Lucic, Savard activated

The Bruins have activated both Milan Lucic and Marc Savard from LTIR. Lucic is a game time decision for tonight’s game against Atlanta. Savard is not expected to play tonight, with tomorrow night’s game being a possible return date.


48 Responses to Lucic, Savard activated

  1. jdog71 says:

    Per ESPN,Lucic did not make the trip to Atlanta.

  2. Bruins says:

    still great news wven if they arent playing tonight. this coupled with the savard (pending) signing could give the b’s just the boost they need

  3. Richardo says:

    The globe says that Lucic is on his way down to Atlanta now… He stayed back due to a stomache bug… Probably checked for H1N1.. Maybe a Lucic tonight… Savvy tomorrow…


  4. Vince_M says:

    none too soon. Boy we need both of these guys in the lineup as soon as they can get in.

  5. Whopperfoo says:

    How huge would it be if we could get a win against atlanta to get the ball rolling then get lucic and savard back? It could build quite some momentum.

    I have a feeling December is going to be a good month.

  6. Birdman2403 says:

    I’m making the trip from Winnipeg to Minny on Wednesday to see the B’s !! I would love to see Lucic and Savard playing. This 4 game trip has potential to turn this season around !

  7. Vince_M says:

    Any chance of Kovalchuk auditioning for the Bruins in the game? Would be great to see him and Savard together again. I know it’s only a dream, but what a dream!

  8. Mook says:

    i’ll be in buffalo for the game tomorrow…2nd row!

  9. cebbie says:

    Too bad Savard could not be there now to talk to Kovalchuk about signing with the bruins – that would be sweet to see those two play together. If Savard takes the home town discount no reason Chara could do the same – negotiate a new contract – 6 years 5 mill -likely have to dump Wideman or Ryder. Maybe both, they could be relaced by a monkey on skates this year. That should free up enough cash to get Kov signed. I think Kov could be the missing link to get this team to the finals – dare I say a cup.

  10. MurNL says:

    Wideman will come around, all i ever seen here the last few years was the calling of Axelsson’s head, and you know what we could use him on the PK pretty bad right now,underrated and undervalued by most!

  11. MurNL says:

    i forget to add…if Wideman gets moved you will all be crying that we need a puck moving dman, so lets chill out until we get Savvy and Lucic back.

  12. Richardo says:

    Are you serious dude… Our PK is stellah right now… Paille was a great pickup for our PK…

    I agree with the Wideman thing… He’ll turn around…

  13. jdog71 says:

    Have any of you ever looked at the posting people do over on Bruins articles? My God…has the B’s fan base turned into the Sawx fan base since last season? At least there appears to be some rational discussion going on here. Every other post on is blaming Jacobs or calling for Julien to resign…yeah, that’ll fix ’em!

  14. ELWOPPO says:

    Everbody calm down! When Savvy and Looch were in the lineup early this year the team STILL coulndnt score or put back to back wins! Remember? Have you all gone mad? Dont get
    me wrong im happy both are back its gonna help no doubt,Especially Savvy with the PP. But lets not 4get that Ryder,Sturm,Weeler,Chara,and Wideman and others cannot score and the team as a whole is very inconsistant!All im saying is lets not assume that the Bruins are back! Lets see what happens first before we start talking! Personally i really think the team needs to make a trade for a relyable scorer! We have the prospects and picks to pull such a deal offl!So im not quite sure what Chiarelli waiting for?………For the leafs to pass us???

    • goosegoose says:

      Hmm seeing we played a grand total of 6 fucking games with both Lucic and Savard and half of those games consisted of a 7-2 win and a 3 goal in 5 min game vs NYI and a 3-0 win vs Dallas…I would say your post is moot. oh yes an our losses were 4-1, 6-1 and 4-3. so thats 18 goals in 6 games (19 if you want to count the SO point as a goal) which is a solid 3 goals per game. combine that with our new found PK and amazing (for the most part) goal tending we will be fine.

  15. cebbie says:

    I said from day one – Kessel is over rated –
    He is going to die a slow death in Toronto. Looks good on him. In two years from now he would sign back to the bruins for a wheelbarrow and a box of hammer handles. I do miss Axe – poor bastard could not score – he must have missed more open nets and hit posts and crossbars than anyone I have ever seen. But you can not deny his defensive numbers. If not for the last two games I was loosing hope for Wheeler – hope he can get it together – I suppose with Savard coming back there will be alot less pressure on him. One quarter of the season is over – Time to get it done.

    —————- Over and out ———————-

  16. Whopperfoo says:

    Wait for the trade deadline and use our pics to get the best available from a team looking to dump and rebuild.

    B’s better freakin take this game down tonight! I say wideman gets a goal and assist tonight and proves people wrong.

  17. jdog71 says:

    The biggest benefit of Savard and Looch coming back is that everyone will be back in their accustomed roles on this team. Its a domino effect when your two arguably best players are out…happens on every team, not just the Bruins. We’ll see how good this team is in 3 weeks or so. If they’re still at .500 or worse, I’ll be screaming for something to change with the rest of you. The sky is not falling…yet.

  18. Bruins says:

    newest report on the savard signing: believed to be 5 years or more worth between 5-6 million per.

    moral of the story? never listen to anything the media says as they will post anything

  19. Bruins says:

    completely agreed with the domino affect.

    – the powerplay: savard is one of the best PP guys in the league. this will topple the “get chara and wideman going” domino too. he loves finding ryder on the PP too, so queue ryder breaking out of his slump.

    – less pressure on krejci: krejci has had alot of pressure on him with the new contract and people wanting him to get going quicker. he’s looked great the last couple games, and playing behind savard can only help.

    – bergeron: he has been hands down our best player this season, and should improve even more without drawing other team’s top defensive players with savvy back.

    – sturm: he looked pretty good with savard when he played with him in the first part of the season. should he get the chance to again, he should finally start producing, because savard can make anyone good.

    my lines at full health:




    • jdog71 says:

      Just a thought: I’d knock Recchi down to the 4th line, and try Bitz with Sturm and Bergeron. A banger would open up all kinds of room for Bergergon and Sturm, plus Bitz has shown a nose for the net this season. Recchi is having a rough go of it, but he’d be good on a grinding line.

      • Bruins says:

        yeah thats the one thing i didnt like, putting recchi in there with how he’s played, but i really dont want to break up that 4th line; its often been our best. RW is definitely our problem area right now as wheeler is better suited to the left side

  20. Mook says:

    between jack edwards’ voice and the bruins theme song (that drums and heavy guitar shit) nesn is almost unwatchable.

  21. Whopperfoo says:

    Come on mook, embrace jack edwards, the guy loves the B’s just as much as any of us and calls a fair and exciting game.


    wow they scored on the pp

  23. Bruins says:

    so fuckin pissed right now! the refs blew the game to let it go into overtime. two missed calls on breakaways. paille was hooked and wheeler hauled down into the net

  24. Bruins says:

    yes tuukka! i cant believe bergie can get that move to work so much. great game overall

  25. bruinsfanupnorth says:

    and kessel choked in the shootout wooohooooooooooo.

  26. North B says:

    Great move picking up Paille, he played liked a fuckin animal tonight, just wish he could score once in while.

  27. Mook says:

    ok fine…edwards can stay, but that fucken drums and guitar shit has to go. it sounds like the jerry springer theme music.

  28. ELWOPPO says:

    Awesome win 2nite! The team played great!Some bad calls that kept Atlanta in the game!Terrable officiating but glad we got the 2 points! FYI The leafs had a 3-0 lead and let the canes come back! Than they took the lead 5-4 with underr 30 secs to go before the canes tied it with undrer 5 ticks to go!Now thats a shitty team folks! With that loss the Maple Laughs have lost 5 straight and now are the worst team in the NHL,with thier next game againts OV and the Caps!

  29. Bruins says:

    haha yeah i saw that leafs shootout. gustavsson looked AWFUL in it. he’s got a weird style of playing where he leaves himself out of position alot. only good news for us!savvy back tomorrow maybe? and miller just proved he was human his last game which is good news for us

  30. Birdman2403 says:

    Love it ….big win !! Watching this game killed me. Being from Winnipeg and having our team taken away, it killed me to see the 10,000 empty seats !!

    • pearson says:

      whalers fan here. i feel your pain. if kovalchuck signs elsewhere next season atl will go in the shitter and the nhl may move teams back to hotter markets

      hang in there jets fan

  31. psands says:

    good that we got the win, wait 10 games once everyone gets healthy and go out and find another goal scorer.

    Nathan Horton

    not to much else to say, i really like these lines if we can make it possible.


    what do people think about paille, he has been good, but do you think he is good enough to be a third liner when everyone’s healthy?

    i think he deserves a shot

  32. Bruins says:

    yeah those are my exact lines subbing recchi for horton

  33. ELWOPPO says:

    Just to inform everryone, Looch was battleing food poisening for the last couple of days so expect him to come out even harder in 2nites game! As for Savvy i would love to see him play 2nite but unfortunately the coach and trrainers wont risk it having only skated twice since his injury!! Lets see if the B’s can go to Buff. and get the 2 points! If they pull that off ill be very impressed!!!!!

  34. pearson says:

    so now that lucic is back, what are everyones predictions for the next 5 games? can he intimidate players off the puck with a bad finger; knowing he likely wont drop the gloves?

    id still like to see sturm or ryder get hot and then send them packing, while we can.

    • Bruins says:

      i think lucic’s presence alone does wonders. he hits everything that moves, and you could tell that the team played more motivated with him there. like seriously, every single player that fans were getting on were excellent. both ryder and wideman played their best game of the season, and sturm looked good too.

    • Whopperfoo says:

      You don’t hit with your finger.

    • Richardo says:

      If you’ve got the puck and Looch is coming… Banged-up finger or not… WATCH OUT…

  35. Richardo says:

    Ryder and Sturm have finally tied Savard for Goals Scored… They’ve only had 14 extra games to do it… GO B’s..

  36. G cole says:

    The powerplay is EMBARRASING to watch…

  37. G cole says:

    You know something is wrong when the most exciting thing that’s happened through three or four powerplay is charas slapshot hurting someone…

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