Phil Kessel Update

5 goals, 2 assists, 7 points, 7 games played.

We could use a player like that….


20 Responses to Phil Kessel Update

  1. psands says:

    right now the kessel trade is annoying, but you can not convince me this is a bad trade, especially with the thought that we could land taylor hall or kabonov. these are the guys i take if i am the bruins. i like fowler, but we need a young goal scoring stud. i like seguin, but he is more of a center, and hall is expected to make the jump to left wing in the nhl

    are best chance of adding a franchise forward is in the draft, period. try to add a solid goal scorer for this year, and if this team can’t turn it around, then you make lots of changes, because we can with the picks and prospects we hold.

    i have a couple ideas of guys i would love to see the bruins go after through trades this off season who i think will be available, but i want to hold off until the end of the season, or at least the Olympic break.

    • Bruins says:

      exactly my stance. of course its going to look bad as kessel has been great so far. but thats only because people only focus on that and dont consider that we have what are likely to be 3 very high picks coming up.

      i am still ecstatic about this trade. the leafs are tied for last. their only real upside this season was gustavsson and he’s had two awful starts his last two games, and have toskala filling in for him. theres no reason to think that we cant land a top pick. and what a year it is for that. youve got hall, seguin, fowler, kabanov and still a bunch of other great players up there, not to mention our other 1st, and 3 2nds, and then the 2 1sts next year.

  2. ELWOPPO says:

    This pimple faced little faggot has more goals than anybody on our whole team! And he has missed a month of hockey!He is ripping rockets every game i watch. This queer is really starting to piss me off!!!! i knew he was good but not this good! At this rate he should hit 40 no problem! I guess he didnt need Savard after all! I hope that we get someone good from all those picks we accumulated !!!


    its going to be funny when we trade all the picks for someone worse than kessel.

  4. Richardo says:

    How’s Toronto gonna feel when Kessel scores 20 goals before the team actually wins 10… He can score every game… It doesnt matter… TORONTO SUCKS!!!

  5. Mook says:

    toronto has 3 wins. suck it.

    kessel is a great player, but at 5mil+ per season? i’d rather have savard, and krejci for 3.75.

    once krejci gets going, this will all go away.

    hey, if the leafs put me on every powerplay (for the full 2 mins) and told me to not play defense and shoot whenever i had the puck i’d score a couple goals too.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      this is also true! It just burns my ass that these dam leafs have a potential 40 goal sniper and hes still only 21! We got no GOAL SCORER LIKE THAT ON OUR TEAM!

  6. brian says:

    to think positive for a minute, how great have bergeron and paille been on the PK!? thank god the PK is still good, without that we’d be battling toronto for last. oh and with the kessel deal, i think its bad that hes scored 5 goals in 7 games, and they only won two of the 7 games. if he gets hurt they are FUCKED.. HARDCORE. but maybe then we can trade them ryder and someone and get a legit goal scorer..

  7. psands says:

    btw, pc needs to do something trade wise for a goal scorer before the winter classic. if we go into this game looking like this, we will embarrass ourselves, and we wont get another winter classic game ever again.

    my point is pc is under a lot of pressure, the nhl needs him to have a more competitive team for the classic,and it has been a long time since Boston has been hyped up for a Bruins team like this, and so far all they have done is disappoint. and to top it off, he trades his leading scorer to a division rival (agian i love the trade, just making a point here) and he is ripping it up right now for them.

    pc feel’s the pressure, and i believe a significant trade has to be made before the classic.

    • pearson says:

      i hear that. hate to build up so much pressure on just one regular season game, but this is sorta like a midseason superbowl that. people all over the country that dont even watch hockey are gonna hear about this. id hate for the b’s to get embarrassed

  8. Richardo says:

    Good point there psands… What kind of CLASSIC would this be if the B’s continue slumping like this into the New Year… Then again we ARE playing the Flyers…

    My guess is that once Savard is signed (in the next week or so), there’ll be a big name coming soon after and you’ll probably see Ryder and/or Sturm along w/ picks shipped outa town…


    Kreji is overrated and people that think kessel doesn’t deserve 5 mil make me laugh.

  10. Bruins says:

    ward what are you talking about? im assuming youre saying krejci is overrated based on his slow start to the season because he missed preseason, and is just rounding back into form after hip surgery. it looks like hes back on track now(look at how good he’s been his last two games).

    last season krejci had the better offensive season. he put up .89 points per game to kessel’s .86. and he also didnt do that playing with the best passer in the league and a monster who clears so much room for him. instead, he did it with a rookie and a UFA that was coming off a 30 point season.

    and he is no one season wonder either. playing 4rd-4th line duties he averaged .48 points per game. kessel averaged .45.

    and thats only looking at offense. had krejci’s name been mike richards or pavel datsyuk, he would have been up for the selke. what does kessel give you defensively? oh yeah, nothing.

    now lets get to character. how shocked were you when you found out krejci was willing to take 3.75? all the talk was that both would be getting around 4-4.5. it shows you how much character he has that he’s willing to take that kind of money to help the team out as they were really close to the cap.

    kessel? nope. he was a spoiled little shit that thinks he deserves more money than marc fuckin’ savard. more money than bergeron when he was the face of the franchise pre-injury. im glad he’s gone. you dont need guys like that that are all about themselves and could care less what happens to the team. for all kessel’s individual success, it hasnt helped toronto as a team one bit. but of course kessel wouldnt care about that. he’s probably absolutely psyched right now because hes scored some goals.

    • ELWOPPO says:

      well said! i agree with every point you made! but you cannot deny the explosive goal scoring ability that little prick has! Potential 40 goal scorers are alot harder to come by than 73 points getters no?

  11. jmed says:

    Everyone is was complaining about our weak defense a few days ago… I heard a rumor we have this solid prospect and all we let him do is dress for warm ups every game!!

    when are we going to give Boychuk some Ice time and make it a true competition for a defensive spot.

  12. pearson says:

    ward, know what i love the most about hockey? its more of a team sport than any other major sport.

    multiple reports stated that no one in the locker room liked phil. then he asked for that amount of money and wouldnt negotiate? wheres the team aspect in that?

    quote herb brooks: “we’re not looking for the best players, we’re looking for the right ones.”

    phil wants $$$, not a cup. enjoy toronto mr. kessel

  13. pearson says:

    ps. i am also one of the millions that is dying to see boychuck play more

  14. North B says:

    Watched the Toronto game last night and Kessel scored a nice goal. However the team has only 2 wins in 7 games he has played.. Here in Toronto the fans are pissed off about losing draft picks that could return a franchise player.. Kessel can score but not carry a team into the playoffs.. The deal is still favouring the Bruins, they are a better team with more depth and solid first round picks.. Plus, Kessel has grown a little orange coloured beard that makes him look like a gay elf..

  15. G cole says:

    Nesn reporting savard is close to signing, 7 years!!! For $40m

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