentage or a great save in the first period.. Players are paid to SCORE Consistently not 5 goals one night and none the next 2 games..

  14. psands says:

    btw, can somebody for the love of good teach bitz how to fight.

    i love the kid, but god damn he should be killing guys. he is huge.

  15. Bruins says:

    oh no our offense has been abysmal this season overall but you called them out right after they had a great offensive night which doesnt seem right.

    honestly i dont know where this team would be without thomas. he really has been nothing short of exceptional since joining the b’s. and he keeps getting better. he was prone to giving up bad goals before, but last season i can only remember one all year. and who makes bigger saves than him? even tonight, he had some huge ones. the last two goals can probably be blamed on him, but if it was just any other goalie in there tonight, theyre not in position to give those goals up because theyd already be out of it


    yeah we can pay wiedman 3.9 mil and morris 3.3 mil and ryder 4 mil and kreji 3.8 but we cant sign kessel for 5 WAY TO MUCH I GUESS.

  17. willisss says:

    arightttt so…were the saves huge? yes…were the goals weak????? yeppppppppp. how has thomas been overall this season? i am the biggest rask fan ever and i will tell you right now, thomas has been solid. our goalie situation has not been the issue this season. tonight…in my mind…in WAS an issue. the saves he made we crazy…but does that really justify the shit goals that were scored? to me, it does not.

    it stung tonight. but at least we put up offence numbers and got a point out of it. last year wasnt normal. this is the bruins i grew up with and knew all along, last year? may have been the fluke dick tease awesome season that we wont see again untill we get some scoring.

    and no more phil kessel…we. could. not. sign. him. its not the bruins faults on this one. yea sure, trading away joey T was fucking HORESE SHIT but the kessel deal isnt the case. he wanted way to much. that cock sucking greedy pile of shit could not care less about the city of boston or his fans. so the hell with phil douchebag 1 nut kessel. how can you shit on bitz and hunwick? bitz cant fight, but he can move the puck real well, and hunwick is a stud on the ice. if you shit on those 2 then you clearly dont know SHIT about hockey.

    ill be at the game monday, hope to see tuukka do work.



    • Bruins says:

      we overpaid for ryder a bit but that can be expected for any UFA, and he’s capable of giving you 30 a year, slow start or not.

      as for wideman, not only is his deal not bad like youre making it out to be, but id say its a fantastic deal. 50+ points and over +30 last year. the other defensemen that did that? lidstrom. thats it. sure hes had a slow offensive start this year, but that goes for everyone on the bruins. he’s definitely our best puck-moving defenseman, and although morris has been ok on the PP, i think wideman should definitely be on there with chara.

      the nerve of kessel to demand 5+ is unbelievable. krejci takes 3.75 after not only having a better offensive season than him (while not playing with savvy), but leading the league in +/-, after an unbelievable defensive season. if his name was pavel datsyuk or mike richards he would have been up for the selke. and that greedy little shit thinks he’s worth almost 2 million more than that. good riddance to kessel. those are the types of players that can have a negative effect on team chemistry. as a player, sure he can score, but hes streaky as hell, and provides nothing defensively.

      i honestly wish him nothing but the worst in toronto, and am glad he’s gone (and it also helps that a hall, seguin, or fowler is coming to beantown next year)


    oops caps

  20. Bruins46 says:

    I love Timmy but you guys have to admit he checked out of the game after that last tying goal…really careless play there behind the net in OT, and a should-have-been 2 points turns into 1

  21. katodog says:

    murray was not a “sniper”

    if he was, everyone who scored 20 goals would be a sniper

    he scored >40 TWICE and >30 TWICE

    that is not bad but over the course of 15 years that is hardly what i would call a “sniper”

    the remaining ~75% of his career he was scoring <30, often in the teens

    when i think sniper i think of a player who is consistently around 40 goals

    to me that is a guy like kovalchuk: 29, 38, 41, 52, 42, 52, 43.

  22. willisss says:

    i got into an argument with this dude at the bar last night. he is convinced kovalchuk will be a bruin, and rask, with a freshly signed contract, will be traded away.

    any thoughts?

  23. psands says:

    rask wont be traded, and it will be very interesting with kovalchuk, we do have the pieces to do it.

    i do not think it will happen, we would have to give up so much, and then sign him to a huge contract.

    i feel like the bruins should try to make a modest upgrade on offense this season. and if this season they dont turn it around, they should try to make some big trades, like looking at chicago for instance, because they are going to have to move some quality players, that i would love to have. most of you probably dont want to hear about what i think should happen, but it starts with finding somebody to dump a couple of our “goal scorers” to.

    we should not trade toronto’s first though, i want either hall, segiun, or even kabanov. kabonov is very similar to kovalchuk supposedly.

  24. Froggy says:

    Forget Kovalchuk!! He definitely will be seeking a deal similar to Ovechkin – $100M+. While he would be a great addition and would improve the offense significantly, I would prefer that we not break the bank and sacrifice the future for the sake of 1 player.

    That being said, we do need a shot in the arm this year even upon the return of Lucic & Savard. Nathan Horton, Patrick Sharp & Kris Versteeg immediately come to mind. Players who go to the net and get dirty. The quandry is when is the right time to make a move – now, or at the trade deadline.

    My gut feeling is do it now – why wait for spring. The deadline can be used for further tweaking if required.

    Realistically we have the makings of a great team here. The goaltending is A+, the Defense is B (can be even better without Ferrence & Wideman falling over each other), and the offense is C-. On most nights there is no finish to their game and no net presence. Filling that void will suffice for now and acquiring a proven sniper, even if it is a rental, should put the B’s in great shape for the playoffs.

    I don’t think standing pat and waiting for the offense to reignite itself is an option anymore. The season is 1/4 done and being patient may cost us a playoff berth. Take a look at the standings – it is very tight and too close for comfort, especially when your offense is anemic 90% of the time.

  25. ManInBlack says:

    Froggy is right on. Kovalchuk as a rental come playoff time = Stanley Cup. Assuming of course that the thrashers don’t make the playoffs

  26. G cole says:

    Anyone know where Joe colbourne and zach hamill Disappeared to? Weren’t they suppose to be possibly on the team? And instead we get sobotka Marchand and whitfield.. Did they die or something

  27. ELWOPPO says:

    November 15, 2009 Savvy Extension Expected Soon. Speculation has been growing over the last few days about the Savard/Bruins talks but nothing creditable has come from it. But with KPD backing up claims now I can no longer ignore the whole situation.”Much like Milan Lucic in October, 32-year-old center Marc Savard later this month – most likely around Thanksgiving – is expected to extend his contract with the Bruins. At the end of a four-year deal that brought him $5 million a season, Savard is likely to average in the $6 million-$6.5 million range for another four or five seasons, bringing Boston’s payroll to upward of $49 million for next season,”-Kevin Paul Dupont of The Boston Globe

  28. willisss says:

    i was at the provi game today, didnt see hamill play at all. injured? this weekend has been horrible for boston sports fans….bruins…pats….fuck my life

  29. Ric says:

    Was a good game a lot of good came out of the game …and if Burggy’s stick does not break we win
    but It would have been nice to have Kessel …he made the other team take notice and made other guys open just by being on the ice …and in a year where there are no real good players in the draft it hurts .. I think we should have set the bar and signed him .. that being said if we work out a trade for Koval then is will be all ok

    • pearson says:

      heeeeeere we go again with kessel talk. its over man, and we got huge return for him, not to mention we took alot of future away from a division rival.

      yea it woulda been nice to have kessel, but it also woulda been nice to have jumbojoe thornton, glenn murray in his “prime,” or even sergei samsanov.

      and who said the draft this year doesnt have any good players? dont be naive.

  30. psands says:

    brutal weekend for our teams, huh willis, it’s been tough to watch but the pats were the better team last night, and the bruins are so close to turning it around.

    brain farts and bad bounces fucked both of them this weekend

    • Bruins says:

      just a horrible call by belichek on 4th down on the 30, but i guess that goes without saying. just handed that game away

  31. willisss says:

    anyone know whos in net tonight?

  32. pearson says:

    i hope rask.
    a) tommy needs a game off after that last one
    b) rask has really been awesome anyways
    c) its the islanders, i think we can deal without our #1

  33. Richardo says:

    Rask was the first off the ice after this morning’s skate… Indicating he’ll get the call…

  34. Bruins46 says:

    willisss, I read in the paper the other day that hamill is out with a “lower boy injury”

  35. Richardo says:

    Yeah I head that too….

    G COLE:
    I think Joe Colbourne is playing for Denver this season… but could be wrong…

  36. Habhater says:

    Another totally frustrating period by the Bruins. Apart from the play of Krecji & Bergeron, the offense is dysfunctional. The defense is only adequate tonight and once again we fail to score first. It’s a damn shame since if we score first the Bruins are an entirely different team and resemble last year’s squad. No one seems to want to take charge and there is little or no emotion. I am absolutely frustrated beyond belief with the effort and am at a loss as to why they do not play more physical and go to the net. The smaller islanders have a far superior net drive and presence than do the Bruins. The longer we keep giving points away and playing this way, the longer the season will be. What a disappointment!!

  37. ELWOPPO says:

    Can somebody explain why Chiarelli doesnt make a trade? How long can he bare to watch this team lose?I don’t see this team doint THAT much better when Saavy and Looch com back,Considering are defence looks so baaaaaad! Make a deal you bright eyed bald prick you!!!!!!! If not forr you,For us suffering B’s fans!!!

  38. mike says:

    On the tying goal where was the communication with the defense. I know the defenseman was standing right there and saw the Pittsburgh forward coming should have let Timmy know because Timmy didn’t see it.

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