Savard Extension Update

According to Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe, Marc Savard is set to sign a 7 year deal worth around 32 million (4.7 per season).

An Internet report this afternoon had No. 1 Bruins center Marc Savard poised to extend his deal for another seven seasons, beginning in 2010-’11, worth a total possibly as high as $39 million (about a $5.6 million cap hit).

According to a source familiar with the ongoing contract talks, the signing is not imminent and the total payout is not likely to be as high as reported today.

Savard, who will turn 33 years old next July, is closing in on a seven-year pact worth closer to $32 million (cap hit: approximately $4.7 million).

A typical payout for this kind of deal, made popular by the Red Wings and Flyers, would see Savard pull in, say, all but $3-4 million over the first five years.

Entering year No. 6 of the deal, Savard would be 38 years old. If his skills were diminished by then, the Bruins coud buy out the final two years of the deal at one-third discount, with the total amount due paid over four years.

The Globe reported on Sunday that Savard’s new deal probably would be finalized in the days around Thanksgiving.



5 Responses to Savard Extension Update

  1. ELWOPPO says:

    The news keeps getting better and better! Lets see what he actually signs for! Hopefully
    he takes a pay cut for the goodness of the team!!!Always seemed liked a classy guy to me
    lets see what happens?

  2. bruins4eva says:

    if this is true…then this is a STEAL

  3. Bruins says:

    if this is true i could kiss savard id be so happy lol. what a team guy

  4. Birdman2403 says:

    He has said fr a long time he would like to retire in Boston, this would get him there !

    Like mentioned before, if this is true great siging by P.C. and a great team guy in Savard !

  5. Jefe77 says:

    I think a lot of Bruins fans had anticipated him taking a home town discount to stay in Boston. If they do sign him long term, I will one god-damn, mutha-fuck!n stoked Bruins fan. They guy has been my favorite Bruin since they signed him; the Bruins NEED him.

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