Friday roundup

The Bruins have assigned Brad Marchand to Providence and placed Trent Whitfield on waivers. If Whitfield is claimed before tomorrow’s noon deadline, the Bruins will be on the hook for $3,375. If Whitfield clears waivers he will be assigned to Providence. 

Tuukka Rask will start tonight while Tim Thomas is still battling a minor injury.


12 Responses to Friday roundup

  1. Froggy says:

    Where does the $3,375 come from? Isn’t he have a 2-way contract? Moreover, at $550,000, his cap hit is $2,850 per day. If he clears tomorrow or is claimed by someone there should be no cap cost to the B’s.

    • pekese says:

      Froggy, two way contracts have no impact on waivers. A two way contract pays a player an NHL contract if he is in the NHL and an AHL contract if he is in the AHL. A one way contract pays the player a NHL contract no matter where he is assigned. Since Whitfield has more than 60 games of NHL experience he must pass through waivers even with a two way contract. Additionally, all players in the AHL who’s salaries exceed $75,000 must pass through waivers. Whitfield also fits into this category ($160,000). There are also a few cases where players with one way contracts do not have to clear waivers because they have not met the games requirement. His cap number would be so low because his contract is a two way deal.

  2. Bruins says:


  3. Birdman2403 says:

    Wow !! 2 in a row….that was huge. Miller was awesome and the B’s still found a way ! Lucic looked good again. Why don’t they put him on the P.P., it can only help ?

    Wideman was awful….about 20 giveaways. A couple days rest then time to get Savard back and pound the Blues !

  4. psands says:

    bitzy and lucic looked great. i really think bitz can be a third liner on this team next year.

    it would save us lots of coin, and he has the skill.

    birdman i agree, i think they should let luic sit in front of the net for the pp.


    i hate watching wideman play! time on ice 26 min >: |

  6. Mook says:

    i was at the game tonight…sweet!

  7. Mook says:

    2nd row, dead centre ice behind the penalty box.

  8. pearson says:

    its great to know our #1 goalie can be sick and we’re still in great shape

  9. da wreck says:

    I know he’s not as NHL media sexy as Pavel Datsyuk or Mike Richards, but Patrice Bergeron is looking awesome this year, and if he can keep his game at this level all year, he definitely should be in the running for the Selke.

  10. Bruins says:

    agreed on bergie. its just so great to see he’s back. one great stat i looked up yesterday is that he leads the team in takeaways with 16 and has only turned the puck over 7 times. his faceoff % is also 57%. hes just having an awesome all around year

  11. Gcole says:

    how about lucic and bitz together, looked awesome! and its too bad to see wheeler not get a goal after how great he played. 2 in a row with lucic back, savard likely back next game, how can they lose?!

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